custom pants pricesShopping for a pair of dress pants isn’t the average guy’s idea of a fun afternoon. In fact, even if you’re really into clothing and you don’t mind shopping, buying a pair of dress pants and having to try on 200 different styles isn’t anybody’s cup of tea.

Finding the right pair of dress pants can also be a pretty treacherous task if you don’t have the body of a mannequin. Even if you do find a pair that mostly fit your body, you’ll still have to have them altered to your exact needs.

However, there is an alternative to buying dress pants in a department or menswear store and then having them altered by a tailor. You can have custom dress pants made exclusively for you that will fit like a dream the first time you try them on.

Having custom dress pants made for you might sound like it’s going to cost an arm and a leg, but the truth is that custom pants prices can actually be quite reasonable. You’ll also get the option of tailoring the pants to your exact desires and specifications.

Use our guide to understand more about custom pants prices and how the whole custom process works.

Fit First

Before you can even think about custom pants prices, an expert tailor is going to need to take precise measurements for you. Having a pair of custom pants made for you isn’t like shopping in a department store, and a set of measurements is needed to make pants that fit you the exact right way.

Once your measurements have been taken, a variety of different pants can be made specifically for your body type, from suit pants, to slacks, to the perfect pair of jeans. Best of all, your tailor will save your measurements, making ordering different pants in any color or style a whole lot easier in the future.

It’s a Material World

The biggest factor when it comes to determining custom pants prices is the material that you choose to have your pants made out of. When you work with a tailor who deals in custom clothing, you’ll be able to look through a variety of swatch books to find the perfect material for you.

Whether you’re looking for a pair of cotton pants that are ideal for the warm summer months or a pair of heavy wool pants perfect for the dead of winter, a tailor who works in custom clothing will likely have more samples than you can manage to look at in one day.

If you’re not sure of exactly what to purchase, your tailor will be able to guide you through the process based on your needs and personal tastes. A skilled tailor will also take your budget into account when helping you determine custom pants prices.

custom pants prices

Pleated Pants vs. Flat Front Pants

Once you’ve chosen a material for your pants it’s time to start thinking about the details. The first and most common detail that any tailor is going to ask you about when helping you determine custom pants prices is whether or not you want pleated pants or flat front pants. If you’re like a lot of guys, you may not be sure which one is really best for you.

In general, pleated pants have a more formal look and are generally appropriate for any sort of working environment, especially where suits and coats are the order of the day. However, that doesn’t mean that flat front pants are always out of place in a working environment, it just means that your workplace needs to be a bit more casual to pull them off.

Since pleated pants tend to be a bit more formal looking, they generally aren’t appropriate for more casual wear. As an example, you probably won’t be wearing your pleated pants on the weekends, and you certainly shouldn’t be pairing a pair of pleated pants with an untucked shirt.

Some guys can get away with having only pleated pants or only flat front pants. Most guys really need a few pair of each in their wardrobe.

When it comes to custom pants costs, pleated pants are generally going to cost a little bit more than flat front pants because they take a bit more material and work on the tailor’s part. However, the cost difference between pleated plants and flat front pants isn’t one that should put a big dent in your checking account.

Cuffs or No Cuffs

When most guys buy a pair of dress pants in the department store they look at the hem or cuff and don’t think twice about it. Unless you tend to buy unfinished pants and have them done by a tailor, chances are you just take them as they come and make them work with your wardrobe as best you can.

However, when you buy custom pants that are designed for you, you actually get the choice between whether or not you put cuffs on your pants. Like pleats vs. no pleats, the difference between whether or not you choose cuffs really has more to do with how you’ll wear your pants.

When it comes to cuffs though, figuring out which variety is more casual or more formal is a bit more difficult. That’s because men can wear both cuffed and non-cuffed pants at pretty much any time in 2014, and cuffs aren’t just for suits or dress slacks anymore.

Your best bet for determining whether or not you want cuffs on your pants is to check and see what you already have and like. Try on a few different pair with cuffs and without if you aren’t sure.

Custom pants prices are generally slightly higher when you choose cuffs because they require some extra work for the tailor. Still, the price difference is negligible and getting what you really want is worth a lot more than the difference in cost.

If you’re not sure what’s best for you, don’t be afraid to ask your tailor for an opinion based on the particular pants, how you plan to wear them and your body type.

custom pants prices

Pick a Pocket

Another choice you get to make when you purchase custom pants from a skilled tailor is about the type of pockets you want. When you go to a department or menswear store, you’re only going to see the same four-pocket varieties. A tailor that works with custom clothes can offer you more choices than that.

For example, you may not want to have both back pockets if you don’t use them. They can make your pants and body look less streamlined, and over time, they may stretch out. You may also decide that you prefer pants without any back pockets or a pair with a button enclosure on the back versus a flap-based enclosure to keep contents secure. You’ll even have the chance to pick between pockets that are straight at the top, rounded or angled toward the outside of your thigh.

Custom pants prices don’t change too much based on pockets, especially when considering that a good custom pair of pants will last you many years if you take care of them properly.

When it comes to custom pants prices, they are many options to consider which will impact the final cost. However, it’s important to remember that investing in custom clothing is a choice you won’t regret when you open your closet every morning to a wardrobe filled with clothes you love.

custom pants prices

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