custom made suitSo you’ve finally made the decision – you’re buying a custom made suit! Whether this is your very first bespoke rodeo, or if you’ve had a dozen made in the past, congratulations!

A custom made suit is a wonderful present to give oneself. An off-the-rack suit can be really nice, but there’s something to be said for having a suit made that’s been perfectly tailored to fit you and and only you.

If you’ve had a custom made suit before, you already know what to expect. If the whole process is new to you, pour yourself a cup of coffee (ok, mug of beer or shot of whiskey), sit back and check out below.

Find an Experienced Custom Suit Tailor Near You

You’ve got a very important conference coming up in the next few months and your dream is to walk into the room and sell yourself before you begin your spiel.

Or maybe you’re finally marrying the person of your dreams and you want your love to take one look at you as you walk down the aisle and thank their lucky stars that that they’ve chosen you.

This suit is going to be the suit of all suits, with no room for error. Do you:

a) look through a directory and pick a tailor based on how close their office is to your commuter train?

b) pick a tailor that is brand new to the biz and as such is offering new customers super insane crazy deals?

c) go with tailors who have the reputation and client list to back up their claims of fabulousness?

The choice is obvious. Your custom made suit is an investment, so treat it like one. You wouldn’t put your substantial financial portfolio in the hands of someone with limited investment experience; you’d work with someone with lots of experience who knew how to make your money work for you in the long term.

Approach choosing a tailor for your custom made suit in the same way. Work with someone who has the experience and skills to make you a beautiful suit that will last you for years to come.

custom made suit

Have Your Measurements Taken

The most important detail of a custom made suit is the fact that it is being made for you and only you. No one else in the world will have the exact same suit as you because custom made suits are made to fit the wearer just right.

A skilled tailor doesn’t just take measurements. A skilled tailor has an eye for all the little unique details that will make your suit yours. Maybe you have a long torso and broad shoulders. An experienced tailor will know exactly how to enhance and/or minimize body characteristics so that you end up with the best suit for you.

Your tailor will take your measurements, including:

  • Neck measurements (where your buttoned collar would be)
  • Chest measurements (from all angles, fully relaxed)
  • Full shoulder and half shoulder measurements
  • Each sleeve, wrist and bicep measurement
  • Your waist and front jacket length

This is just a portion of the list! Your tailor will even take in consideration details like your resting pose and how your clothes move when you sit. It may seem like overkill, but a good tailor wants to make sure that your custom made suit will fit whether you’re sitting in an important meeting or you’re jumping in the air for a candid wedding photo shot.

custom made suit

Choose the Materials

Fabric can make or break your suit. No matter what kind of suit your make, you don’t want to cut corners when it comes to the material your suit is made out of. You want to make sure you choose the very best fabric you can afford. This will increase both the beauty and the value of the suit.

There are hundreds and hundreds of fabric choices out there and you may feel a bit overwhelmed by the selection. Your tailor will take into consideration things like the time of year the suit will be worn and whether or not the suit will be corporate or casual.

  • If your suit will be worn during the warmer months, you’ll want a suit that has a high level of breathability. In this instance, your tailor may suggest basketweave suits made out of sumptuous cotton and/or linen.
  • Your tailor may guide you towards super 150+ wools for suits that will be worn on special occasions or may suggest suits with lower numbers if you’re looking for more rugged suits that will get a lot of wear.
  • Which buttons do you want? Do you want your suit to have a Savile Row look and feel? You’ll want to go with buttons that have a matte finish. Think you shouldn’t go the plastic button route? Don’t be so sure; many tailors love the uniform look that buttons made from plastic can bring to a high end suit. It’s the quality of the buttons that make all the difference.

Sounds confusing, doesn’t it? It can be, but not to a knowledgeable tailor who knows exactly which fabrics will work best with which situations.

custom made suit

Discuss Your Personal Preferences

Speak to the tailor about the look that you’re going for. You can choose a style that shows off the new weight loss or weight gain you’re so proud of. You can choose a style that makes you look taller or one that makes you look slimmer – the choice is really all up to you!

Construct Your Custom Suit

And now? You wait. Your tailor will handle constructing your masterpiece. The suit’s actual construction is probably the most exciting part of the whole custom made suit process. It’s probably almost the most nail-bitingly nerve wracking time.

How will the suit look? Will I be happy with it? The good news is that if you go with an experienced and reputable tailor, you can eliminate much of your worry and fear.

Talk To A Tailor

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