custom dress pants costA good pair of dress pants is something that every man should have in his wardrobe. In fact, most men will need more than one pair if they work in a corporate environment or in an office where you can’t get away with wearing your favorite pair of blue jeans.

However, getting the perfect pair of dress pants can be a challenge for most guys that shop at department and menswear stores.

You’ll have to try on a variety of different dress pants, and even then, you’ll likely need a tailor to help you make them look passable. That’s why man men who want to look their best and dress in upscale clothing on a regular basis have custom dress pants made just for them. It might sound like a luxury you don’t need, but the truth is that custom dress pants cost a similar amount of money to what you might find in a high-end retailor, especially once you include the cost of tailoring.

If you’re ready to make the leap to buying custom dress pants, maybe along with some other special pieces for your wardrobe, use this guide to help you understand the process. You’ll gain a better understanding of how much custom dress pants cost and why they’re worth every penny you spend on them.


When trying to determine custom dress pants cost, the most significant factor in the process is going be the material that you choose to have your pants made out of. Any good tailor is going to have a huge selection of choices for you to pick from when it comes to having custom pants made.

As an example, pants made for the winter months when it’s cold may be prepared in high-quality, heavyweight wool. These will keep you warm and be very durable from year to year, but the cost of the material will likely be somewhat high.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, pants made from blended materials or ones designed for summer or year-round wear may not cost quite as much, especially if you use a partly synthetic fabric. That doesn’t mean that all lightweight pants are going to be cheap. After all, a good pair of linen trousers won’t be free.

Unfortunately it’s hard to put a price point on materials when it comes to custom dress pants cost. Your best bet is to pick a material that’s appropriate for you and let your tailor know what your budget is.

A skilled tailor will be able to make suggestions to you based on your needs and price point. No matter what fabric you choose, you’ll be getting well-crafted pants made of a fine material if you choose a high-end tailor.

custom dress pants cost

Does Cut Matter?

The cut of your pants is likely the most important factor when it comes down to getting the style that you want. In terms of how much custom dress pants cost, the cut does play a role, though it isn’t as significant as what type of fabric that you choose.

Pants that require more material will typically cost more, so if you’re looking for a pair of pants with a relaxed fit in a high-end material, you may pay a little bit more than a fitted pair. However, highly-fitted slim cut or stovepipe pants often require more precise measurements and for the tailor to do more work, which can drive the price up just a little bit.

When trying to figure out how much custom dress pants cost, your best bet is to not be too concerned with how much different cuts are going to impact the price. Compared to getting the ideal pair of dress pants for you, the costs are somewhat negligible.

Choose the cut that you like, flatters your body type and works for work or social occasions.

What About Styling?

The styling that you choose for your pants is another important factor when trying to determine custom dress pants cost. While you might think that’s the same thing as the cut, styling is really more about all the small details that make up a pair of pants.

For example, when you buy custom dress pants, you can choose how many pockets you want on them. You can choose the standard three-pocket variety, but you could also opt for two back pockets, no back pockets or even a double pocket in the front.

That’s one of the great things about buying custom dress pants – you get to decide what works best for you. You can even have a pocket that’s designed to hold your smartphone securely when you’re out and about during the day.

Of course, the pockets that you choose to put on your pants will impact the cost of your final order. In general, more pockets means more cost and the more specialized the pockets are, the more you’ll pay. However, these costs are somewhat negligible when you consider the fact that you’ll be getting a durable pair of pants that you can keep for many years if you treat them the right way.

In addition to pockets, you’ll also be able to choose things like what type of belt loops you want, whether you prefer a button closure or a hook and button style closure combination. These things don’t dramatically alter your price, but do have some affect and discussing them with your tailor is often a good idea.

custom dress pants cost

The lining that you choose to go inside your custom dress pants can also impact the cost. High-quality silks tend to cost more, but there are a variety of economical choices that will make your pants quite comfortable, no matter what type of material you choose for the outside.

Finally, you’ll want to decide whether or not to have your custom dress pants made with or without cuffs. While there really isn’t a right time or situation when cuffs are needed, many men prefer them if they’re planning to wear their pants to work or in a business setting.

Generally speaking, cuffs don’t cost too much more than pants without cuffs, though they do take a little bit of extra work for the tailor making them. Just like with most aspects of having a pair of custom dress pants made, the look you prefer should be what you choose.

If you’re not sure what you like, ask the tailor to see a pair of each to compare. You might even ask which option would be best for your body type and the way you intend to wear your custom dress pants.

Labor Costs

Labor costs are typically built in when determining custom dress pants cost. However, you can ask the tailor making your pants to break down how much is being charged for materials, styling, labor – pretty much anything goes into the making of a pair of custom pants.

When it comes to custom dress pants, you should remember that you generally get what you pay for. A skilled tailor will need to charge for labor, but you’ll get a pair of pants far superior to anything you can buy from a department or menswear store.

custom dress pants cost

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