It’s just arrived in the mail: an invitation to the wedding of the season. Preparing an appropriate and stylish outfit becomes top priority. Understandably, many guys feel like total fashion novices when they go to weddings. Fortunately, though, finding the best wedding suits for men is a fairly simple assignment once you know which items you’re looking for and where to find them.

First of all, you should look at how the upcoming wedding is described in your invitation. Chances are it will fall into one of the following four categories. From there, you can figure out what kind of ensemble to assemble.

1. Black Tie

If your friends or relatives are having a black tie wedding, they’ve selected the most elegant option. In a way, this kind of wedding is the easiest for men to prepare for since the style choices are strictly limited. You should wear a black tuxedo with black shoes and, yes, a black tie. That tux could include either a waistcoat or a cummerbund.

Among the trendiest and best wedding suits for men in the black-tie bracket is a Brioni bespoke tuxedo. Equally appealing is a Coppley tux from the company’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection.

2. Black Tie Optional

The second most formal variety of wedding is black tie optional. There are a few types of suits you could wear to such an event. You might just wear what you would to a black tie wedding: a black tux with all the trimmings. As an alternative, you could find a dark blue or dark gray suit with a matching tie; just be sure to avoid patterns.

Whatever the color of your black tie optional garb, your fabrics and your shoes ought to be shiny. That gleaming quality will make your suit look dressier and thus more appropriate to the event.

If you have a black tie optional wedding coming up and you’re in the mood for something blue, Hickey Freeman has got your number. Or, for a slightly more traditional appearance, you might spring for this beauty from Hugo Boss.

3. Semi-Formal

Semi-formal weddings can be a little tricky, a little open to interpretation. Nevertheless, you’re probably safe if you wear what you’d wear to a business conference: a dark suit but not a tuxedo. Also, cashmere and wool are two ideal fabrics for such occasions.

Some gentlemen choose to not wear ties to semi-formal events. That action is risky, however. A wiser approach would be to put on a tie. Then, if need be, you could take it off, place it in a secure jacket pocket and unbutton your collar.

If you want to attend a semi-formal wedding and stay on the dressier side, a made-to-measure Corneliani suit would be outstanding. Meanwhile, if you decide to get a Culturata suit like this one, you’d look less formal, especially if you took off the bow tie at some point.

4. Casual

Everything in life is relative, and that’s especially true of casual dress. Unless you’re a character in an Adam Sandler movie, you can’t go to a casual wedding in ripped jeans and old sneakers. Business casual is often the right way to go, or you could select the clothes you’d wear to a social gathering on a yacht or at a country club. For example, a spiffy sports coat, loafers and khakis could create the perfect appearance for casual nuptials.

Here are a few more casual wedding ideas to get your imagination fired up. This Canali suit, complete with a polo shirt, is the essence of understated flair.

Next up, this layered and striped suit from Circolo 1901 is easygoing yet impressive all the same. Who needs a tie with such a sharp vest and dapper pocket square?

Meanwhile, here’s a vibrant, patterned suit from Coppley’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection. It’s interesting that this collection provided a stunning example of a black tie suit and a casual suit. Coppley is a truly versatile brand.

In some cases, when people throw casual weddings, they explain the dress code in detail on their invitations. Of course, no matter what kind of wedding you’ll be going to, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact the groom, the bride or one of the planners to find out what to wear if you’re not sure. It doesn’t make sense to leave it to chance.

Bear in mind that tailored suits always make the best wedding suits for men. Off-the-rack clothes lack the panache, personality and detail of tailored threads, and let’s not even talk about rental suits. As you make the rounds at a wedding reception in your perfectly fitted clothing, your crisp silhouette and unmistakable poise will be visible from a distance. You’ll catch plenty of stares as you mix and mingle. Why should the bride and groom hog all the attention?

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