Men in the market for a suit have a lot of choices these days. Whether you’re looking for something to put in your weekly wardrobe or you’re shopping for a special occasion suit – for a wedding or formal event – it can be hard to know what’s right for you.

While there are seemingly countless brands, you may be familiar with Canal suits and Zegna suits because they’re major brands in a lot of markets. However, most guys can’t figure out which choice is best for them.

Use this guide to learn more about Canali suits and Zegna suits, and to find out which brand you really should be shopping for.


When it comes to buying a suit, company history doesn’t seem like it would play a huge role. The fact is that a suit maker is a lot like a car maker, and a proven history of quality often means you’ll be getting a quality suit today.

Founded in Italy in 1934, Canali has been a family-run company since their inception. Focusing on quality, Canali has always kept production runs of their suits low to ensure the highest possible quality.

Zegna, which was founded in 1892 by a watchmaker, has been producing suits since the early 1900s as well. Both companies have an excellent reputation, but Canali suits stress quality at a higher level than Zegna, a company that generally produces suits in large quantities for mass-market sale.


The fit of a suit has a lot to do with your tailor, but in general, suit makers have their preferred fits. While you can certainly find some Canali suits and Zegna suits with a similar cut, they do tend to differ in how they create their finished product.

Canali suits generally have a traditional Italian cut that has been modified to be somewhat slimmer over the years because of how the style evolved. Zegna suits typically have a very slim profile because that’s what’s particularly stylish among men at this point.

Simply put, Canali suits tend to have a more classic appearance and often look better on older, more distinguished men who don’t want a super slim suit. Zegna suits often appeal to younger men who closely follow the trends and want to fit in with younger contemporaries.


Canali suits and Zegna suits come in a wide variety of different materials, from simple solid colors to more ornate patterns. Much of the Zegna line tends to be on the darker side, focusing on blacks, dark blues and even some browns. Canali suits offer those same varieties, but you’ll find a bit more color in their line.

For example, Canali offers a host beautiful taupe, olive and khaki suits that are excellent for fall and spring wear. These are a bit harder to come by when looking through the Zegna line of men’s suits.

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Many men who want a fine suit to add to their wardrobe worry about how much they can tailor any suit they buy to their needs. In general, different brands offer different levels of customization to their clients.

When you buy Canali suits from a skilled tailor, you can choose almost any fabric you want and get many exceptional details. From unique, high-quality silk lining to bone or mother of pearl buttons, guys can get something truly special when they pick Canali.

Zegna suits are typically finished off the rack, and while they can be altered by a tailor, you likely won’t be able to do too much to the suit. Of course, if you’re looking for something basic and you don’t want to make major changes this isn’t always a bad thing.

Guys that want a lot of customization or prefer the option will usually pick Canali suits over Zegna for that reason though.

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The quality of a suit is a major concern for most guys. If you’re spending a fair amount of money on a garment that you expect to keep for years, it obviously needs to be well-made. What are you getting when you buy Canali suits or Zegna suits?

Canali suits are well-known for their quality materials and structure. Canali offers entirely unfused structure and natural fiber suits designed to stand the test of time. That means that a Canali suit you buy today could easily be in your closet 20 years from now, or at least as long as you can still fit into it.

Zegna suits are typically off the rack numbers that don’t always offer as wide of a selection of fabrications. While Zegna certainly makes a decent suit – and one better than many off the rack varieties – you won’t get quite the same quality you would find in a Canali suit.


Canali suits and Zegna suits are often priced differently depending on the materials used and the suit details. Zegna suits tend to be between the $2,800 and $3,500 range, while Canali suits range from $1,700 to $2,500.

Though both suits are high-quality brands, Canali is considerably more affordable than others you’ll find on the market with similar quality.

Most men in the know would tell you to look at Canali suits first. They offer timeless style, natural fibers and an unfused structure that will stand up to years of regular wear and still look great.
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  • Richard Kr

    The top of the line Zegna Couture XXX to me has more hand work than Canali. The mainline offerings from both companies are about equal. The fashion forward Canali Proposta is much better quality than the Z ZEGNA which is often made in a 3rd world county.