buy wedding tuxedosWhen shopping for the right tuxedo to wear to your wedding, you’ll have plenty of options from large chain stores to smaller, locally owned shops. Where will you begin? When you’re ready to buy wedding tuxedos in Bergen County, use this guide to help you decide where you’ll shop.


Shopping at a Men’s Fashion Chain

When it comes to choosing formal wear, the first store to come to mind will often be one of the larger chains. Their ads are everywhere on billboards and in magazines, especially during wedding season and around the holidays. However, while these stores may be well-known, they may not be the best option for you when you’re looking to buy wedding tuxedos.

Of course there are some reasons why these well-known stores seem like the best choice. The locations are often very convenient. You can stop in while running errands, order your tux and never have to go out of your way. The stores will also run promotional events from time to time, offering deals from reduced prices to buy-one-get-one free sales.

Unfortunately, the phrase “you get what you pay for” holds true for men’s clothing. The low prices offered by large chains often goes hand in hand with poor quality in both materials and manufacturing.

While some men may be able to sort through the racks to find a jacket that fits well, most will not. Settling for a size that is slightly too large or too small will cause you to look sloppy and feel less confident in your appearance.

What are the consequences of purchasing a suit that is ill-fitting? The construction of the pieces will add on pounds that don’t exist to your figure. You’ll look heavier, as well as older. Don’t let an ill-fitting suit cause you to cringe when you look back on wedding photos. When you buy wedding tuxedos, make the fit of the suit the first thing you keep in mind.

buy wedding tuxedos

What to Look For

There is a way to buy wedding tuxedos and ensure that the men of the wedding party, fathers of the couple and the groom himself will look their best. Following a few simple tips will leave everyone with photographs that they’ll be proud to show off for years to come.

  • Purchase tuxedos in the same color, style and material to create a cohesive look. In the best-case scenario, each of the men would purchase their tuxedo at the same location to match exactly.
  • Focus on fit. Choosing a suit or tuxedo in a size that is too large will cause those who want to look fit and muscular to look smaller while those who are trying to cover up a few extra pounds will most likely look larger and sloppy. The perfect fit will define the body and create a clean look.
  • Find tuxedos that are made of quality materials. While the options in a large chain store may all look alike, the difference will be clear when they’re placed next to a well made garment from a store that pays close attention to detail.

buy wedding tuxedos

The Personalized Experience

When you buy wedding tuxedos, you’re doing more than shopping. You’re engaging in an experience. Make the most of your time spent choosing the right tux by visiting a Bergen County shop that offers the service you need to find just the right wedding day wardrobe.

The personalized experience means that you won’t be choosing from off the rack. You’ll be measured for the perfect fit and given the attention you’ll need to be sure that every last inch of your tuxedo is tailored to fit your body. This personal attention can often be found at smaller shops.

At a small shop, you won’t be faced with rack upon rack of options to choose from. Instead, you’ll have the opportunity to look through the carefully selected collection of designs to choose the one that best fits your style and measurements. With the help of an experienced and knowledgeable staff, you can be sure that you’ll make the best decision.

Choosing a tuxedo that is the right size and tailored to fit your body also means that your body will look its best. Those who want to cover extra pounds will look thinner and those who have spent time adding muscle in the gym can accentuate their physique. Creating the body definition you’ve been looking for is as easy as choosing the right clothing.

buy wedding tuxedos

Which Shop Will You Choose?

Weddings are important events for the couple, as well as the family and friends who attend. Don’t risk feeling uncomfortable on the big day, or when looking at the photos later. Choosing the right tuxedo from the right shop will give you the confidence you need to enjoy every moment.

buy wedding tuxedos

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