wedding suits for men in NJFiguring out where to buy wedding suits for men in NJ can feel overwhelming.

Even people who are accustomed to buying suits for work may feel stumped when it comes to buying a suit for a wedding.

There are several ways you can go about buying a wedding suit.

You can buy one online, you can buy one in a department store or small shop, or you can have a custom suit designed and tailored especially for you.

However you plan to go about your search, you need to make sure that you have a game plan in mind before you begin.

Buying Wedding Suits from Department Stores

Some people purchase wedding suits for men in NJ from local department stores and shops. When you buy a wedding suit in a department store, you’re buying an off-the-rack product that is sold in a range of standard sizes.

This is what makes off-the-rack suits so affordable. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you decide to buy an off-the-rack suit from a department store:

  • Get your exact measurements taken by a tailor before you head to the store. The worst thing about buying off the rack is that you’re most likely not going to end up with a suit that fits you perfectly.
  • See what happens if you size down a size or two. Even if you come to the store armed with your exact measurements, you may find that the jackets in your size fit too widely across the shoulders, or the suit pants that should fit you look billowy and even a little cheesy on you. This happens because one designer’s Size X is different from another designer’s Size X.
  • Focus on finding a suit jacket that sits perfectly across your shoulders. The tailor you go to can make adjustments to every single part of the suit except for the shoulders.
  • Off-the-rack suit sizing is determined by something called the drop, which adds up to the difference between the pant’s waistband measurement and the size of the jacket. Most retailers determine that the drop should be 6″. This means that a size 44 jacket will be sold with 38 pants. It’s easier for manufacturer’s to sell suits like this, but it’s harder for the average guy to buy suits that go by this predetermined ratio, especially men whose bodies’ didn’t get the memo (the ones with short torsos and long legs or super-wide shoulders with a small waist.
  • You may be loyal to a specific designer, but a different one may have a line that fits you even better. Try on a wide range of different fits to find out which styles suit you the best.
  • If you’re looking for wedding suits for men in NJ, don’t settle for something you find in the first few shops. Expand your search and wait until you find the right suit.

wedding suits for men in NJ

Buying Wedding Suits Online

Another way to buy wedding suits for men in NJ is to buy them online. Before you whip out your credit card and click that “add to cart” button, check out the following tips below:

  • You can save money online, but read the return policy carefully; you may not be able to return in for any number of reasons if the suit doesn’t fit you.
  • Find out if you can see sample material before you make your purchase, or find out if there’s a local retailer where you can see the exact suit in person. That gorgeous deep navy color that came through online may have more of a purplish hue in person.
  • Take your suit to your local tailor to be fitted. Some places offer online tailoring as long as you supply your measurements. This is great if you need extremely basic alterations, but if you’ve got a lot of adjustments that need to be made, it’s better to rely on a tailor that can see you up close and personal.

wedding suits for men in NJ

Buying a Custom Suit from a Tailor

Some men looking for wedding suits for men in NJ believe that the only way to buy a suit is to have one made especially for you by a tailor. When you work with a tailor, you end up with a suit that has an organic, luxurious quality that seems to wrap itself perfectly around your body since it’s been made to fit you and only you.

Keep the following tips in mind if you’re considering a custom-made suit:

  • Speak to a tailor to find out how a custom suit made to your specs would cost. A custom-made suit could end up costing the same amount you’d pay for a mid-range designer suit. Custom suits cost more in general because you are paying for the tailor’s workmanship, material costs and the attention to detail, but when you add all of those things up, it’s worth it.
  • Find a tailor you trust implicitly. You want someone who has a brilliant eye for style and can help make you look your best, even if you’ve got unusual or irregular measurements. You want someone who’s both kind and forthright; you want someone who will tell you what will look good and what won’t.
  • Work with the tailor to figure out which colors and fabric will work best for the wedding. The great thing about working with a tailor is that since you’re not paying for a brand name suit from a big-name designer, you can afford to go for a higher quality fabric. Work with the tailor to find the very best fabric you can afford for the style of suit you’re making.
  • Work with your tailor to figure out a fit that will make you look your best. If you’re enthralled with the modern fit cut, your tailor can create a version will make you look like a million dollars, even if you don’t have a modern-fit body!
  • Make the suit your own. If you want a mix of tagua nut and brass buttons, go ahead and get them! That’s the beauty of a custom-made suit; you can get exactly what you want.

wedding suits for men in NJ

What’s Best for You?

You may be thinking, “Well, this is all great! Now I know what I can get by going with different options. But I’m still confused. How do I choose which option is best for me?” Look closely at the two directions.

Scenario Number 1: I’m going for an off-the-rack wedding suit.

Let’s say you’re thinking that it may just be easier for you to go with the off-the-rack wedding suit option. You’re thinking, “I’ll just walk into the department store, pick out a suit in my size, get a few adjustments made and voila!” You’ll go to the department store and look around for a while.

You may have to go to several department stores until you find the one you like. Once you find a suit you’re happy with, you’ll see if they have it in your style.

You’ll do your due diligence and make sure that the suit fits perfectly across the shoulders because if it doesn’t, a tailor can’t make adjustments (remember, if the suit doesn’t fit well across the shoulders, a tailor can’t really fix it).

Once you find a suit that is tailorable, your next step will be to call a tailor and make an appointment to have adjustments made. Even if the suit is simply going to be your everyday suit, you’ll still need to make sure that it fits perfectly.

Your tailor will take your measurements before starting work on the suit. You may even have to go back for several fittings until the suit fit is just right.

At the end of the day, you’ve taken your time to look for a good quality suit. You paid for it (if you’ve picked a name brand designer, you’ve paid for the name as well), and you’ve paid for the alterations that needed to be made to it as well.

You may be surprised that for all the money you’ve laid out, you could have had a custom-made suit. How?

wedding suits for men in NJ

Scenario Number 2: I’m going with a custom-made wedding suit.

You’re looking for wedding suits and you really, really want custom, but you’re worried that you won’t be able afford it. You know that going custom means that you’ll be able to get the exact suit that you want for the big day. Every single detail will boil down to you.

You go to a reputable tailor and your measurements are taken. You have an idea of exactly what you want, but you’re not sure about certain details.

You’re wondering whether you should go with linen or a cotton blend? Are those appropriate for your evening wedding? While you’re musing, your tailor brings out bolts of fabric for you to choose from – super 200s, qiviut, super-soft cotton-linen blends, cashmere, merino wool.

Once you choose a fabric, you decide on a fit. Maybe you’re a guy who’s always loved the way a slim fit looks, but you’ve been worried that your on-the-short-side torso and barrel chest rules you out as a slim-fit candidate.

Guess what? A tailor can make it work. Since the suit will be made from scratch, everything can be fit to fit you just right.

If a standard slim-fit suit wouldn’t work with your build, your tailor can make a slim fit suit that works to your body type. For an average, everyday suit? You may not put this much effort in. If you’re looking for wedding suits that will blow all the other suits out of the water, you go the extra mile.

At the end of the day, when all your measurements are in, the fabric’s been selected and the style has been chosen, all you have to do is wait.

You may be called in for a few slight adjustments to allow for changes in body size since your weight may fluctuate a bit before the big day, but for the most part, your custom suit will be done.

And the biggest surprise of all? You may be shocked to learn that the price you paid for your high-quality, custom suit is probably comparable to what you would have paid for a good-quality, off-the-rack suit!

If you’re looking for wedding suits for men in NJ that will make you look like a million bucks on the big day, think carefully about your options before making your decision. This is a big deal, and you want to make the right choice.

If you have a chance to score a stunning Brioni for 90% off that just happens to be your size, take it. If you can find the perfect suit off the rack, fine. If you’re looking for and having trouble finding a suit that seems tailor made for you, don’t be afraid to explore your custom suit options. You may be pleasantly surprised.

custom wedding suits

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