Brioni tiesThe name Brioni is one that you may or may not be familiar with, even if you consider yourself a pretty stylish sort of guy.

Brioni makes primarily high-end suits that could cost you as much as a used car – even off the rack.

However, Brioni suits and Brioni products in general aren’t items that you’ll feel like you overpaid for.

Brioni hand-makes almost everything they produce and the overall quality level of everything with the Brioni name on it is probably one of the best of its kind in the world.

While Brioni suits can easily cost more than you’d spend in a whole month on your mortgage or rent, Brioni ties are actually quite affordable and any guy can add one or two to their wardrobe without maxing out a credit card.

Should you invest in Brioni ties for your wardrobe? Use our guide to help you learn more about Brioni and why you should seriously consider buying Brioni ties to improve your look.

Quality Always Comes First

Brioni is a manufacturer that always puts quality above everything else. When they make suits, whether they’re off the rack or specifically made for an individual customer, they’re hand-tailored and checked dozens of times to make sure that they’re exactly what the customer wants.

A Brioni suit never leaves the workroom without a master tailor checking it thoroughly to make sure it’s one of the best suits in the world. That’s why so many people are willing to pay a price some people might call exorbitant for one of their suits!

When it comes to ties, Brioni ensures the same quality. While a tie doesn’t need to be tailor-made for an individual and quality control can be done in a matter of moments, Brioni is still doing everything they can to make sure their ties are world class.

Brioni also makes many ties by hand, even the ones you can buy in a department store or fine menswear store like Sal Lauretta for Men.

For the customer, that means you can rest easy when you buy a Brioni tie. It’s going to be in your collection for years to come and as long as you still like wearing it and it fits your personal sense of style, it’s going to look good.

Just keep the mustard stains off. Not even the master craftsmen at Brioni can keep those from ruining your look.

Brioni ties


Brioni ties come in a variety of materials. When you’re shopping Brioni, you’ll commonly find ties in hand-made yarn-dyed jacquard silk, high-quality knits and even wool ties – which are ideal for winter looks.

The materials used to make Brioni ties are going to vary from design to design, but when you buy Brioni, you should rest assured that you’re buying quality materials.

They’re not using cheap stuff they can get from shady sellers who don’t care about quality. They’re buying materials that will stand the test of time and deserve to have the Brioni name on them.

Are Brioni Ties Stylish?

Brioni ties come in a variety of styles, but it suffices to say that Brioni ties are very stylish. Even if you don’t know what’s popular right now or what’s coming down the runways of Paris, Milan or New York, buying a tie with the Brioni name on it will ensure that you have something that won’t ever make you feel out of place. At least not within the next few years.

Most of the ties Brioni makes are the traditional type and their width and color patterns tend to follow trends in the fashion world, though you’ll always be able to find classics that will never look dated in the Brioni line.

Along with traditional ties, Brioni also makes world-class bow ties for both formal and more casual occasions.

Bow ties are extremely popular these days and whether you’ve already got a bunch in your collection or you are buying your first, you can’t go wrong with Brioni ties.

Brioni ties

What Do They Cost?

You might be worried about what you’re going to spend on a Brioni tie. If you’re an average guy who makes a decent living, but isn’t exactly filling his vault with cash, that stands to reason.

However, Brioni ties don’t cost a fortune. In fact, they really don’t cost more than other high-end ties that are made to last. In many cases, you’ll pay considerably less than bigger, more commonly known names like Armani or Hugo Boss.

While Brioni ties obviously vary in price based on the materials used, they’re generally going to cost you between $120 at the low end and $300 at the high end.

When it comes to buying a tie that you can keep for the rest of your life and pair with a suit made by a top notch manufacturer, that really isn’t a whole lot of money to spend.

If it seems like too much to you, consider how much you would pay for a good pair of shoes or a belt. That pair of shoes and that belt won’t last half as long as a Brioni tie will.

Brioni ties

To Buy or Not to Buy?

If you’re still not sure whether you should purchase Brioni ties, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to see one in person and feel the quality materials and excellent craftsmanship that goes into each one.

You can find Brioni ties at a variety of different high-end department stores, as well as menswear stores like Sal Lauretta for Men.

Once you start wearing Brioni, you should know there’s no turning back. After wearing the best clothes in the world, it can be hard to go back to the department store stuff you used to wear!

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