Brioni suit costBrioni makes some of the best men’s suits in the world and even if you aren’t familiar with their name and legacy, you instantly know that you’re holding an incredibly well-tailored piece of clothing in your hand.

Very few people, whether in the industry or not, would tell you otherwise or be able to come up with many examples of finer suits than those made by Brioni.

If you’re new to the world of fine suits or simply don’t know much about Brioni, you may wonder how much a fine suit like that would cost.

A Brioni suit is an investment in your wardrobe, your style and maybe even how well you do at work and in your social life.

If you’re considering buying a Brioni suit, use this guide to help you parse out Brioni suit cost and figure out if you should be adding one or two to your wardrobe.

This guide will also help you understand the options available to you and how they will affect your overall Brioni suit cost.

Brioni Craftsmanship

Before we jump right into the numbers of a Brioni suit cost, it’s important for men who aren’t familiar with the brand or who have never tried on a Brioni suit before to know a bit about the company and what they’re going to be paying for. After all, how can you decide what’s right for you if you don’t have all the facts.

Started in 1945 in Italy, Brioni has a long, rich tradition of making fine suits exclusively by hand. That’s something most manufacturers abandoned a long time ago and most don’t even put the finishing touches on their suits by hand anymore – not even the ones that charge thousands of dollars for a jacket.

Brioni on the other hand has made a commitment to producing only the highest quality suits and pieces that they can, no matter the cost, and no matter how few suits they’ll be able to make each year compared to all of their larger competitors.

That commitment to quality is what makes Brioni really stand out from the crowd and they haven’t forgotten about it since they started making suits in Rome in 1945.

Brioni suit cost

Off the Rack Brioni Suits

Brioni is known for their incredible quality all over the world, so it comes as a surprise to some men that they even make off the rack suits.

The suits that you’ll find hanging at fine menswear stores are some of the best around, there’s no doubt about that. Just because they’ve been pre-made without the wearer in mind doesn’t mean that they’re not incredibly well built.

When it comes to Brioni suit cost for an off the rack suit, you’re looking at a baseline number of about $5,500.

While you might find certain suits just a bit lower than that, you’ll probably only do so at times of the year when sellers are making a big push to move such inventory or are slashing their profit margins very seriously in order to make room for new merchandise.

At the high end, you could be looking at about $6,500 for a Brioni suit off the rack if the materials are particularly high-quality or unique. All of the materials that Brioni uses to make their suits are excellent quality, but some are more costly, like heavy winter wools, for example.

Men looking at Brioni suit cost for off the rack suits should rest easy though. The suits sold off the rack are still made by hand by skilled craftsmen and most stores who sell them will give you a complimentary fitting to make sure you look as good as possible in your new Brioni suit.

brioni suit cost

Custom Brioni Suits

When you buy a Brioni suit, you also have the ability to get one that is custom made for you. By doing that, you’ll be able to pick all of the materials and details that make up your suit. For many men, custom Brioni suits really are the cream of the crop, especially men that are picky about their suits.

However, when you go custom, Brioni suit cost goes up just a little bit. In general, you’re looking at paying a minimum of about $6,000 for a custom Brioni suit.

If you want materials that are unique or incredibly expensive, custom pockets or other out-of-the-ordinary features, you really could spend about as much as you want.

High custom Brioni suit cost is often offset by the fact that many men will wear their suits for most of a lifetime. If you’ve got the best suit possible that fits all of your needs, there’s really no reason to not keep wearing it – at least as long as it still fits!

Brioni suit cost

What About Jackets?

Brioni suit cost can be very high for many men, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t include a Brioni piece in your wardrobe. That’s why many men who are just getting started when it comes to owning very fine clothes choose to buy Brioni sport jackets instead of whole suits.

The average price of Brioni sport jackets is going to be about $3,600, though this will vary based on the materials used. Most off the rack sport jackets that you buy will come with some tailoring since you’re spending a pretty penny on a jacket.

For many men, buying a jacket that’s been made by hand and of only the finest materials is a great way to get into high-quality clothing without spending $5,000 or more. You’ll also be able to wear a Brioni sport jacket, especially if you buy in a color like navy blue or charcoal, with almost anything in your wardrobe, both during the day and at night.

That’s a benefit you may not be able to get with a full suit.

brioni suit cost

Can You Put a Price on Quality?

The quality of Brioni suits and sport jackets is undeniable and nobody would tell you that you’re wasting your money on one. However, only you can decide whether the Brioni suit cost is just too high for you or if you’ll be adding a valuable piece to your wardrobe.

We do know that men who dress well do better at work and you’re probably ready for that next promotion. If you’re still on the fence about buying Brioni, one of the best things you can do is feel the quality and materials for yourself in a fine menswear store like Sal Lauretta for Men.

Making your decision should be a whole lot easier once you realize you’re making an investment in your future, not just buying a piece of clothing.

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