bow ties vs necktiesHave you noticed that bow ties have seen a recent surge in popularity? People once dismissed bow ties as exclusively for clowns and comedians like Jerry Lewis. Now, young men are emulating Matt Smith as Doctor Who, proclaiming, “bow ties are cool.”

But what are the pros and cons of bow ties vs neckties?

Before we talk about the benefits of a bow tie vs. necktie, you may be wondering who first started wearing ties. Ties date back to the 17th century, when Croatian cavalrymen wore an early version. The shirts they wore had many buttonholes, but few buttons, so they tied their shirts shut with strips of cloth tied at the neck. King Louis XVI adapted this style into formalwear required for the upper class. Over the centuries, men’s neckwear has evolved into different shapes and styles, not all of which are still appropriate for modern styles. If you are careful about size and patterns, you can’t go wrong with a necktie or bow tie.

Bow ties vs Neckties – What should I wear?

Bow ties usually have either “bat wing” or “thistle” shaped ends. “Bat wing” style is straight and rectangular and “thistle” looks like a thistle bud – rounded, then tapering, then flaring out at the end. These will change the tie’s appearance slightly when worn. Look up different ways to tie it, and choose one that suits you.

There are many reasons to keep sporting your traditional necktie. For example, they can make you look taller. They are essential in showcasing your personality in your work attire.  As for size, about 3 inches wide is always appropriate, and up to 4 inches is still good. Typical ties are between 52 and 58 inches long. Your tie should be proportional to your height.

Whether or not you should wear a bow tie really depends on one main factor: you. A bow tie can give you a modern sophistication, but a necktie is a classic component that works with any suit. Choose whichever one fits you and your environment, and wear it with pride. If all else fails, schedule a wardrobe consultation to see which works best for you.

bow ties vs neckties

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