Wearing a black suit to a wedding may feel like a safe choice, but in reality, a lot of guys tend to mess it up when it comes to the styling. Use this guide to learn more about how you can wear a black suit wedding guests will comment on all night.

Consider Your Skin Tone

Almost any guy can wear a black suit that wedding guests and party members are going to love. The problem is that not every guy can wear the same exact shade of black.

If you have very light skin, picking the darkest, blackest suit you can find is going to make you look more washed out. You just can’t pull off a black suit like somebody with considerably darker skin can. You may want to try out going for ties and pocket squares in shades of gray and muted colors.

Instead of just going for the most basic black you can find, take the time to look at all of the different variations. You’ll find suits that range from jet black to concrete gray. You may not want to go that light if you truly want a black suit, but for some men, it’s a much better option.

Nail the Fit

Black suits need careful attention to detail and excellent tailoring—even more than most suits. You can’t hide flaws with a black suit very well. If it doesn’t fit, it’s going to be obvious, even if your pants are just an inch too long.

Find a tailor that can help you get the perfect style that you want. Whether you prefer a slim-fit suit that’s modern and sleek or a more traditional cut, a skilled tailor should be able to help you out and put you in a black suit that fits you flawlessly.

Better yet, find a menswear shop with a tailor in the building and have them help you pick out the right suit. That way you’ll get the right color and the best fit from the very beginning and you’ll get compliments on your black suit wedding attire all night.

Don’t Add More Black

Guys wearing black suits to a wedding often make two fatal and devastating mistakes. Trying to pair a perfect black suit with a bunch of black accessories or the other extreme—trying to pair a black suit with blinged out accessories.

Instead of adding more black or a ton of color to your suit, keep your look very subdued. Black requires restraint. Keep your accessories and styling crisp. The only other black items you should have on when wearing a black suit to a wedding are your socks, belt, shoes and the band of your watch.

Don’t Wear Flat Shoes

No men, we’re not telling you to wear boots or high heels. We are telling you that wearing shoes that have absolutely no shine to them with a black suit is a major mistake.

A lot of guys worry about wearing shoes that are too shiny because they think they might look over the top. Other men worry about shiny shoes because they just don’t know if that’s the style right now.

The fact is that shiny shoes are never going to go out of style with a fine black suit. From patent leather lace ups—similar but not exactly the same to the ones you would wear with a tuxedo—to basic well-shined Oxfords, you need that little bit of glimmer to pull off a black suit at a wedding.

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