Whether you’re big or tall, finding the right clothes that fit well and look good is challenging but not impossible. Get started with some of the best big and tall fashion tips you’ll find on the internet.

1. Embrace stretch fabrics.

Fabrics that offer some stretch can offer more comfort and a better fit.

2. Vertical stripes are your friend.

Vertical stripes help to direct the eye and visually “stretch” your torso.

3. Stock up on v-necks.

V-necks add length to your look.

4. Going past the standard halfway point is okay.

Let your t-shirt sleeves go further than halfway past your upper arm for a proportional look.

5. Get a tailor.

One of the best big and tall fashion tips is to leverage a good tailor to get the right fit for your body.

6. Opt for a tailored jacket.

This gives you a polished look.

7. Slim your look with dark solids.

If you want to create a look that visually slims you down, add dark solids to your color palette.

8. Forget sizing up.

Sizing up may only work for one part of the body, such as the arms, rather than fitting proportionality to every part that needs it.

9. Focus on fit.

When you’re big and tall, fit is everything, and ill-fitting clothes make a large frame appear larger. So, build a wardrobe that fits your proportions, including adding long pant lengths.

10. Keep your tailor on speed dial (or in your favorites).

If you have an emergency, your tailor can be your best friend when it comes to making sure your garment fits.

11. Consider cuffs.

If you want to shorten the look of your legs, cuffs can help.

12. Leverage the sizing guide.

Take advantage of store sizing guides to find garments with the right size and put-together look.

13. Don’t be afraid to embrace horizontal lines.

If you’re very tall, then horizontal lines will help to shorten your look (if that’s what you’re aiming for).

14. Know your measurements.

This makes shopping for the right fit easier.

15. Consider custom-made dress shirts.

A tailor can help you find your actual shirt size and make a custom-made shirt with a precise fit.

16. Wear confidence.

Practice great posture and walk confidently. Confidence is key to looking great in your clothes.

17. Think about fabric choice.

Some ready-made clothes are made of fabrics that shrink and alter fit, such as cotton. Consider wearing clothes made of preshrunk fabrics to reduce shrinkage after washing.

18. Consider shoe details.

Opt for high-quality shoes with details that accentuate your shape for a polished look.

19. Go for cuffs when wearing low shoes.

You can customize cuffs to fit your shoes that don’t have a standard heel.

20. Consider synthetics.

If you want to avoid the chances of your fit changing, consider synthetic fabrics, such as acetate and polyester, which don’t shrink.

21. Choose texture or pattern, not both.

Pairing bold patterns with crazy textures creates an unbalanced look.

22. Simplicity is best.

One of the big and tall fashion tips that needs extra emphasis: if you’re tall with a broad frame, going for a simple look, such as choosing solids over bold patterns, can help you achieve a more proportionate look.

23. But patterns are still doable.

If you love patterns, but don’t want it to look overwhelming, try using them in smaller areas, such as a pocket lining or pocket square.

24. Aim for lightweight clothing when possible.

Bulky clothing can make the fit look heavier. Consider lightweight clothing for a more proportionate look.

25. Build a capsule wardrobe starting with suits.

Suit jackets, sports coats and blazers help to define your frame.

26. Avoid multiple pleats.

Multiple pleats in your trousers add fullness to a larger midsection. While pleats used to be one of the more popular big and tall fashion tips, today that’s no longer the case.

27. Go for a broad tie.

A broad tie can make a bold statement when worn with a fitted dress shirt.

28. Get a steamer.

When you steam your clothes, you keep the wrinkles out and look more professional.

29. Go for wrinkle-free fabrics.

Wrinkles can add unwanted bulk to your look and appear messy, so opt for clothes made of wrinkle-free material when possible.

30. Think monochromatic.

Celebs like Seth Rogen, sport monochromatic color schemes, which adds interest to your everyday garments.

31. Opt for button-downs.

Button-down shirts fit easily over bulky arms and frames the torso.

32. Avoid oversized, busy patterns.

Oversized patterns add bulk. Big and tall fashion tips are as much about avoiding certain types of clothes as they are about embracing others.

33. Think smaller patterns for a neat look.

Smaller patterns create a refined look.

34. Go for a fitted jacket.

A common theme regarding big and tall fashion tips is to wear well-fitting clothes. When you get a fitted jacket, it can help “nip” the appearance of the waist.

35. Go for patterns when you want balance.

Patterns help to balance the look between your shirt and slacks.

36. Adjust your sleeves.

Sleeves that are too long can look unpolished. Get them tailored to fall at your wrist.

37. Choose suspenders or a belt, not both.

Too many accessories can make a look appear too busy.

38. Balance your top and bottom.

Big and tall fashion tips revolve around keeping everything in proportion. By keeping your shirts and pants balanced, you achieve a polished look.

39. Go for structure.

When you have a larger frame, softer fabrics can add bulk. Instead, opt for silhouettes that are more structured for a mature look.

40. Go for long sleeves.

Long sleeves add length and slim larger arms.

41. Dress professionally.

A professional suit looks polished and shows you mean business.

42. Try suspenders.

Suspenders help elongate your frame and dress up your look.

43. Break it up with a hat.

A hat can help balance your appearance.

44. Go for a broad collar.

Broad collars help accentuate larger frames and create balance.

45. Wear a large watch.

A thick, large watch complements men with larger frames by creating balance. It also helps you look more polished.

46. Talk to your tailor often.

Without a good tailor, many of these big and tall fashion tips can’t be properly implemented. A tailor will help you adjust your clothes so that they provide you with a custom fit.

47. Take up subtle textures.

If you want to be daring and take up a head-to-toe look, opt for suits with patterns that have subtle textures or plaids.

48. Go for dressier suits.

Dressy suits often fit properly and balance proportion.

49. Opt for inches.

If you want to go for a casual look without the need to tuck your shirt in your pants, make sure your shirt goes a few inches below your beltline. Two to five inches is a safe range so that your shirt doesn’t appear too long.

50. Beware of baggy pants.

Baggy pants don’t mean better and can emphasize size.

51. Look for flat-lying shoulders.

When you try on your suit, make sure the shoulder line lies flat for a good fit.

52. Pay attention to the lining.

A well-fitted suit jacket often has a full canvas lining. Even after wearing the jacket several times, a full lining will mold to your shape for a better fit.

53. Go for double vents.

Add shape to your look by opting for jackets with double vents.

54. Balance a shawl collar with a bowtie.

For a slimmer, formal look with a shawl collar tuxedo, use a bowtie to create balance.

55. Consider a spread collar.

Spread collars make your face appear narrow for a slim look.

56. Cover the hips.

Create balance by opting for a suit jacket that covers your hips.

57. Avoid off-the-rack suits when possible.

Off-the-rack suits don’t provide the best fit because their measurements are based off a pattern for the masses, not for your specific body.

58. Know your shape.

By knowing your shape, you can find the best types of clothes to wear for the best fit.

59. Layer it up.

Layers can help narrow your silhouette by creating a fitted look.

60. Avoid too many vertical lines.

Too many vertical lines give a distant and disproportional look.

61. Consider your tie’s length.

A tie that’s too short or too long can throw off the balance of your look. Opt for a tie that falls at your beltline to achieve a balanced look.

62. Try an all-black look.

Opting for solid colors helps create balance, and an all-black look creates a slimming look.

63. Opt for larger cufflinks.

When you opt for larger accessories, such as your cufflinks, you make them appear proportional to your body and create a balanced look.

64. Consider pants with a medium rise.

Balance your proportion by opting for pants that complement your torso with medium rise pants.

65. Consider one or two button jackets.

Jackets with buttons placed lower on the torso, such as one- or two-button style jackets, can draw attention away from your belly by showing more of the triangle part of your dress shirt.

66. Go for thin stripes.

Thin stripes help to create a lean look.

67. Keep contrast to a minimum.

When you have too many color palettes, you can appear disproportionate.

68. Stay away from double-breasted jackets.

Double-breasted jackets tend to add weight.

69. Opt for big pockets.

Big pockets on suits help to balance your look.

70. Pick pinstripes.

Go for a lean look with pinstripes.

71. Consider slim pants.

Slim pants are ideal for proper fit.

72. Choose flattering silhouettes.

Pick clothes that work with your shape for a balanced look.

73. Layer light.

Opt for lightweight fabrics when layering for a slimming look.

74. Consider straight fit pants.

They offer a flattering look for large frames.

75. Don’t be afraid of patterns.

When done correctly, patterns can create balance for a stylish look.

76. Remove wrinkles with dryer sheets.

If you don’t want to iron, wrinkles can be removed in the dryer with dryer sheets to achieve a crisp look.

77. Go for flat-bottomed, untucked tops.

If you’re going for an untucked look, opt for shirts with a flat bottom (no elastic). It helps to create a crisp, clean look.

78. Opt for single-breasted jackets.

Single-breasted jackets are slimming.

79. Play with cufflink patterns.

Cufflinks are an easy way to add a pattern for a bold look that’s not overwhelming.

80. Look at lines.

A well-fitted suit jacket sharpens your round lines.

81. Beware of big suits.

They can make you look bigger if the fabric is too loose.

82. Pair a solid with a pattern.

This creates balanced contrast.

83. Try blazers with three buttons.

It gives you a more lean look.

84. Keep crewnecks in the closet.

Crewnecks rounds out your face to appear wider.

85. Narrow wide feet with details.

Vertical designs or lace-ups create a narrow appearance.

86. Coordinate cufflinks.

Create balance by coordinating cufflinks with socks.

87. Play with pocket square patterns.

Patterns on your pocket squares add interest for a full-colored suit.

88. Consider polka dots.

Small polka dot patterns create interest and balance.

89. Fit the waist with flat-front trousers.

Have your tailor fit your pants to your waist for a flattering look.

90. Choose bigger off-rack.

Larger clothes can be taken in by your tailor for a proper fit.

91. Check horizontal stripe width.

Big and tall fashion tips are meant to keep you looking slim. If the stripes on your shirt are too broad for your body type, it can make you look wider.

92. No thin ties.

They place too much emphasis on height and create an unbalanced look.

93. Go for wider lapels.

This creates balance by playing off a larger frame.

94. Consider cotton undershirts.

Cotton breathes easily and is easy to layer.

95. Opt for linen.

It’s lightweight and comfortable for warmer weather.

96. No bulky keys in your pockets.

They add weight to your look.

97. Opt for a slim wallet.

This looks lightweight in your pocket.

98. Look lean with a hat.

Hats with minimal detail add a slimming appearance.

99. Pick a complementary style for your hat.

This helps create a balanced look.

100. Considered fitted sleeves.

A close fit creates a balanced look.

101. Try it on.

Trying on suits in different sizes to find the right fit.

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