best wedding suitsPicking out a suit for a wedding can be challenging since you know every man in the room is going to try and look his absolute best. Of course it’s not a competition to be the best dressed, but you also want to fit in and maybe even stand out in the fashion department.

However, picking out the best wedding suits isn’t about choosing something that’s flashy and stands out in a garish way.

In fact, the best wedding suits are the ones that are a little bit understated in a classic and timeless way.

If you want to have one of the best wedding suits at any event, no matter how formal or how casual it is, consider buying a suit from one of these brands. They’re the best of the best, and if you buy one, you’ll have a quality suit for a lifetime if you care for it the right way.


Well-known for their elegant suits, Canali is a brand that combines luxury and taste by using a fully canvasedunfused structure and natural fabrics when building their garments. All Canali suits are made in Italy by skilled craftsmen that learn their trade well, and only the best quality and attention to detail goes into every piece made.

Canali suits are perfect for the man who wants something custom made or ready to wear and tailored to perfection.

best wedding suitsHugo Boss

Hugo Boss is a name that most men already know, and it is one that is synonymous with high fashion and quality. That’s why many different offerings from Hugo Boss can make one of the best wedding suits in the world.

The Hugo Boss collection is also wide enough that every man can find something he’ll love, no matter what his style. Slim fit, traditional fit or somewhere in between, Hugo Boss has it and it can be tailored to perfection to create one of the best wedding suits on the market.

Jack Victor

Another name synonymous with quality is Jack Victor, a company that works with some of the best weavers in the world to create fabrics that truly stand out above many of the rest. In fact, Jack Victor suits go through over 300 different processes before they are completed, showing the attention to detail that creates every single Jack Victor suit.

best wedding suitsJoseph Abboud

Joseph Abboud suits are perfect for the boy that needs a quality suit to wear to a wedding and for everyday events when normal boys clothing isn’t fitting. Designed with quality and classic style in mind, Joseph About makes some of the best wedding suits for men out there.

John Varvatos

Known for cutting edge style and high-quality materials, John Varvatos offers exceptional suits for the fashion-forward man. These ready to wear and tailor suits are ideal for any man that wants to look up to date and like he just stepped off the runway, but still like he’s wearing something where attention to detail and craftsmanship really matters.

John Varvatos also offers excellent clothing and suits for boys as well.

best wedding suitsHow to Pick a Wedding Suit

Once you’ve decided on a brand that you think fits your lifestyle and budget, the most important thing to consider is the fit of the suit. It doesn’t matter if you’re working with a ready to wear and tailor suit that will be altered to fit your body or you’re working with a brand that’s perfect for custom clothing like Canali or Jack Victor. The fit is absolutely the most important part of picking the best wedding suits.

The fitting process really all starts with an exact measurement – something that should only be provided by a skilled tailor with years of experience. Without a perfect fitting you’ll never wind up with the perfect suit.

After the fitting your suit will be crafted for you. If you’re picking a custom suit, you’ll be able to choose all of the details as well so you end up with something that suits your personal style like nothing off the rack ever could.

While alterations can be made to ready to wear suits, they generally look best when the style is already appropriate. Of course they will be tailored to fit like they were designed just for you before you pick your suit up.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

When you’re looking for the best wedding suits there’s nothing wrong with asking for a little help. After all, that’s what the experienced craftsmen and tailors are there for – to offer you guidance so you can find the right suit for your needs.

Take the time to talk to the person you’re working with and explain what it is in a suit that you want. Explain what type of event you’re going to and how you want to use the suit after the wedding. You’ll end up with something that you can wear regularly and fits your personal style very well.

You can even bring in pictures of suits you’ve seen in magazines or on the internet to show details that you really like. Your experienced tailor will be able to help you get those details and suggest others you may not have even thought about.

best wedding suits

Buying a suit can seem like a challenge for many men, but don’t think of the process like something you just have to get through. The truth is that filling out your wardrobe with a great suit can be a lot of fun and a very rewarding experience.

You’ll also have a suit that will help you look your best whenever you need to really stand a head above the rest of the pack.

best wedding suits

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