Whether you’re getting married, attending the wedding as a groomsman, or you’re simply an invited guest, getting dressed for a wedding can strike fear into the hearts of men. With all the types of weddings you can be invited to these days, and with the rules of dressing for a wedding seemingly infinitely relaxed, it can be hard to know what to put on.

If it makes you feel better, we’re glad to say that the safest bet for men at weddings is still the suit. However, knowing which types are the best wedding suits for men is where it gets a little tricky.

Use this quick guide to help you pick out the best wedding suits for men in 2016.


If you’re having or have been invited to a formal wedding or a black tie wedding, the tuxedo is an obvious and excellent choice. Black tie weddings pretty much require them, and while they might let you in the door without one, you’re going to feel really out of place.

Tuxedos in 2016 are pretty slim in the body, with narrow lapels and straight leg pants without a break at the ankle. This trendy look can work on almost anyone, especially when paired with basic accessories like a white shirt and black bowtie.

Look for quality brands like Brioni and Hugo Boss.best wedding suits for men

Colored Tuxedos

The tuxedo is so stylish in 2016 that men are going to be wearing them even when they don’t have to. Instead of black, a lot of guys are going to be wearing colored tuxedos in silver, charcoal and midnight blue.

Less formal than their penguin-esque cousins, colored tuxedos can be playful yet extremely smart, making them some of the best wedding suits for men that want to stand out from the crowd.

Brands like Hugo Boss, Hickey Freeman and John Varvatos are making these in 2016.

Midnight Blue

Whether you’re wearing a tuxedo or you’re just looking for the best wedding suits for men in 2016, you can’t do much better than midnight blue. It has become the hot color for formal occasions where black isn’t strictly required simply because it’s more elegant and less, well, dark looking.

Most men who are picking midnight blue suits or tuxedos are going for the standard slim fit look with narrow lapels and tapered pants this year. That’s because the dark color has a slimming effect on pretty much every single guy that’s going to put one on.

To pair your midnight blue suit, choose black shoes and accessories that bring a little bit of light. A white or pink shirt is the perfect accompaniment, and a pocket square that contrasts the dark tone of midnight blue is ideal.

Brands including Brioni, John Varvatos, Coppley, Hickey Freeman and Hugo Boss are all selling midnight blue suits this season.

Plaid Suits

Plaids like glen plaid have never really gone out of style, but they weren’t always the most popular choice for men. In 2016, they’ve come back, and the trend that started a few years ago has reached its peak.

When you’re looking for the best wedding suits for men and you want plaid, make sure you find something that’s refined yet colorful. Choose green plaid on a charcoal suit or a faint purple on midnight blue.

These are the best wedding suits for men, especially in the winter, because they’re elegant and refined, but a little less commonly seen. They’re even ideal for the groom and groomsmen at weddings that aren’t too formal.

Pick out brands like Brioni, Coppley or Hickey Freeman.

best wedding suits for men

Striped Suits

Stripes fell out of style for a while, and it seemed like every man who wore pinstripes between 2000 and 2012 looked like an extra in a old-school mob movie. Fortunately for us, those stripes that are a classic part of men’s fashion are back in style.

While stripes are definitely back in fashion, the ultra-slim cut that you see on many men these days isn’t what the designers are going for. Instead, they’re looking to put stripes on suits with a bit of Italian or English charm, meaning they’re a bit fuller in the body and the lapels have a little bit more width.

Brands like Canali, Coppley, Hugo Boss and Jack Victor are all making these suits. Try pairing them with classic accessories like a sky blue shirt and silk tie.

Go for Color

Men are wearing a lot more color these days when it comes to suits. In 2016, the big colors for men’s suits are olive green, red and brown.

These colors are all ideal for a wedding, but you have to make sure that you’re going to the right type of event. After all, an olive green or brick red suit just isn’t going to look formal, and if you’re in a room with guys in all black, you’re going to feel pretty out of place.

When it comes to cut, you have a few options when picking a colored suit. Some guys are wearing them as slim fit suits – others are going the more classic English or Italian approach. Let your sense of style and body type guide you.

To make these dark colored suits work, make sure you pair them with accessories that are high contrast, like a white shirt or bold lapel flower. Hickey Freeman, John Varvatos and even Brioni are all making suits in earth tones this year.

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