Certain articles of clothing become focal points as soon as you put them on. The best sunglasses for men are among them. The instant you slip on a top-notch pair of shades, you transform your look and appear even more dashing.

Not all sunglasses are equal in quality, of course. If you choose a pair from one of these three brands, you’re sure to get a durable product that will protect your eyesight and your fashion reputation.

Maui Jim

Maui Jim began as a small vendor on a Maui beach. It’s now an internationally beloved company. Headquartered today in Peoria, Illinois, Maui Jim offers a distinguished product line inspired by Hawaiian styles.

The brand sells prescription and nonprescription sunglasses — well over 100 varieties in all. Here are a few examples of fine Maui Jim offerings:

1. 736 Kahi


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Polarized sunglasses, which are highly sought after these days, let people see their surroundings much more vividly. With Maui Jim’s patented polarization technologies, you can actually perceive every color. These glasses also boast sophisticated rectangular frames.

2. Tail Slide


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These rectangular frames have spring hinges, a saddle bridge and an irresistible aura. Men’s Journal describes them as a blend of two on-trend styles: sports sunglasses and Wayfarers.

3. Silver Cook Pines Aviators


Purchase at Maui Jim.

Silver sunglasses are so in vogue that even Ken Carson (Barbie’s boyfriend) started wearing them as early on as 2017. These glasses are exceptionally light, and their oversize lenses will give you all-encompassing views of the world around you.
If silver just isn’t your color, you can get them in gold or rose gold instead.


Oakley represents the American dream in action. In the mid-to-late 1970s, a young man named James Jannard drove around Southern California in his Honda Civic and sold motorcycle parts. He then began creating sunglasses to sell too. Today, the company is a leading manufacturer of sunglasses under the parent company Luxottica.

Below are three Oakley sunglasses that will be your next staple piece:

1. M2 Frame XL


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These curved glasses will make everything you look at extremely clear. Wraparound sunglasses have long been in demand, but they may have gained extra cachet at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro when numerous competitors wore them.

2. Holbrook


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Retro sunglasses are selling very well, and this product defines a cool throwback vibe. These dark glasses look modern, yet they subtly evoke the 1940s. Those who love the styles of the Greatest Generation would probably rank them among the best sunglasses for men. They’re also comfortable, flexible and surprisingly tough.

3. Super Flat Top 55mm


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You’ve likely seen quite a few flat-top sunglasses in recent years. This kind of eyewear hides the face to a greater extent, creating a look that’s attractively mysterious. These acetate Italian glasses are handcrafted, and they’re striking close up or from a distance.


Ray-Ban was originally part of the eye care company Bausch + Lomb, and it’s now part of the glasses giant Luxottica. No matter its corporate owner, the label has been delivering superior glasses to consumers since 1937. Ray-Ban sunglasses are so hip that they’ve appeared in many movies, including “The Blues Brothers,” “Men in Black” and — perhaps most memorably — “Top Gun” arguably making them the best sunglasses for men.

To look like a movie star yourself, you might opt for one of the following pairs of sunglasses:

1. New Wayfarer Classic


Purchase at Neiman Marcus.

It’s hard to talk about Ray-Ban without discussing Wayfarers. These glasses have thick frames and rims that are curved, and they’re shaped a little like trapezoids. Raymond Stegeman, one of the brand’s designers, originated this style in 1952. Jay-Z and Tom Cruise are just two of the many celebrities who’ve donned these glasses in public since then, and they’re still au courant. This Wayfarer model has polarized lenses and is made of nylon.

2. Wayfarer Metal-Effect 55mm


Purchase at Lord & Taylor.

Another Wayfarer version, these sunglasses resemble the sleekness of metal and have sloping lenses with a durable frame. Metallic sunglasses are all the rage these days.

3. 3524 Navigators


Purchase at Solstice Sunglasses.

Navigator sunglasses are fashion-forward and will always be a staple in a man’s collection. These Navigators look like square frames crossed with aviators, reinventing the script for typical aviators. Ray-Ban’s 3524 Navigators boast polarized glass and a graceful double bridge. They look great anywhere —from a formal wedding to a barbecue on the beach.

The products above represent just a small compilation of the best sunglasses for men on the market. All of these brands make many more exemplary glasses. By pairing them with an exceptional outfit by brands as quality as these glasses, you will feel as sharp as you look.

When you’re shopping for sunglasses, your hardest task may be narrowing down your options. Thus, when you find a pair that really appeals to you, it’ll be an exciting moment. Once you start wearing those glasses, your eyes will be shielded from the sun’s glare, yet you’ll feel positively radiant.

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