Best Suit Accessories for MenAny man can wear a suit. Any man can look good in a suit, provided it fits well. But not every man can stand out in a suit. In situations where everyone is in formal wear, it can be challenging to make an impression on others by appearance alone.

It’s not just the clothes that make the man; it’s also how he chooses to make his clothes his own. Choosing the best suit accessories for men can help to bring out your personality.

Bow Ties & Neckties

Depending on the occasion and your personal preference, you may wear either a necktie or a bowtie. Neckties are classic and always a safe choice for formal occasions. You can even accessorize your necktie by wearing a tie clip to keep it in place. Bowties were once reserved for tuxedos, now, they are a socially acceptable alternative to traditional ties.

Choosing the Right Shoes

If you think your choices are limited to a small number of generic black dress shoes, you are mistaken. For example, have you noticed that some shoes have holes punched in the leather to create patterns? This is called brogue. If it’s wing patterns near the toes, it’s called wingtips, and if it’s a pattern on top of the toes, it’s medallion brogue. Any of these patterns are perfect for business occasions. Also, look into different styles of penny loafers and split-toe oxfords.

Best Socks to Wear with Suits

You might think that socks don’t matter, but they can actually work for you to round out your look and are one of the best suit accessories for men. Matching striped socks to a striped tie, for example, can create a more complete image and can bring a little color to your feet. If you wear a tweed or houndstooth coat, a patterned sock, like argyle, can complement your look.

Black Belts vs. Brown Belts

If you want to accessorize with belts, skip the novelty belt buckles. Consider investing in a reversible belt (black on one side, brown on the other) and see how it can change the look of your suit. Also, your work suit can be improved with a woven or embossed belt as opposed to a plain one.

Pocket Squares & Pocket Circles

This accessory is very versatile and purely decorative. Choose a solid color that matches your tie for a subtle look. If you want a bolder style, look up the many ways to fold your square, like the Puff or the Astaire, and pick an interesting pattern and color scheme.

With unique accessories, you can make any custom suit stand out from the crowd. There are more options available to men than you might realize. Don’t allow yourself to be intimidated by the strict rules of formal wear. Let your wealth of options inspire you to create the impression you always wanted to make.

Best Suit Accessories for Men

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