Whatever clothing-related information you desire, there’s a fashion application that can assist. There are mobile apps that can tell you about trends, help you figure out what’s missing from your closet, show you how to coordinate the pieces you own and let you buy new items from top brands.

Downloading a good fashion app is like making a stylish friend: It’s always there as a style adviser and a reliable shopping companion.
The following men’s fashion apps are all free and all very valuable.

1. Mod Man

Upload photos of your clothes onto Mod Man and mix and match those images to stumble upon new ensembles. You can buy pieces from top fashion labels like Ralph Lauren with this app.

You can get Mod Man on an iOS or Android device. You may be slightly dismayed that this app won’t remember your preferences in order to offer customized searches. In the end, though, it should save you lots of time for your outfit choices.

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2. The Hunt

If you’re, say, riding the subway or watching TV and you see an outfit you’d like to emulate, The Hunt can help you track it down.
How does it work? Upload a photo of the clothing you envy. It might be a picture you took yourself or one you’ve found online. You then take a poll, asking The Hunt’s community to give you the names of those pieces and the stores where you can purchase them.

You can ask other kinds of questions as well. You might request suggestions for an upcoming event or put up photos of two shirts to find out which the community prefers. Conversely, you can answer other people’s queries and vote in their surveys.

The Hunt provides guides to major travel destinations and articles on lifestyle and fashion news. If you find items you like through this Apple and Android app, you can save them on a wish list.

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3. Fitbay

Some people have uncommon measurements, making shopping tricky. Fitbay eases this dilemma. Just enter your dimensions and behold an array of products that will fit like a glove, gloves included.

The occasional user has a little trouble displaying photos on this Android app. However, the wealth of ideas and options it presents should make up for any technical deficiencies.

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4. Mallzee

Mallzee calls itself the “search engine for clothes.” On it, you can find products that hundreds of companies are selling. Just type in the color, size, label and other criteria to describe what you’re seeking. If you’d like, you can save your parameters and look for the same kind of item later on. And, if you’re not sure what you want, you can swipe through photos of your favorite companies’ current offerings.

This Apple and Google app will let you know when the stores you like have sales, and it’ll update your customized feed every day so you’ll get a sense of what’s new and stylish. If all that weren’t enough, customer service representatives are always standing by to chat and answer questions. Many users rave about those experts’ friendliness and thoroughness.

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5. Mr Porter

The Mr Porter Android and Apple app presents interviews with fashion experts and selections from some of the most renowned fashion labels in existence.

At least one reviewer has pointed out that this app could use a currency conversion system for shopping. The consensus is that Mr Porter has strong search capabilities and is really easy to use.

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6. GQ Style Guide

GQ Style Guide comes in two versions. If you aren’t a GQ subscriber, it’ll give you countless articles and ideas about fashion, travel and more. If you do subscribe to the magazine, you’ll get even more premium and exclusive content.

Some people have experienced excessive buffering on this Apple and Android app. Regardless, it combines the wit and sharp writing of GQ Magazine with plenty of interactive excitement.

7. ShopStyle

ShopStyle will identify the piece of clothing you’re imagining. Just type in your desired price range, manufacturer and so on and it’ll tell you what it is and where you can buy it.

Some people probably wish they could make purchases on this app for Android and Apple. That drawback aside, it’s an outstanding tool for finding something to wear.

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8. JackThreads

On its wildly popular mobile app, JackThreads sells its own products as well as curated boxes. As for the latter, the company takes pieces from up-and-coming brands and packages them in eclectic ways. You can order those collections through the app and you can send back anything you don’t want.

This app will notify you of discounts and let you search through clothes that are on sale. It presents vivid photos of on-trend clothing so you never have to feel out of touch sartorially.

JackThreads’ customer service features could be slightly more responsive, but this Apple and Android app provides a great introduction to emerging fashions and fashion companies.

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9. Polyvore

Polyvore, which works on Apple and Android operating systems, is one of the best men’s fashion apps for sharing and searching. If you’ve put together ensembles you’re proud of, you can show them to your followers. You can look at the creations of other users, too — the app contains millions of them.

Additionally, once you’ve liked photos of various products, Polyvore will start to personalize the items it brings to your attention. Naturally, you can use this app to buy the things that catch your eye.

Thanks to these men’s fashion apps, you need never lack clothing ideas again. You may soon become the most fashionable guy in your school, office or neighborhood and no one will suspect you’ve got digital helpers guiding your wardrobe decisions.

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