Once you’re in your 40s, you may experience significant changes in your family, career and outlook on life. However, let’s focus here on what’s really important: the jeans you buy.

As a slightly more mature fellow, you needn’t wear jeans less often. They can still be a part of your uniform when you’re going to ball games, barbecues and all kinds of other casual affairs. Wearing jeans at a certain age simply requires altering your approach to denim. When you go shopping for clothes, you should seek out the best jeans for men over 40 and this guide should help you do so.

The Best Pair of Jeans for You

As is true for all age groups, the best jeans for guys over 40 are comfortable, durable and stylish. Your pants shouldn’t make your teenage kids want to stay inside the house due to overwhelming embarrassment.

At this stage of life, your jeans should be as dignified as you are. Special materials like selvedge denim and raw denim, both of which are attractive and long-lasting, fit that standard. Always look for quality stitching or bring along someone who can identify it for you. You should avoid bargain-basement clothing. In so many cases, if you spend a little more for your jeans, they’ll be much more impressive to look at.

Denim Do’s and Denim Dont’s

Here are some suggestions — make that commandments — to keep in mind when you’re a distinguished gentleman in the market for jeans.

Do select, depending on your body type and sense of style, relaxed or regular jeans. Though they may go by different names, there are basically five categories of denim fits: loose, relaxed, regular, slim and skinny. Relaxed and regular represent a happy medium.

Don’t wear skinny jeans or really slim fits. They won’t make you look cool or hip.They’re not your friends.

Do get the correct rise. If your pants are pulled too high, it’ll make you look older. Low-rise jeans, on the other hand, might make it seem like you’re trying too hard. Mid-rise dungarees would probably be just right.

Don’t wear the opposite of skinny jeans. They’re known as “Dad jeans,” a phrase people often say while shuddering. These pants are excessively loose, especially in the legs and they have high waists. If you really want a pair of Dad jeans for doing yard work or watching TV, get a permission slip from your significant other and maybe we’ll allow it.

Do remember that your jeans are liable to stretch over time. It’s a factor to weigh if you’re deciding between two sizes.

Don’t try to relive glory days via your jeans. Acid washes, ripped knees and other dated looks should stay in the past. If you must buy one for old times’ sake, save it for a 1980s- or ’90s-themed costume party; maybe you’ll even win a prize.

Do purchase more dark jeans than light jeans. Darker pants look more appropriate during the late fall and winter and they tend to go with more outfits. Consider, too, that dad jeans are often light.

Most importantly: Do think about getting your jeans tailored. That way, your pants will stay close to your body where they should and offer you the right amount of space in every area. After your jeans have been tailored, they’ll be uniquely yours.

Brands Doing It Right

If you can find a brand of jeans you like and trust, much of your work will be done for you. The following labels are putting out some of the best jeans for men over 40 and these specific examples might whet your appetite for a new pair of dungarees.

The Airweft Denim Austyn Relaxed Straight Jeans from 7 For All Mankind is a versatile pair of pants with an easy fit and a somewhat conservative appearance.

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The Charisma Mid Cashmere Jeans from 34 Heritage have a moderately higher rise. Their straight legs are striking and exceedingly comfortable.

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The Ives in Stately Straight Jeans from AG Jeans are as appealing as their name. Their denim is stretchy and they offer ample space. Meanwhile, the legs are tapered in a chic way and the indigo color would go well with all kinds of shirts and footwear.

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Robert Graham’s Activate Tailored Fit Jeans also have an alluring indigo hue and they’re about as soft as a rabbit’s fur. They look like they’ve been broken in a little, but they don’t look worn out at all.

You don’t have to be a rebel to wear The Rebel in Kane Jeans from Joe’s Jeans. They boast straight legs and there’s plenty of room in them as well.

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Like so many things in this world, finding the best jeans for men over 40 is a balancing act. Somewhere between tight and baggy, dated and trendy and high- and low-rising are the perfect jeans for you. Love them and wear them with pride.

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