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You’re a successful, intelligent and confident man. The question is, are you dressing that way? At a time when casual dress is the norm and the lines of “how casual is too casual” are becoming blurred, many men are forgetting about the power of a perfectly fitted custom suit.

Below, we’re sharing 25 reasons for every man in Bergen County to consider investing in a custom suit.

1. You don’t have time to waste on shopping.

Finding a suit or jacket that fits well off the rack can require trips to several stores. Chances are, the time you’ll spend searching for that perfect shirt will only result in frustration. Why waste the time when you can have a custom suit created just for you?

2. A one-of-a-kind man deserves a one-of-a-kind suit.

Why choose a suit that just anyone could purchase in a store? You’re one of a kind and your custom suit should be too.

3. Your closet could use an update.

Every so often, it’s important to look through your closet and give serious consideration to which pieces are flattering and current. The best way to add to your wardrobe is with a suit that was made to fit you.

4. You’ll look 10 years younger.

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Dressing like a 20-something college student won’t do you any favors. There is nothing quite like a perfectly fitted custom suit to make you look young and put together.

5. A Custom suit offers an instant confidence boost.

We’ve all passed by the man walking down the street with his shoulders back and head held high. When you’re dressed well, that man is you.

6. Custom pieces will fit your needs.

Are you looking for an extra pocket inside your jacket to hold your business cards? You’ll have that option. Are you particular about the color or style of your suit lining? That’s not a problem. A custom suit means you’ll get the exact piece that you want.

7. Enjoy the quality that you just can’t find in mass-produced suits.

There is a level of quality that comes with items that are custom made just for you. Care and attention to detail are put into every stitch.

8. Stand out in the crowd.

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If you love to be the talk of the party, you’ll need to wear an outfit that others will notice from across the room.

9. Gain the respect of being someone to be admired.

If you’re interested in being a role model to those who want to be respected, dress the part.

10. A custom suit is more than just a well-fitting piece.

There are many options for customizing your suit. From water-resistant fabrics to lining options, the options are endless.

11. You’ll never be out of style.

Fashion trends come and go, but a perfectly fitted suit will always be in style. You’ll never be embarrassed to look back at pictures when you’re dressed impeccably in each one.

12. A custom suit is well worth the investment.

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You could choose to purchase a new suit every couple years. Or, you could invest in a custom suit that will last you well into the future. Don’t worry about rips and tears when you purchase a suit that was created with care.

13. After buying once, ordering suits in the future will be a breeze.

After purchasing your first custom suit, your measurements can be used to create each suit after until your measurements change. It couldn’t be easier.

14. You’ll fit in with pop culture trends.

Have you heard of Mad Men? Who hasn’t? The show, and others like it, are bringing back the idea of dressing to impress. Bring Hollywood to Bergen County when you take a cue from the stars and put on your suit and tie.

15. You’ll look taller.

Wearing pants that are the perfect length and a shirt properly fitting sleeves will make you look taller rather than swimming in your clothing.

16. You’ll look thinner.

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Wearing clothing that is too large or too tight will have the same effect: making you look heavier than you are. Choose properly fitting items and you’ll instantly look thinner.

17. Embrace your individuality.

What makes you unique? Rather than trying to fit the mold, embrace what makes you different and sets you apart from every other man in Bergen County. Then, let it translate to the clothing you’re wearing.

18. First impressions mean everything.

Whether you’re interviewing for a new job or just meeting a stranger on the street, people will remember their first impression of you. Make it a good one by being dressed your best.

19. Custom-made suits are an accessible luxury.

You may not want to spend millions on a private jet or summer getaway, but everyone should take the opportunity to treat themselves once in a while. A custom suit is a luxury to indulge in.

20. You can use an expert opinion.

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You may know what looks good on you, but an expert will be able to add the extra touches to make your clothing go from good to great. Take their advice and reap the benefits of some stylish suggestions.

21. Are you ready for a life change? Dress the part.

Every now and then, it might be time to shake things up. Go after your dream job and live the life you’ve been waiting for. The first step to moving up is dressing for success. When you look good and feel confident, nothing will get in your way.

22. The bar has been raised.

From celebrities to those in your office, men are stepping up their game in the fashion department. Don’t let others show you up. Invest in a custom suit and you’ll be the one setting the standard.

23. You know what you’re doing.

Sure, that 20-something, fresh-out-of-college guy might be happy with a mediocre suit jacket and trousers, but you know better. After you’ve tried custom-fitted clothing, everything else will pale in comparison.

24. When you choose the right suit, you’ll want to wear it every day.

After finding out just how much better it feels to be wearing something that was made for you, you’ll wish you could wear the same thing every day. A custom suit will cost a bit more than the alternatives, but you’ll wear your custom pieces often enough to make it more than worth it.

25. You deserve it.

You’ve worked hard to get where you are. You deserve to wear the best.

custom suit

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