The Jersey Shore is a prime vacation destination for millions of beachgoers each year, and dressing for the Shore requires a different approach than other beach locations. That’s because the Jersey Shore isn’t just a walk on the beach. There’s boardwalks, boutiques and bars, too. The great news is that there are plenty of options for beachwear for men that are appropriate for a Jersey Shore stroll. Here are three looks you can wear to step out in style on the Jersey Shore.

Casual Cool

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Start your beach day by opting for a casual look to get breakfast at your favorite boardwalk bakery before you start heading for the beach. Your “casual cool” outfit is also a great ensemble for traveling to and from the Jersey Shore. That means you’ll want to aim for comfortable fabrics, which you can often find from high-end brands, such as Sanyo, Eton and Canali. Try these pieces to capture a casual look:

  • Graphic t-shirt. T-shirts with graphic prints provide a great way to balance a bold print against a subtle backdrop. Opt for prints from premium brands made of fine quality material, such as Circle of Gentlemen or Bugatchi.
  • Swim trunks. Today’s swim trunks are more narrow and offer stylish options, including prints and patterns, such as stripes and stars. Pack a few pairs for multiple days or rotate with a solid-colored t-shirt for multiple wears.
  • Tapered shorts. Update the look of your shorts for a look that works on the Jersey Shore by opting for tapered shorts. Walk to the beach in style by opting for shorts from high-end brands, such as Tailor Vintage and Psycho Bunny.
  • Wayfarer sunglasses. These classic-style sunglasses take a standard t-shirt-and-short ensemble to the next level by adding an instant dose of style with its sleek frames.
  • Fedora hat. The fedora hat adds a great finishing touch that pays homage to the popular hat style worn during the 1930s. It’s also a great way to block the sun from your eyes without sacrificing style.
  • Water shoes. Make sure to have a pair of these shoes on hand to easily grip your surfboard or for other water sports.
  • Slides. These shoes are easy to slide into both before you hit the water and when heading back to the boardwalk. Make sure to have a pair on hand so you can walk with ease without walking through the hot sand.

Transitional Look

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Go from beachside to the boardwalk with a transitional look. Whether you’re exploring the shops or arcade games along the revived boardwalk of Asbury Park or you’re grabbing a bite to eat from a local hot dog stand along Jenkinson’s boardwalk in Bay Head, a transitional look is essential beachwear for men. Try these casual clothes and accessories to master the boardwalk look when you’re taking a break from the beach:

  • Button-down. Whether you’re headed to catch a game of mini-golf near the Shore or you just want to enjoy walking down the boardwalk in style, the button-down shirt helps you get it done in style. Opt for a light color
  • Cuffed Shorts. Try fine-quality cuffed shorts that rise just above the knee for a laid-back boardwalk look. Consider premium brands, such as AG and
  • Aviator sunglasses. These style of sunglasses are Shore-approved and can be found in stylish silvertone or gold-tone frames to easily match your accessories. Opt for brown-colored lenses for a more daytime look.
  • Slip-ons. When you’re strolling down the boardwalk, you want to make sure your feet are comfortable, which you can achieve with the help of slip-ons. You can put them on quickly, too.


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The perfect after-beach look is appropriate for heading to the local bars and nearby mini-golf. The right shirt-and-pants combination will take your beachgoer look from casual to classic in an instant. Here are a few options to include:

  • Polo-style shirt. Choose a solid color shirt or go for a more interesting print, such as florals or stripes, from Canali and other premium brands.
  • Chinos. These shorts coordinate well with polo-style shirts. Create a balance by opting for a different hue when wearing solid colors to create a monochromatic look.
  • Bowtie. Add a fun and stylish look that’s unexpected yet appropriate for Shore golf sessions. Go for patterned bow-ties for a more casual look from premium brands, such as Italo Ferretti and Edward Armah.
  • Linen pants. Have a pair of linen pants on hand for an option that’s comfortable to wear for late evening nights that may still be warm.
  • Lightweight Sweater. When the temperatures start to drop in the evening or as the season starts to change, then a lightweight sweater comes in handy, especially if you’re headed to a beachside bonfire. There are loads of sweater brands you can choose from that combine comfort and style, including Thaddeus and St. Croix Knits. You can even wear this over your polo-style shirt or pair this with a light-wash denim from premium brands, such as AG Jeans and 34 Heritage.
  • Tennis Shoes. A pair of tennis shoes makes it easy to get around the beach or boardwalk while coordinating with your outfit. Go for low-top styles for added comfort.

Beachwear for Men at the Jersey Shore

When you’re shopping for beachwear for men that’s appropriate for the Jersey Shore, narrowing your selection down to these three looks makes it simple to know what to wear so you can step out on the boardwalk and beach in style. Just ensure you consider the activities you’ll participate in when choosing your outfit so you can be comfortable and focus on fun and relaxation.

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