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Custom Tailoring in Bergen County

menstailoringThe first time a man tries on a well-tailored piece of clothing can be quite the experience. In fact, it is often a moment that they rarely forget and marks a significant turning point in their sartorial life. Items that they previously thought fit well are suddenly thought to be too boxy or slouchy. Then the simplicity of it all is realized…clothes that don’t fit well always look a bit off. The custom tailoring services at Sal Lauretta for Men help customers realize the immense difference perfectly fitting clothes can make in their lives.


Experience a New Kind of Confidence

A man that wears well-tailored clothes automatically comes across more confidently and worldly than one that doesn’t. He dresses in a refined manner, letting his superb taste shine through. It doesn’t matter if he prefers more conservative or more adventurous pieces, what matters is the fit. Investing in high-quality menswear can be a waste if the fit isn’t made precise.

It’s always been a Lauretta family tradition to offer every customer European-style custom tailoring. Customers can expect the same quality with all custom tailoring services done at Sal Lauretta for Men in Bergen County. Whether it is getting newly bought designer fashions tailored to fit like a glove or breathing new life into older pieces with slight adjustments, the basics of it remain the same. Better fitting clothing looks better, is more comfortable and lasts much longer.

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Custom Made Clothing

An Attention to Detail That Is Unmatched

The combined experience of the staff at Sal Lauretta for Men intrinsically gets the importance of silhouette, cut, shape, texture and fabric. Their renowned tailoring talent is evident in every piece they custom fit. Utilizing knowledge of classic fashion with whatever the customer’s individual tastes may be, tailoring services at Sal Lauretta for Men help savvy businessmen and stylish gentlemen experience the truly remarkable feel of perfectly fitted clothing. Alterations are included on all regularly priced Sal Lauretta for Men items and are closely inspected upon completion and hand-pressed before being handed over to the customer.

Clothes tailored by Sal Lauretta for Men make a world of difference in the way a man is perceived personally and professionally. Stand out, stand above the rest and enjoy the time-honored silhouette that comes with custom-tailored clothing done by Sal Lauretta for Men.


“We know the importance of well-fitting clothing. When you feel the difference, you will too.”

~ Ralph Lauretta

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