Upon receiving an invitation to your friend’s wedding, have you been feverishly typing “what to wear to a wedding men” into Google? It’s okay, many people feel pressure when they’re selecting wedding-appropriate clothes.

When deciding what to wear to a wedding, consider the time of year and the type of event. While it’s great to be on-trend, refrain from making wild choices. Unless you’re the bride, the groom or an overly emotional uncle, a wedding isn’t an occasion to draw too much attention to yourself.

Traditional Black Tie Weddings

Black tie weddings take place after sunset and call for tuxedos or dark suits. To be traditional, opt for a tux with a single-breasted jacket.
Not only should your tie be black, but your shoes and your silk or satin cummerbund should be black as well. You could wear a black waistcoat or vest in lieu of a cummerbund. Shiny black shoes will complete the ensemble.

Brioni and Canali tuxedos, epitomes of Italian craftsmanship and luxury, are perfect for such weddings. Keep in mind, too, that slim fits are trendy and flattering.

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Casual and Dressy Casual Weddings

At a casual wedding, you have more leeway in terms of attire. Your best bet may be a crisp sports or dinner jacket, khaki pants and attractive shoes — sleek loafers from Cole Haan or Bruno Magli tie an outfit together perfectly.

Before leaving home, fold a necktie neatly and stick it in your pocket. Then, at the wedding, look around. If most of the male guests are donning jackets and ties, head to the restroom and put on your tie. On the other hand, if the fellas are enjoying themselves sans jackets and neckties, you can take off your jacket, forget about your tie and get in line for a drink.

Gingham shirts are quite au courant at casual weddings these days.

What about those oxymoronic dressy casual weddings? To such an event, you could wear a business suit or perhaps a handsome blazer, tie and khaki combination. A vest or sweater is essential if you are looking to nail that layered look.

Fall and Winter Weddings

Fall fashion reflects the tones of vibrant leaves and the coziness of an oversized blanket. While wearing a Snuggie to a wedding is frowned upon, it is still feasible to achieve a relaxed look by adding hints of fall hues.

Add a little of the season’s brightness to your clothing, no matter how conservative it may be, with warm-toned tie clips, cufflinks and socks. Plus, you can always top off your fall suit with an exquisite, autumnal, custom pocket square from Carrot & Gibbs. If trendy hues are your thing, a boysenberry-colored necktie will add some flavor to your look.

A heavier suit fabric such as wool will keep you comfortable in cooler temperatures. The fall is also a great time of year for check patterned suits and chic topcoats.

A snowy winter’s night can make for a truly romantic wedding setting as long as you’re not uncontrollably shivering. Blanket yourself with a suit made of tweed or thick wool, or even velvet.

In addition to providing you with extra warmth, an overcoat, sweater and pair of gloves will give you that striking textured effect. Lastly, a gray handkerchief or pocket square would be a touch that even Jack Frost would approve of.

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Spring and Summer Weddings

During the spring, the world pulses with color and energy and your wardrobe can suggest the splendor of nature. Except at the most formal of nuptial celebrations, you could wear a pastel pocket square, a bright necktie and a bold pair of socks. Patterned dress shirts are seasonal favorites as well, as long as they’re not too loud. A tasteful checkered shirt from Coppley would be ideal.

Summer weddings are enjoyable as long as you can beat the heat. Sockless feet, short-sleeved shirts and light fabrics that resist moisture should keep the sweat to a minimum. If you’ll be heading to some casual beach weddings soon, you might experiment with sandals, light blue suits and brilliant white jackets.
Brown shoes are now popular for warm-weather weddings, particularly those made of suede. Just don’t let anyone step on your brown suede shoes.

Keep This in Your Back Pocket…

If you are to see one person before a wedding, it should be your tailor. Professionals will always know what to wear to a wedding. He or she will be well-versed in timeless styles and recent trends.

Remember that a suit that fits poorly will seem crummy no matter how expensive or finely crafted it may be, whereas wedding attire that complements your body will make you look like a power player. Of course, you’ll want material that breathes and stretches.

A wedding outfit that fits precisely and feels ultra-comfortable will be just right for dancing up a storm and hugging every great-aunt and college acquaintance in sight.

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