You go to the mailbox and, buried among the countless advertisements for vertical blinds and department store catalogs, you feel a heavy envelope with a few dollars worth of postage on it. We all know what this means – you’ve been invited to a wedding!

While a wedding can be a whole lot of fun for guests, knowing what to wear to a Fall wedding for men can be pretty difficult. That’s because Fall weddings often require extra layers to stay warm. Since most couple tend to schedule their “big day” in the Spring, most men don’t have much experience getting dressed for fall weddings.

Knowing what to wear to a Fall wedding for men can also be difficult for the groomsmen and the groom. Use this guide to help you pick the right ensemble for any upcoming Fall wedding this year.

Read the Invitation Carefully

When you get invited to a wedding, it can be difficult to find what to wear to a fall wedding for men. However, there could be one clue that you’re overlooking, or at least not fully understanding… the invitation!

Take that invitation out one more time and look for a dress code or a symbol. Yes, some couples use symbols like black bowties or even cowboy boots to show how formal or non-formal a wedding event is going to be. If you can’t find any sort of clue, no need to worry.

Consider where the event is going to be held. If it’s a destination wedding at a tropical island, the event will most likely lend itself to more casual attire. If the wedding is being held at a historic hotel in the main ballroom, however, chances are it’s going to be a little more fancy.

Simply put, use the invitation sent to you to glean as many clues as possible about what you should be wearing.

what to wear to a fall wedding men

Attire for Grooms

Getting married can be both exciting and intimidating, but what you shouldn’t be afraid of is your wardrobe. As the groom, you’ve got bigger things to worry about when it comes to your wedding day.

That’s why you should keep your wardrobe relatively simple. Black, charcoal, midnight blue and navy suits are ideal for weddings where a tuxedo isn’t required. If you’re hosting a less formal wedding, you can choose Fall colors like hunter green and brown instead. What you want to avoid is a suit that’s too stylized or too modern.

When it comes to brands, you will want to pick something high quality by a company like Brioni or Hugo Boss. If you choose wisely, you’ll be able to wear the suit that you purchase for your wedding for more than one occasion. While trends can be great, you don’t want to look back at your wedding pictures in the future and think to yourself, “What was I doing?” If you don’t believe us, feel free to ask the guys who got married in the pastel colored suits during the 1980s.what to wear to a fall wedding men

For the Groomsmen

If you’re part of the wedding party, chances are the groom is going to tell you what you should be wearing for the event or at least be giving you suggestions. In some cases, you might even be asked to purchase a particular suit or certain accessories (to pair with a suit you already have) so every guy in the party will look similar.

However, if you weren’t asked to buy anything specific or told what to wear, you might not be confident on what to wear to a Fall wedding for men. The answer, just like with the groom, is to keep it simple, tasteful and classic.

Your attire colors should likely be charcoal, black, midnight blue, grey or navy. With special approval from the groom, you can pick something in the green or plaid family.

As part of the wedding party it’s important that you don’t look underdressed, so be sure to wear some classic accessories such as a solid or striped tie. If you’re not sure exactly what to wear and you can’t get in touch with the busy groom before the wedding, make sure you bring some choices on the big day.

Wool is obviously a good choice for Fall, but if you don’t have a lot of suits, opt for a wool blend that you can wear throughout most of the year. Brands like John Varvatos, Hickey Freeman, Hugo Boss and Brioni are your best bet.

What About Guests?

For guests, knowing what to wear to a Fall wedding for men can sometimes be more difficult than knowing what to wear as part of the wedding party or as the groom. The unfortunately reality is that there aren’t any concrete rules about what you should be wearing.

If you’re going to a formal wedding, you should stick with midnight blue, black or charcoal. Dark plaids can work if you can pull the look off without feeling like a caricature.

Weddings that aren’t quite as formal are ideal places to wear tan, brown, green and even rich red suits that you love, but never get to wear. Just be sure you pair your suit with basics like a crisp white or sky blue shirt. Buy quality brands like Hugo Boss, Jack Victor or Ravazzolo. They’ll last and you’ll get year-round wear from them.

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