wedding tuxedos njMost men don’t own a tuxedo. Unless you go to a lot of black tie benefits and galas, you’ve probably never really had the desire to go out and buy a tuxedo, except maybe for the fact that you look pretty sophisticated in one.

However, if you’re getting married, are getting ready to be a groomsman or are attending a formal wedding, you may need a tuxedo.

If you’ve approached that stage in your life when having one in your closet after the ceremony seems like a good idea, buying wedding tuxedos in NJ is something you should definitely consider.

Many men simply don’t know where to buy wedding tuxedos in NJ, though. After all, you probably can’t go down to your local department store and pick up a fine tuxedo for a wedding, even if you wish you could.

That’s why many men turn to big menswear stores – the kind that run commercials and have a recognizable bearded spokesman. While you can certainly get a tuxedo from those stores, it isn’t always in your best interest to do so. In fact, sometimes buying from a smaller store is a considerably better option.

Keeping reading to learn more about buying wedding tuxedos in NJ from a tailor who knows it all, has seen it all and knows what you really need when you’re shopping.

What’s Wrong with Chain Stores?

There’s nothing wrong with chain stores that sell menswear like tuxedos – at least not in theory. Most have an okay selection, and most will be able to sell you a suit or tuxedo that doesn’t look too bad when it’s on.

When you shop for wedding tuxedos in NJ at a chain store though, it can be really hard to get the personal service that you need to get the look you want.

These chain stores are busy, and while it might seem harsh, many salespeople just want to get you into a suit or tuxedo and out the door so they can move on to the next customer.

Some of the men who work in chain stores probably want to help you get the right look, but it really is a matter of economics. Most are on commission and they need to sell suits and tuxedos. They just don’t have time to talk about the finer points of tuxedos with you.

Try a Small Shop

Some guys are skeptical about going to a smaller, more refined menswear shop. Maybe you’re worried about not knowing enough to visit one of these stores, or maybe you’re worried that you won’t be able to find what you want.

When you visit a smaller menswear shop the truth is that you’ll get more attention than you would at a big store. Your current level of knowledge doesn’t matter.

In fact, guys that don’t know a lot about suits and tuxedos can really benefit from working with knowledgeable people who know the business. Working with a skilled tailor can also change your life and make you look better each and every day.

You’ll also probably find that service is much friendlier than in the big stores, too. Guys that work in quality menswear stores aren’t snobs trying to intimidate you – they just care about fine clothes and want you to look your best.

Isn’t that what you want, too?

wedding tuxedos nj

Fit Always Comes First

When you get a tuxedo off-the-rack at a menswear store, there could be a chance that it’s a pretty good fit – if you happen to have proportions like a mannequin. If you do, well, you’re in luck. However, most guys are going to need some alterations to make their tuxedo fit the right way.

Menswear stores can do these alterations, but for the most part you won’t get the time you need for a perfect fit. You’ll get pretty close, and you might look decent, but that’s pretty much all you’ll get unless you hire your own tailor.

When you go to a smaller menswear store where they really care about sending you home with the perfect tuxedo, you’ll get accurate measurements, even if they take longer.

The final result with be a tuxedo that looks as close to custom-made as possible without actually opting for a custom tuxedo.

When it comes to buying wedding tuxedos in NJ, you really can’t do better than a small menswear shop that employs skilled tailors who care about how you look.

What About Selection?

Most guys think that chain stores with big shops in fancy malls are going to have a huge selection of wedding tuxedoes in NJ. While they may have lots of different suits and tuxedos hanging on the racks, the selection might be a little more limited than you think.

That’s because many of the big chain stores carry a limited number of suit and tuxedo makers. They do this so they can buy in large quantities and pay less for each suit. In the end, that means more profit on every single suit or tuxedo that a customer buys.

Working with the same manufacturers all the time also allows salespeople to know what is available and what is not. For the customer, this can mean a surprising lack of variety and a shortage of styles.

Smaller menswear stores, on the other hand, tend to work with many more manufacturers and designers to give customers plenty of options.

If you want a black tuxedo that makes you look like James Bond, you can get it. In fact, menswear stores like Sal Lauretta for Men actually carry Brioni, a brand that has outfitted more than one James Bond in the past.

wedding tuxedos njCustom Tuxedos

A majority of men looking to buy wedding tuxedos in NJ will be perfectly happy with a high-quality, well-tailored tuxedo, and they don’t need anything custom made.

However, there are definitely guys out there – and maybe you’re one of them – that would like a tuxedo that is truly special and built by hand, just for them.

When you go to one of the big menswear stores in the mall they will not make you a custom tuxedo. It simply isn’t business that they’re equipped to take on, and for them, it really isn’t cost-effective. When you go to a smaller menswear shop with expert tailors on staff, you have the ability to get a tuxedo built from the ground up.

Why would you want a custom tuxedo? Because you can pick every appointment, from choosing the best material in the world to the finest silk lining to colored lining in the pockets. When you buy a custom tuxedo you get to pick every detail, and if you’re not sure what you want, your tailor will be able to guide you.

That sort of control isn’t for every man, but if you want it, you can’t get it at a big menswear store. You need to go to a smaller shop with tailors that know the ins and outs of custom tuxedos.

custom wedding suits

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