wedding suits njWedding suits can be a tricky topic for many guys, especially men who tend to wear blue jeans most of the time and only put on a suit when it is absolutely required of them.

Whether you’re getting married or just attending a wedding, chances are you’re going to have to put on something other than your favorite pair of Levi’s.

Many men shopping for wedding suits in NJ simply don’t know what to look for, though.

All most guys know is that they want a suit that will make them look good, and that they want something that will last. Both of those things are pretty easy to accomplish.

The finer points of buying wedding suits in NJ are more difficult. That’s why we wanted to offer you some advice from a skilled tailor – somebody who deals with men buying wedding suits in NJ every single day of the week.

Use these tips to help you get the perfect wedding suit for you. Remember though, your tailor will be able to help even more, so don’t be afraid to ask for advice. Every guy is different and there’s no one rule every man must follow.

Fit Comes First

If you ask any tailor worth his salt what matters most when it comes to buying wedding suits in NJ, you’ll hear one thing time and time again. The fit is by far the most important factor in how a man looks in his suit.

That means that if you’re going to buy off-the-rack, you need a skilled tailor to help you perfect your look. If you’re purchasing a custom suit, you need a tailor who can understand your sense of style and help you achieve.

For 2015 and 2016, most men are going to want more slim cut suits since that’s the style right now. More conservative men may not want the ultra-slim look, and guys carrying a few extra pounds should probably go with something a bit more classic and fuller.

Look for something with modern appointments and doesn’t stray too far from trends, but also has a timeless and classic look. You’re going to be seeing pictures of your wedding for years to come and you don’t want to look back at your wedding album and see a robin’s egg blue suit the way some guys from the 1970s do.

wedding suits nj


If you’re getting married, are a groomsmen or are attending a formal wedding you’re going to want a black, navy blue or charcoal suit to put on. These are also excellent choices for men buying wedding suits in NJ who don’t have many in their wardrobe because they are so versatile.

Guys that want more unique colors can do particularly well with brighter blue suits this year. However, that means natural or high blues that don’t have lots of other tones in them – not bright blue suits or pastels that look like Easter candy.

Along with high blue suits, rich reds are very popular in 2015 and will likely continue their popularity in 2016. If you don’t think you can pull off a bold, bright red suit, go for something a little more subdued like wine or burgundy.


Solid suits are always the safe choice for a wedding, so if you’re going to one that might be formal but you’re not sure, go with something solid. If you know that the wedding you’re attending won’t be so formal, you’ll have more options when it comes to patterns.

In 2015, plaids are particularly popular, and you’ll find some pretty bold color combinations out there. Charcoal or black and dark green seems to be popping up in a lot of design houses, and even colors like lavender and high blue are being used for plaids this season.

Texture is also an important issue and can be substituted for a pattern in many cases. Heavier wools are popular for winter weddings and linen is timeless for the summer, as long as the wedding isn’t too fancy.

Hound’s-tooth wool patterns are also making a comeback, but these heavy suits are really only wearable in the winter months when it is cold outside.

Basic Ties

Unless you’re going to a very casual wedding where you could probably pull off jeans, you need to be wearing something around your neck. There’s no point in buying high-quality wedding suits in NJ if you’re just going to buy a cheap tie, either.

The most popular ties for 2015 and likely for 2016 too are still pretty slim, though not the extra streamlined versions that we saw a few years ago. For the most part, stylish ties still look like they’re from the mid-1960s.

In terms of patterns, plaids are quite popular, as are micro-dots. You can always go for stripes, but make sure you pick something vertical, not a straight across stripe. Textured wool, leather and linen ties are also really big right now.

Fashionable brands like Brioni, Carrot & Gibbs and John Varvatos should be your reference points this year.

wedding suits nj


Bowties are really hot right now, so we had to include a section here. For the most part, the average guy should skip the bowtie unless he’s really drawn to it. It might be popular, but it’s a hard look to pull off without confidence.

If you decide a bowtie is right for you, you need to judge the wedding you’re attending. Solid-colored bowties, even in red or bright blue, will be appropriate for most non-black tie events.

If the wedding is even less formal than that, go for something printed with a floral pattern, micro-dot or even a two-tone bowtie. Use your bowtie to show off your personal style.

Accessorize Your Suit

There’s more to getting dressed for a wedding than just having a great suit. Accessories really can make a difference as long as you don’t overdo it.

In 2015, lapel flowers are particularly popular and can be worn with almost any suit. The pocket square has made such a strong comeback that it’s basically a ubiquitous item now.

If a lapel flower is too showy for you, you may want to opt for some interesting wrist candy. Go for a brilliant watch in leather and brass, or a classic black and white. Cufflinks, especially gunmetal, are really popular this year as well, and add a touch of class to your wardrobe.

wedding suits nj

Choose Quality Brands

Buying wedding suits in NJ for most men means investing in something they’ll keep around for a while. After all, most guys don’t want a suit for one day that they can’t wear throughout the year. That’s pretty much just a waste of money.

For that reason, you want to look at well-known, high-quality brands when shopping for wedding suits in NJ. Names like Hugo Boss, Brioni, John Varvatos, Canali, Hickey Freeman and Jack Victor should come to mind. When you buy a suit from one of these makers, you’ll have a piece that will last for years and years and make you look great each time you put it on.

Accessories from brands like Carrot & Gibbs, Dolcepunta, Edward Armah, Hook + Albert, Eton and Italo Ferretti are just as important.

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