wedding suits for menWedding suits for men can be a complex subject. After all, the suit that you wear to a wedding hinges on a lot more than your personal taste and what happens to be in your closet. In fact, choosing the right wedding suits for men can be a pretty difficult process for some guys. While the event that you’re going to will dictate what exactly you can wear to a wedding, there’s a lot more to wedding suits for men than just simply choosing that decent black suit that you think will be appropriate all of the time.

It might work at many weddings, but it isn’t your only option for looking like a well-groomed man.

Use this Bergen County tailor’s guide to help you understand more about wedding suits for men. Even if you don’t go to a lot of weddings each year, understanding appropriate attire will help you feel at ease when you do.

Pick Specific Colors

Picking out a suit can mean choosing between a variety of different colors. However, wedding suits for men tend to be just a little bit simpler when it comes to finding the right color, especially if you’re looking for a versatile suit that you will surely be able to wear to more than one event.

Men’s wedding suits generally look the best and will fit in at most weddings, from formal to more casual affairs, in black, charcoal and dark or navy blue. These colors tend to offer an air of sophistication and can blend well at any event, even weddings that are ‘Black Tie Optional’ and some men have tuxedos on.

In a black, charcoal or dark blue men’s wedding suit, you’ll hardly ever feel out of place at a wedding.

Be Careful with Patterns

Patterns can be a great way to spice up your wardrobe and help you stand out above the crowd. However, when choosing men’s wedding suits, patterns have a tendency to look a little bit more casual and may stand out in the wrong way.

There are some exceptions to this rule, including a stripe that isn’t too bold or obvious, and even a checkered pattern that isn’t too noticeable. Still, if you’re trying to fit in at a wedding and make sure you have a suit that will serve you well at a variety of functions, you should stick with a solid color.

You can always use accessories to make yourself stand out a little bit more and add a touch of your own personal style.

wedding suits for men

Buy Quality Brands

Very few people are going to see the brand of suit that you’re wearing, but there are certain brands that enjoy a good reputation when it comes to men’s wedding suits. Brands like Canali, Jack Victor, Robert Graham and Ralph Lauren.

Still more important than the brand of the actual suit that you buy though is considering having a custom suit made for you. When you choose to have a men’s wedding suit custom made to fit your body, you’ll be investing in a piece of exceptional quality that will last you a lifetime if well taken care of.

The tailor who helps you get the perfect suit can also guide you toward high-quality materials that rival even the best off the rack suits or find good-quality materials that fit your budget.

Fit Is King

The absolute most important aspect of buying a men’s wedding suit is how the suit fits. You could spend any amount of money on an off the rack suit and still look like you’re borrowing your dad or little brother’s suit for a wedding if you don’t have the perfect fit.

The simplest way to achieve the optimal fit is to have a suit made specifically for you from a chosen fabric. You’ll also be able to dictate the exact style you want, whether that’s a slim fit suit, a more traditional one or something in-between.

However, you can make an off the rack suit look very good if you start with a high-quality item and take it to an experienced tailor who knows how to fit the material to your body. This is a step far too many men overlook when buying men’s wedding suits.

Without a good tailor by your side you’re never going to be exceptionally well dressed – at least not in a suit.

wedding suits for men

Tie One On

After you’ve chosen a men’s wedding suit, it’s obvious that you’re going to need to pair it with a tie. Unfortunately, this is where it gets tricky for many men since there are so many options for stylish neckwear.

When you’re attending a wedding, the best thing that you can do if you don’t know exactly how formal the event will be is to stick with a solid colored tie. Doing this will help you blend in, even in a room where half of the men are wearing tuxedos.

For weddings that you know will be a little less formal, you can do something a bit more fun with your tie if that fits your personal style. For example, a brightly colored tie can fit well in a summer wedding when men will likely be bringing out a bit more color. A tie with a paisley print or a micro-dot pattern can also work very well for a wedding that you know will not be extremely formal.

While many men who aren’t too familiar with dressing for a wedding wonder if a bow tie is necessary, the answer is generally that it is not. However, that doesn’t mean you simply can’t wear one if that works for you.

It does mean that more formal weddings where you know you should be wearing a solid tie require a similarly understated bow tie. Events that allow for more personal style are the ones where you can wear printed or brightly colored bow ties when paired with an understated suit.

wedding suits for men

Accessories Matter

The accessories you pick out to go with your men’s wedding suit matter more than you think, but that doesn’t mean that you need to make everything you put on stand out. In fact most of the time you want to do the opposite – keep your accessories understated and relatively simple.

Solid colored pocket squares in very neat folds are generally the best bet for adorning a jacket. Unless you’re in the wedding party, you pretty much want to avoid sticking a flower in your jacket all of the time.

Watches can also help to sell a suit, but you need to be very tasteful to keep them from looking too flashy. Pairing that solid gold Rolex with your charcoal suit just because you have it isn’t the way to dress for a wedding. Stick to something that complements wedding suits for men, not stands out boorishly.

wedding suits for men

Men’s wedding suits should be simple, but in most cases, guys have a mild panic attack if they’re not sure what to wear. Stick with quality, understated suits in basic colors and you’ll look great almost all of the time, especially when you pair them with classic accessories.

With that basic advice, you should be able to attend any wedding with confidence.

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