wedding suits for men NJWhen you begin your hunt for weddings suits for men in NJ, you’ll come across a certain type of guy.

He’s the one who’ll scoff at how much some people pay for a suit, exclaiming that he got his for much, much less.

“I bought a whole suit for the amount they spent on that one shirt!” he’ll crow.

The thing is, it’s probably true; they probably did pay next to nothing for their suit. They may have bought it at an all-in-one wedding suit shop.

Nothing is wrong with buying this way; those shops serve a purpose. They’re economical, and they can be a cost-effective option for people on very tight budgets.

When certain people look for wedding suits for men in NJ, they’re looking for something special. You may have an unlimited budget, or you may have a set amount of money to spend. Either way, the goal should be to get the very best suit possible.

You may be wondering exactly how much a suit will cost you. The ultimate cost of a suit will depend on several factors.

The Fabrics

The best-quality fabrics cost more, period. Most people know that how a piece of clothing looks and feels depends on the quality of the fabric that was used to make it. Quality fabrics look good, feel good and wear well. If you have a sweater made of fine merino, and you take really good care of it, it can last you for many, many years.

The high price you pay for that sweater will then be justified. A polyester-knit sweater may look good when you buy it, but it wont last nearly as long. The low cost of that sweater then makes sense.

The same rationale applies to suits. Suits that are made with high-quality fabrics will cost the most and last a lifetime, while lower-quality suits will cost less and will function as one-off or “for now” suits. Only you know which is best for you.

Fabrics used for the most expensive suits include the following:

  • Super 150-200 worsted sheep wools (“worsted” simply means the wool fibers are combed before they’re spun)
  • Vicuna wool
  • Guanashina (an exclusive, extremely expensive blend of baby cashmere)
  • Guanaco
  • Kid pashmina
  • Merino wool.

Fabrics used in mid-range suits include the following:

  • Worsted wools in the 100-150 range
  • Silk/cotton blends, cotton-linen blends, etc.

Fabrics in the least expensive suit range include those made out of fabrics like polyester. These will be the least expensive suits, but they’ll also be the least durable and most cheap looking. If cost is truly an issue, at least choose a fabric that’s a blend of fabrics like polyester and another more durable fabric.

Tailor Tip: The type of pockets the suit has also indicates cost. The chest pockets on less expensive suits are usually simple, square boxes, while the pockets on suits mid-range and up are usually crown pockets.

wedding suits for men NJ

The Details

When buying your wedding suits for men in NJ, keep in mind that your suit’s details will determine how how much your suit will cost.

  • Hand stitching makes for a better looking suit, which in turn makes it a more expensive suit. It also takes longer than machine stitching, which of course makes it more expensive.
  • Functioning buttonholes on suit sleeves are usually a sign of expensive suits, while non-working buttonholes are simply decorative elements on less expensive suits.
  • Suit linings give a clue to its cost. Most expensive suits are lined with a material called cupro (Bemberg is the most popular type of cupro). Even though cupro is actually a high-quality (man-made) rayon, it’s a better lining material than silk because it’s much more versatile, wicking moisture away from the skin and allowing the suit’s fabric to breathe.
  • Buttons are a great signifier of quality. The least expensive suits have plastic buttons, while more expensive suits have buttons made out of materials as varied as matte horn buttons and corozo nut buttons.
  • Workmanship will also dictate the price. Custom-made suits by top tailors will cost more than machine-made, off-the-rack suits.

wedding suits for men NJ

The Occassion

When thinking about wedding suits for men in NJ, you may be wondering about dress codes. When it comes to wedding suits for men in NJ, which suit goes with which wedding??

Summer Wedding on a Beach

If you’re looking for wedding suits for men in NJ and the big day is taking place on a beach, you’ll want to make sure that you pick something that says, “Yes! I’m aware that it’s 90 degrees and insanely humid on this gorgeous beach, but I still look picture perfect.”

  • Comfort and good taste are not incongruous concepts. You can still look good while choosing clothes that feel good against your skin. This is critical for beach weddings where a sunny, balmy day can suddenly turn insanely hot and unbearably humid.
  • If you’d like to go super casual, a linen suit with a linen shirt is a really popular option. The fabric flows and moves lightly against your skin.
  • Wear light colors. Not only do they scream “summer”, but they also help reflect heat instead of absorbing it, allowing you to stay cool.

wedding suits for men NJ

Black-Tie Wedding at a Historic Estate

When it comes to looking for wedding suits for men in NJ, you’ll sometimes need to go ultra high end. If you’re having a black-tie wedding on a historic estate (think Great Gatsby), you will either be going the tuxedo route or the extremely well-tailored dark suit direction.

Pull out all the stops. Far from being boring, a black-tie wedding can be really exciting. It’s a chance for everyone to get really dressed up and party.

  • Work with a tailor to create the tuxedo that makes you look camera ready.
  • If the wedding is taking place in the evening, a sleek, black classic tuxedo with a blinding white tuxedo shirt and a bow tie is probably the way to go.
  • If the event takes place during the day, you can go full English and choose a deep grey morning coat with a cutaway that’s paired with grey pants with pinstripes or black pants without pinstripes.

Garden Wedding in the Spring

Some people looking for weddings suits for men in NJ have nuptials that will take place in a bucolic garden setting.

  • Lightness is key when it comes to fabric for a garden wedding. If you want a loose, extremely casual look, go with linen. If you’re looking for a fabric that is a bit more structured and tailored, go with cotton or cotton/linen blends.
  • Choose light colors like greys, tans or blues. If you’re feeling daring, certain pastel colors like extremely light blues and even the palest pinks can look amazing. If it’s too much in a suit, use those colors in your shirts or ties.

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