A lot of men have a difficult time buying clothes for themselves for a variety of reasons. Many men simply don’t have time to spend in stores, while others just aren’t up on what’s fashionable, even if that’s how they want to appear to the people around them. Even more men simply don’t know where to go to find fashionable clothes that may not be available in the department stores stores they are familiar with.

That’s why so many services like Trunk Club and Five Four Club have sprung up, seemingly overnight. These services, which cater exclusively to men, help you find clothes that are hip and fashionable while still right for your lifestyle. While Trunk Club and Five Four Club are two very prevalent services of this nature, there are also others out there that could be worth your time.

However, if you’re like a lot of men, even deciding on Trunk Club vs. Five Four Club, not to mention some of the alternatives, can be pretty difficult. Below, you’ll find a quick guide that can help you choose Trunk Club vs. Five Four Club while taking a well-known alternative into account without having to try them all on your own.

How the Services Work

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Before you can decide on Trunk Club vs. Five Four Club, it’s important to get an understanding of how these companies work.

Both Trunk Club and Five Four Club are clothing curation services for men. After you sign up for service with either one, you’ll complete a relatively simple style questionnaire designed to help the company get a better understanding of your clothing needs. From there a stylist will put together a box of clothing and accessories designed to fit your needs and personal style.

Pricing: Trunk Club vs. Five Four Club

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Trunk Club sends you clothing to try on based on your personal profile and what’s in-style. You then keep and pay for the clothing that you like, or simply return the pieces that weren’t your favorite. Five Four Club, on the other hand, sends you a package each month of different pieces of clothing that fit with your preferred style (which you indicate in the questionnaire). Unlike Trunk Club, you keep all the clothes they send you.

There is a big difference in the way Trunk Club and Five Four Club charge for these services.

Trunk Club is not a monthly subscription service, meaning that you only get a package from them when you request one. You could request packages on a weekly basis or you could only use Trunk Club every six months – it’s up to you.

There is no recurring fee for Trunk Club, and the styling service is completely free. When you choose to get packages from Trunk Club you only pay for what you keep. They even include a prepaid return label for the items you ship back. Your credit card will be charged automatically for anything that is not returned.

Five Four Club is a monthly subscription service that will send you a package once per month around the same date. For this service, you will pay a $60 per month flat fee that covers the curation of the clothing inside the box.

How Much Do the Clothes Cost?

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Just like in any sort of retail store, the clothes that you will get sent to you by Trunk Club and Five Four Club will vary in price. You don’t have to keep anything sent to you by Trunk Club or Five Four Club, though you should understand how much the average item costs before you receive a package. Otherwise you may end up wasting your time and money without getting clothes you really want.

The pieces of clothing you will receive from Trunk Club cost about the same as what you would pay if you were to shop from a high-end retailer. Trunk Club has recently teamed up with Nordstrom department store, so that alone should give you some idea what the items will typically cost.

According to their website, denim items like blue jeans typically cost between $170 and $250, casual shirts normally range between $100 and $200 and sweaters cost between $100 and $300. Trunk Club brands include John Varvatos, Rag & Bone, AG and Salvatore Ferragamo.

Five Four Club pricing also varies from item to item, but since you pay in advance, the only difference will be how many items you receive in a package. Like Trunk Club, many of the items in the Five Four Club line are priced about the same as they would be in a high-end department store.

According to the Five Four Club website, all items sent for your $60 per month subscription fee would retail for $120 or more. Five Four Club manufactures all of its own items, so it is not brand-specific.

Alternatives to the Trunk Club vs. Five Four Club Debate

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Choosing between Trunk Club vs. Five Four Club is an option, but there are other companies out there doing similar things. For some men, one in particular is worth taking a look at as well.

Frank & Oak

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Slightly different than the other two services, Frank & Oak allows users to pick three items and have them shipped to their door for try-on at any time. This service, called The Hunt Club, is free to sign up for and shipping is free both ways. You only pay for what you keep. If you choose to skip an order or don’t keep anything, you are charged $45, which can be used for future purchases.

Frank & Oak clothes tend to be more affordable than Trunk Club and in the same price bracket as Five Four Club.

When it comes to choosing Trunk Club vs. Five Four Club or one of the alternatives like Frank & Oak, you may need to take a look at the website to get an idea of the clothing items that each offers. After all, it is a personal process, even if you don’t pick every piece of clothing that comes your way. No matter which service you go with, chances are you’ll find something useful for your wardrobe with every package sent to your door.

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  • this is a brilliant idea, I never thought it would come to this, but time to go through shops or online store and make up your mind about what you want to wear is just not an option, my schedule is full to the max, and this sounds like a great idea, will give it a try, wish at some point they can include brand names into their collections.

  • nicoNASTY says:

    This article is incorrect. Five Four club is not a “pay for what you keep” service. You get a package with 2-4 items and you there are NO refunds, only exchanges for size. Also, the quality in Five Four is NOT “high-end”… it’s decent at most.

  • Sam Reddy says:

    I signed up for the first promo month and got the discount, and then paid $60 for month two. After that, I returned the shirt and denim as they didn’t fit right. The sizing for this Company is horrible. They even sent the wrong size. The customer service was slow and provided inaccurate information. It took 4 weeks to get refunded.

    My first order of a sweater and dress shirt was ok. The quality was below that of H&M and Uniqlo. If it wasn’t for the $30 off, I would have been disappointed. I can’t justify paying $60+ for subpar clothing, especially when Aeropostale,Abercrombie and GAP are heavily discounting their clothes. For example, I got a linen work shirt from GAP for $28 ($65 retail). Five Four is trying to be synonymous with urban cool but it fails in my book. Just no originality and really bland styles. I would only try if you get the $30 promo and then cancel.

  • MG says:

    Good article. I’ve used Trunk Club, Svbscription and Frank & Oak. I think the best web experience and ease of use goes to F&O, but I thought that the Svbscription shoppers were the most knowledgable.

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