Top 10 Fashion Blogs in NJ & NY

Are you looking for reliable fashion advice? As a New Jersey or New York resident, it’s helpful to find local resources to draw from. Check out these top fashion blogs from writers based right here on the east coast for tips and tricks on achieving the high-fashion look you’re going for. Women can get great inspiration and men can discover unique designer menswear that is in style.

House of Jeffers

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Jennifer Jeffery is the author of this personal style and fashion blog. Her goal is to “bring the UK to NJ” with blog entries that celebrate the bold, often quirky styles currently held in high regard across the pond. Jen recognizes that she doesn’t always follow what the crowd is doing and encourages her readers to embrace their individuality and bend the rules of the fashion world. She sometimes features guest bloggers to contribute fashion knowledge from their neck of the woods. This is the blog for you if you have an original style all your own, but you’re not sure how to implement it.

Candace Kristin

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Candace is a fashion guru with years of experience as Fashion Director of Publishing at Child magazine before its discontinuation in 2007. She was also involved with fashion shows while working at Allure magazine. Based in Bergen County, NJ, Candace covers fashion events in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. She helps men and women understand which outdated style rules to break, how to live on the fashion edge without falling off and which new trends are worth trying out. If you’re tired of always trying to live by the rules, many of which contradict each other, you’ll like Candace’s approach to building a wardrobe that’s all your own. She is without a doubt one of the top fashion blogs. Fashion Blog

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Adam Robb, Lisa Irizarry and Jennifer Rocha are all contributing writers on’s fashion blog. Each has the background necessary to make their fashion-related comments worth listening to. Men and women alike can learn about the latest trends in various categories and how to capture the top fashions without paying top dollar. Whether you’re unsure of what to wear to a particular event or you’re looking for the next head-turning item to add to your wardrobe, take a look at for one of the top fashion blogs.

Classroom Couture

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Margo is a full-time teacher’s aide in northern NJ, but she makes time to blog about her personal style both inside and outside the classroom. The blog, which was founded in January 2012, has become Margo’s creative outlet, a place where she expresses and explores her true passion for all things fashion. She invites readers to join her on her journey and glean inspiring tips about how to copy her unique look, from using certain color combinations to accentuating the qualities of a certain outfit with the right accessories. Classroom Couture proves that it’s possible for teachers to have creative talent outside the classroom.

The Fashion Beauty Junkie

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Suma K is a New York City blogger that posts updates at least once a week. She’s always addressing the latest fashions that work well for the coming season. Suma is well aware of today’s hottest trends, but she also places a heavy emphasis on comfort. After all, what’s the point of wearing something if you can’t be comfortable? This blogger also focuses on cosmetics, nails, lotion and other topics that venture away from clothing a bit. The Fashion Beauty Junkie is a great resource for looking your best in regards to clothing and beyond.

Third Looks

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Rocky Li understands that some clothing demands more than a first or even a second look. The Third Looks blog is dedicated to introducing you to these fashions, most of which are geared specifically toward men. The blog’s focus includes personal style profiles, behind-the-scenes perspectives and the latest apparel worth coveting from today’s top designers. Posts on Third Looks date back to August 2011, and the blog has been dedicated to introducing “visual stimuli that’s worth further inspection” ever since. Enjoy one of NYC’s top fashion blogs.

Style Girlfriend

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Megan Collins is a fashion blogger based in Brooklyn. She takes an intriguing approach to fashion, focusing not on women’s clothing, but on men’s fashion. With her unique focus on the other side of the coin, she’s a rare breed, one with opinions worth exploring if you’re a man who values “advice from a friendly female perspective.” And just why should you value her opinions? Her insights have garnered the attention of publications such as GQ, Esquire, Huffington Post, Lucky, Men’s Health and Metro, all of which she has guest written for on a regular basis. Listen to what the Style Girlfriend has to say; you won’t regret it.

Scout Sixteen

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Justin Livingston, author of Scout Sixteen, wants to be your friend. He covers a wide array of topics in his NY-based lifestyle blog, including men’s and women’s fashion, home design and travel. This well-dressed man encourages readers to use his blog as a guidebook for exploring a life built around style. In this “guidebook,” Justin teaches readers everything from pulling off the tricky double denim to finding fashionable workout clothes.

What I Wore

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Jessica Quirk’s interest in high fashion dates back to grade school. Her passion for always dressing her best led to a career in fashion design and ultimately the creation of her personal style blog, What I Wore. She’s internationally known for running one of the top fashion blogs, with over one million monthly page views. Her “look good, feel good” mentality is flawlessly incorporated into every item of clothing and accessory she features. You can search for Jessica’s tips by topic, including pregnancy style, work outfits, casual clothes and party ensembles. She has also organized galleries into years and seasons to make finding the next addition to your wardrobe easier than ever.

Advanced Style

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Ari Seth Cohen takes the concept of a fashion blog to a whole different level with his one-of-a-kind approach. Most New York City fashion blogs feature young men and women in carefully crafted outfits they planned on photographing that day. However, Advanced Style is all about showcasing creative styles of the more mature generation, that have seen styles come and go and come around yet again. Ari “roams the streets of New York” in search of older men and women with a style all their own. When he strikes gold, he gets permission to document the lady or gentleman and feature them on his site, one of the area’s top fashion blogs. Check out how today’s trends are interpreted by the people who wore them the very first time they were fashionable.

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