Once a year or so, it makes sense to go through your jeans. Open your closets and drawers, and pull out all those dungarees. Toss those that have holes, are fraying or seem to be out of style. It can be sad to throw away your favorites, but it’s part of the circle of denim.

The exciting part of cleaning out your jeans is that you can buy stylish replacements. By doing so, you’ll really upgrade your casual outfits.

The top men’s jean brands in 2018 include the five described below. For premium pants, it’s hard to beat these jean-making sensations.

1. 34 Heritage

Clothing designer and entrepreneur Ardie Ulukaya has been a leader in the fashion industry for years. However, Ardie outdid himself when he established 34 Heritage in 2011. This company has created such innovations as cashmere denim, which is as luxurious as it sounds. This unique fabric drapes like cashmere includes Lycra and comes in dark blue and light blue.

Other pairs of 34 Heritage jeans are made of a cotton blend that’s remarkably flexible. The brand is also known for its alluring designs and for selling products for all kinds of bodies.

2. AG Jeans

The actor Corey Stoll, whom you might know from such TV shows as “House of Cards” on Netflix and “The Strain” on FX, once told New York Magazine that his favorite pants come from AG Jeans. He reported that they “fit perfectly” and have a “little bit of stretch.” More poetically, Corey said they “feel like home.” Well, those compliments basically sum up what so many AG fans feel about the brand’s jeans.

Designer Yul Ku launched AG in 2000. These days, Yul’s son Samuel is the creative director of the company.

AG’s style experts make use of eco-friendly materials, and they aim to create not just outstanding pairs of jeans but entire collections of clothing that delight fashion-forward individuals. AG also supports a nonprofit foundation called Charity: Water, which provides clean drinking water to populations that may otherwise go without it.

3. Alberto

Alberto enjoys a proud legacy that dates back to 1922. Today, George Walendy runs the company that his grandfather established in the German city of Monchengladbach. That small local company has become one of the world’s top men’s jean brands, with loyal customers on several continents. In particular, Alberto is wildly popular in Europe.

Alberto jeans are long-lasting, and they look great in a wide variety of settings. Each pair boasts handcrafted details, and you can be sure that all of your Alberto jeans have undergone a rigorous inspection process.

4. 7 For All Mankind

Men’s Health Magazine recently named The Straight in Influx from 7 For All Mankind as one of the best pairs of athletic-fit jeans currently available. The publication also noted that these pants are so comfortable guys might want to wear them every day. Of course, you could pretty much say the same thing about every type of jeans that this company makes.

Based in Los Angeles, 7 For All Mankind debuted in 2000, and it’s been expanding in size and influence ever since. Its fans include celebrities like Ryan Reynolds and Ashton Kutcher, and its pants flawlessly blend practicality, wearability and sleek, cosmopolitan designs.

5. Joe’s Jeans

NFL star Julian Edelman has a reputation as a sharp dresser. It’s no surprise, then, that this New England Patriots wide receiver is a spokesman for Joe’s Jeans. Julian and a great many others appreciate the elasticity of this company’s denim as well as the slimming quality of its clothes. In fact, Julian has been so impressed by the brand that he helped it develop a special package, one that includes a hooded sweatshirt, a shirt and a pair of tapered, athletic-fit jeans.

The inventive fashion designer Joe Dahan introduced Joe’s Jeans in 2001, and he remains the company’s creative director. From the start, Joe’s mission was to infuse his products with the spirit of rock and roll, which is why his pants feel so youthful and dynamic. They have a slightly rebellious quality to them, but they’re also utterly charming. On top of that, Joe’s Jeans, which is headquartered in Los Angeles, strives to supply all of its customers with pants that fit them to a T.

If you look at all of the top men’s jean brands mentioned here, a common theme is the way they try to produce pants for just about everyone. They’re supposed to be articles of clothing that people of all ages and sizes can enjoy. The best jeans manufacturers want to include everyone in their design efforts. Obviously, the way a pair of jeans looks is important. Even so, the way they feel after you’ve had them on for hours is what counts most of all.

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