If you’ve been searching for a fashion role model lately, you might want to look at a certain suave and charming British superstar.

Tom Hiddleston is a London native, alumnus of the University of Cambridge and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and a movie actor of growing renown. He’s best known for playing Loki, Thor’s less than upstanding brother, in a series of Marvel superhero films.

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In recent years, Tom’s style has made almost as strong an impression as his roles. On red carpets, Tom Hiddleston’s suits can practically bring the proceedings to a standstill as people clamor to take in its effortless class. Internet users the world over search for photos of Tom’s outfits and many draw inspiration from them.

What lessons might Tom teach you about being a style superhero? How can you suit up like Hiddleston at your next formal event?

Great Moments in Hiddleston Attire

If you were to choose a few of Tom Hiddleston’s numerous fashion highlights, you might instantly recognize a New York Times panel discussion about his TV show “The Night Manager,” which took place in Manhattan in April 2016. The Tom Hiddleston suit that debuted that night featured three different patterns: dots, stripes and plaid. It was the style equivalent of a triple axel.

Earlier that month, at the premiere for “The Night Manager” in Los Angeles, Tom wore a notable tweed suit with a gray checked pattern shirt. Overall, the outfit was slim, elegant and modern.

In March 2016, Tom went to the premiere of the movie “I Saw the Light,” in which he portrays the country singer Hank Williams. At this event, which was held in New York, Tom wore a three-piece suit from Ralph Lauren. The palette was arresting. The pants, vest and waistcoat were charcoal, the leather shoes were brown and the shirt was light blue.

Take a moment to soak in this bespoke Tom Hiddleston suit from the 2017 Milan Fashion Week. What’s your favorite part? Maybe it’s the pinstripe pattern, the crisp white shirt, the shiny black oxfords, the classy vest or that unmissable bright red necktie. This appearance was certainly a compelling advertisement for Gucci.

At the 2017 premiere of the movie “Kong: Skull Island,” Tom had on a tailored Gucci suit with a notch lapel. The light blue shirt and multi-hued pocket square added personality and a sense of fun to what otherwise would have been a relatively staid navy ensemble.

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How to Make Your Suits Hiddleston-Worthy

Tom Hiddleston may be a fashion icon, but any man can dress like him if he has the right approach. Style is as style does.

Perhaps the most important of all, Tom is known to work with some of the planet’s best tailors. They shape suits that serve every curve and cater to every contour. Tom also collaborates with world-class stylists like Ilaria Urbinati.

Tom isn’t afraid to experiment with suit colors, including various shades of blue, gray and even red. He’s been known to try out various patterns, including windowpane and pinstripes. He can be brash with his fabrics as well, which this suit made of velvet definitely attests to.

Tom’s open-mindedness extends to the details he chooses for his suits. He’s donned a double-breasted vest and at least one pocket square that didn’t quite match the rest of his getup. He’s even worn a suit without a tie. With an unbuttoned dress shirt, he seems truly carefree.

At the same time, you wouldn’t ever describe a Tom Hiddleston suit as wild, off-putting or garish. His suits often seem somewhat conservative. You might even mistake him for a top CEO if you saw him in the distance because those suits are highly structured and classic in their cuts. Tom favors the old-fashioned peak lapel; on at least one occasion when he went tieless, he put on a waistcoat to add some formality to the ensemble.
It’s that conventional foundation that allows Tom to get away with more creative colors and details and it also helps those inventive touches to really stand out.

You can replicate Tom’s fashion sense by doing two things. First, seek the counsel and services of outstanding tailors in your area. Second, choose traditional, timeless suits and liven them up with colors, materials and details that are bold yet tasteful. It can be a tricky balance, but it’s an intriguing goal to achieve.

Tom’s approach to fashion is a lot like his approach to playing the villainous Loki character. He’s serious about the work that goes into it and there are any number of dramatic flourishes involved. A new Tom Hiddleston suit and a big-screen appearance by Loki are eagerly awaited by fans across the globe.

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