If you get a wedding invitation in the mail in the winter or at the beginning of spring, chances are you’re thinking that the wedding is going to take place at least a few months down the road. Summer weddings are becoming more and more popular and many people aren’t planning weddings quite as far in advance as they used to.

So what are you supposed to do if you’ve never been to a summer wedding before? Well, the gift buying and airfare is all the same, but choosing summer wedding attire for men is a little bit different.

Use this guide to help you pick the right wardrobe for a summer wedding.

Black Tie, White Tie

Weddings that are held in the summer months tend to have a more casual dress code. That’s because even the bride and groom, as worried about their big day as they might be, probably realize that it could be 100 degrees outside.

Unfortunately, if you’re going to a wedding that says black tie or white tie on the invite, you aren’t going to be able to wear that breezy linen suit you’ve had your eye on. You’re going to have to wear a traditional tuxedo or waistcoat and all else that is synonymous with white tie weddings.

Can you wear a colorful tuxedo or something a little more comfortable than black to a black tie wedding in the summer? We wish you could, but unless you want to look really out of place, it’s not a particularly wise idea.

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Formal Locations

Most summer weddings won’t require men to wear a tuxedo. However, that doesn’t mean that you should wear something from your Hawaiian shirt collection and simply pair it with chinos or blue jeans.

Formal weddings, like those held in exclusive banquet halls at resorts or other upscale locations, still require formal suits. You don’t have to wear a tuxedo, but choosing a black, navy, midnight blue or charcoal suit is definitely your best choice.

What you can do to make your suit a little more summer appropriate is to pick something that isn’t made of heavyweight wool. Instead, choose tropical wool that will breathe in the summer heat or go with a wool blend.

Darker linen suits are hard to find and they’re often difficult to wear to formal weddings. If you want to walk the line between formal and casual, you can’t go wrong with a blue linen suit as you can always spruce it up with a classic white shirt and dark tie.

Beach Weddings

Beach weddings have always been popular in the spring and summer, but these days it seems like everybody is having one. Whether you live near the beach and the wedding is at home or you’re traveling to an exotic destination, knowing what to wear to a beach wedding can be tough. After all, you don’t want to be too dressed up, but you don’t want to show up in jeans either.

Summer wedding attire for men, especially if the wedding is on the beach, is basically begging for a linen suit. Cream colored, taupe or tan linen is your best bet and you’ll probably find that you’ll get the most use out of these colors in the future.

If you need something a little more formal, colored linen can work well. Suits that are made with cotton blends are also ideal for summer weddings.

Casual Weddings

More and more people are having casual weddings these days. While you might relish the thought of wearing your gym shorts to a couple’s big day, that’s really not a smart option, even when it comes to casual summer wedding attire.

What does make sense is a pair of comfortable slacks and a summer blazer made of linen or a cotton blend. When choosing slacks, pick something in a light color like taupe or tan. If you need a darker color for your wardrobe, pick a saturated blue instead of black.

When you’re going to a casual wedding, you should keep your other pieces simple as well. Pick a white shirt or something in high blue. Avoid dark colors – they will look a little silly when you’re sitting around in the 95-degree heat.summer wedding attire for men

What About Colors?

Summer wedding attire for men doesn’t have to be completely plain. Your options aren’t just the usual basics such as black, charcoal, navy or even cream linen, taupe and khaki. A lot of men are wearing unique colors to today’s summer weddings.

To wear a unique color to a wedding, you’ll need to make sure it isn’t a formal event. Once you’re sure of that, you can pick between stylish colors like pure red, soft earthy green and high blue, all of which are very popular in 2016.

If you do choose to wear a bold color to a wedding, make sure you pair it with simple accessories. Even if you’re prone to wearing bow ties to show off your personal sense of style, keep them understated.

A white shirt under a red suit can make you look like a stylish, well-dressed man who knows what’s going on in the world of fashion. A black shirt with a gold tie can make you look like a cartoon character or a poorly-dressed villain from a James Bond movie that never saw the light of day.

As weddings have expanded from formal affairs into more unique events, so has the range of clothing considered appropriate for the events. From linens to tropical wools, and even bold colors, the traditional penguin suit is no longer your only option when trying to pick out summer wedding attire for men.

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