John Campion


John Campion has shown the world his knack for electricity. CEO of APR Energy, John has excelled in the world of business. John has been a Sal Lauretta customer for the past three years, coming to us on multiple occasions. We were pleased to dress him the night he received the 2016 Ellis Island Medal of Honor Award. Check out the look!


John is wearing a custom made Brioni dinner jacket. This navy blue silk material adds an elegant touch perfect for the occasion.


John is wearing a traditional white Canali dress shirt. White shirts are versatile and go well with many suit combos.


John is wearing black Zanella pants. These pants pair well with the black lapels on the suit jacket. Zanella is known for offering their customers quality trousers made 100% in Italy.


This black Dion bow tie pairs well with both the dark pants and the black lapels on the jacket. A bow tie adds an extra level of sophistication, perfect for an elegant event.