Bilal Powell

New York Jets Running Back

Bilal Powell is known for his elusiveness on the field and being a valuable asset to his team at crucial moments. However, his hard work on the gridiron isn’t the only thing we recognize here at Sal Lauretta. Bilal is also a huge supporter of our annual Behind the Seams Event! In 2016, we were pleased to dress him for the 142nd Kentucky Derby. Our team worked to dress him head to toe with a custom made sport jacket, shirt and pants. Check out the details!


Bilal is seen here wearing a custom made Balfour Sport Jacket. This lavender checkered jacket worked great for the common decked out Kentucky Derby look!


The shirt Bilal is seen wearing here is custom made by Sal Lauretta for Men. This lavender colored shirt worked perfectly with the jacket.


Bilal is wearing Balfour custom made pants. Its light color works well with the more vibrant top half of his outfit.


This Edward Armah bow tie pulls the entire look together. It adds a sophisticated touch, perfect for the occasion.