Your man may think he can get by sticking to the basics, but it’s important for him to add new, trendy pieces to his wardrobe every now and then to update his look. With these 10 simple fashion upgrades, your guy will finally be able to ditch his old style and look more like one of these best dressed men. Ladies, share these tips and tricks with your significant other to spruce up his wardrobe.

1. Take Advantage of a Tailor

A suit that isn’t properly fitted can make a sleek look appear shabby. A suit that fits loosely in the legs or in the arms can make your man appear messy and unprofessional. By having a tailor make any necessary alterations, he’ll be able to look the part of the businessman because his suit will fit like a glove. A tailor will take his measurements and design a custom fit to make sure your man is putting his best foot forward.

2. Don’t Stick to One Belt

Whether he’s headed to the office or to the mall, it’s easy for your man to throw on his favorite, trusty belt to keep his pants secure around his waist. Make sure your boyfriend or husband isn’t wearing the same belt all the time because the right belt will make a statement in any outfit. If he is guilty of re-wearing, make sure your man knows that his favorite belt will be worn down in no time. Plus, wearing the same thing all the time will make him appear bland and predictable. Instead, advise your man to put his belts on rotation by switching to a different one every few days or even every week. You should consider helping out by picking up a few eye-catching belts to switch up his typical look.

3. Opt for Quality Fabrics

There’s no denying that it’s convenient to collect a wardrobe of t-shirts, denim or other casual wear at a discounted price. It’s important to consider that although it’s saving money, your boyfriend or husband’s clothes could rip or become worn out after a few wears or washes. When your man chooses clothing made from quality fabrics, he’s not only opting for a simple fashion upgrade but he’s also investing in clothes that will end up lasting much longer. Brands like AG Jeans, 7 For All Mankind and Canali offer premium clothing options made from high-quality fabrics, produced from strong, natural fibers. They are designed to be fashionable and durable, so you’ll have no trouble incorporating them into your man’s closet for years to come.

4. Add Shine to Your Wardrobe

Want to instantly upgrade your man’s wardrobe? Add something shiny to his closet. Trendy pieces like shiny shoes make it easy to update any outfit, think of a diamond in the rough. This simple fashion upgrade can be as simple as opting for shoes with shiny metal hardware or a new pair of patent leather cap-toed oxfords, Chelsea boots or loafers. If your boyfriend or husband starts purchasing shoes from high-quality brands like Cole Haan or Donald Pliner, he’ll not only have more options to choose from, but his shoe of choice will be both sophisticated and dependable.

5. Add a Splash of Color

Incorporating color into your wardrobe adds instant interest and will allow your man to let his inner creativity loose. This tip is one of the best simple fashion upgrades he can put into action. The next time you’re shopping for his birthday or an upcoming holiday, take the chance for him and look beyond the basic white or black button-down shirts. Show him how to step out of his comfort zone and opt for seasonal colors. In the summertime, help him experiment with color by adding warm-colored shirts in orange or pink. Keep your eyes peeled for muted colors in the spring, like a pastel blue oxford shirt.

6. Find the Right Tie

Tie his whole new look together. (See what we did there?) It’s key to find the right tie for your man’s suit if you want to help him take his look to a whole new level. Choose a tie that reflects your man’s personal style and works to accentuate his body shape. Remember, a tie should always fall at the beltline. Skinnier ties are a great option if he’s looking to elongate his body. Broader ties, on the other hand, are wardrobe staples that go with any suit. These two options will have him looking professional in and out of the office. Ties are a great way for him to show off his personality. Be sure to pick different patterns, but don’t forget that solids are key to balancing out every tie drawer.

7. Consider Cufflinks

Cufflinks are an important, yet sometimes neglected piece of the suit ensemble. These little accessories add a touch of style to spice up your man’s typical, solid-colored button-down shirts. You can update your boyfriend or husband’s wardrobe by picking out unique cufflinks that make a statement but are still small enough that they won’t overpower his suit or tuxedo at a formal event.

8. Try a New Trend

There’s no need for your man to stick to tried-and-true outfits, dare we say his safe options. Giving your man the confidence to try a new trend can upgrade his look while also giving him the courage to find new styles he might love. Even though this is true, you don’t want the trendy piece to steal the show. Make sure he picks options that can easily be thrown into one of the outfits he already has, whether during a day in the office or a more casual date night. The trend can be as simple as going for a shirt in one of the season’s hot colors or trying a new pair of jeans with a unique cut.

9. Don’t Forget Dark-Rinse Denim

Even though this may seem like a give in, dark-rinse denim jeans are a staple in any wardrobe, especially for the days your man decides to put together a casual look. Dark-rinse jeans go with almost any color shirt and can be dressed up with a blazer. Consider high-quality denim brands, such as AG Jeans or Hugo Boss, for a unique, long-lasting pair.

10. Pocket Squares

Unique pocket squares, like cufflinks, are small accessories that when styled the right way add that “wow factor” to a look. They give the impression that the wearer has their fair share of fashion IQ. Pocket squares instantly upgrade a bland outfit thanks to the variety of patterns and colors available. They can spice up your man’s suit with a pop of color or detail without overwhelming the look.

Upgrading His Style with Sal Lauretta

Upgrading your man’s style is easy to do when you follow these tips. By sharing this guide and collecting a few of these simple fashion upgrade tips, your man will be looking dapper and refreshed in no time.

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