Suits are still among the most popular dress choices for men. This holds true for professionals who work on Wall Street, attorneys who spend their time in the courtroom and even men who work in corporate offices around the world. With so many suit brands out there, how is the average guy who just wants to look his best supposed to know what to buy?

While there are certainly many excellent brands with long, storied histories out there, you would be hard-pressed to find a suit maker better than Ravazzolo. From classic Italian cut suits in colors designed for everyday wear, to unique styles that you won’t find anywhere else, Ravazzolo suits have you covered.

Keep reading to learn more about Ravazzolo suits and why you should add at least one to your wardrobe.

The History of Ravazzolo Suits

Like many suit companies of Italian descent, Ravazzolo suits began as the business of the Ravazzolo family back in the homeland of men’s suits and high fashion. While Ravazzolo wasn’t a name you would see stitched into the inside of a jacket until the 1950s, legend has it that the family had been involved in the garment business for generations.

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Ravazzolo has been around for over 60 years now, and they’re one of the most recognized brands in the world when it comes to refined tailoring and uncompromising style. Just like the founding family members would have wanted, Ravazzolo doesn’t compromise, cut corners or make suits for the mass market just to reap the rewards of their recognized name.

This unique methodology and spirit that the Ravazzolo family worked so hard to create continues today and seems like it will thrive into the next decade.

Ravazzolo Quality

One of the founding principles of Ravazzolo has always been to make suits of uncompromising quality. That tradition is still important today, and that’s why Ravazzolo has a fervent following for their garments.

Guided by skilled technicians, the company relies on those with years of experience building suits from scratch to make sure their pieces are always exquisitely crafted. While other suit makers can tend to focus on their bottom line or catering to the whims of the general public, Ravazzolo sticks with what they know, and they do it well.

What Ravazzolo knows is quality, and buyers are willing pay a little more for it as opposed to what they might find off the rack in a department store. Loyal followers seem to think the quality is well worth the price.


Uniquely Italian Style

Italy has long been at the forefront when it comes to making fine Italian suits, so it shouldn’t surprise you that Ravazzolo is still helping to set trends in men’s fashion today. From classic Italian suits with wider lapels and a body that offers just a little bit more freedom to today’s modern slim fit styles, Ravazzolo makes suits that both men in their 20s and their 60s can enjoy and wear. And of course, a tailor can help make your Ravazzolo match your exact body type to ensure you look your best.

While the company can be a bit hard to pin down in terms of style – they make high quality basics like navy blue, as well as more unique plaids and bold patterns. Every Ravazzolo suit is stylish, you just need to find the perfect suit that fit your needs.

Whether you need something to become part of your weekly rotation or you’re looking for a statement piece you can pull out of the closet when you’re going out on the town, Ravazzolo can offer it to you and then some.

Presenting the 2017 Fall/Winter Collection

Ravazzolo’s 2017 Spring/Summer product line was a tough act to follow, especially considering the innovative, wrinkle-free sports jacket that it introduced to the marketplace. Nevertheless, its 2017 Fall/Winter collection absolutely upholds its standards while premiering more breakthroughs and gotta-have merchandise.

These days, many people love wearing sportswear around the house and on errands. Some folks are even starting to view dressy clothing as a bit stuffy. For this reason, Ravazzolo wants to make sure its customers never feel that way about its suits. To that end, they made this collection super comfortable, much like athletic apparel. It’s easy to move around in this attire and to wear it for long stretches of time.

This season, Ravazzolo is offering a couple of stunning dark blue suits made of 100-percent wool. One has a drop of two inches and the other has a drop of four inches. They’re both single-breasted.

Other Ravazzolo suits this season are equally sleek and slim. Some of them have understated patterns wherein the colors complement each other perfectly. All of the features on these clothes have been meticulously crafted by hand.

Standouts among this group — products that truly exemplify the qualities described above — are the lightweight jackets. They’ll stay close to your body when you wear them. As a result, you’ll be able to show off an imposing silhouette. At the same time, they breathe and they won’t restrict your movements at all.

Another highlight in this collection is the snug blue overcoat, which is ideal for those chilly autumn days. With a suit jacket, vest or turtleneck shirt underneath, you can achieve a sophisticated layering effect.

Aou’ll likely be impressed when you try on the pants that Ravazzolo is debuting this fall. They lack pleats and have tight, dapper cuffs. Plus, they look equally appealing in city and country settings.

Twice a year, fashion fans the world over eagerly anticipate Ravazzolo’s latest creations. The brand’s 2017 Fall/Winter collection, designed with love and precision, has once again made the wait well worth it.

Worth Every Penny

Ravazzolo suits are known for their incredibly high quality and stylish appeal, so it shouldn’t surprise you that they don’t cost the same amount of money as the bargain suits you can buy at the department store. Suits made by the company aren’t quite as expensive as some other ultra high-end suit makers’, but regardless, you’ll get what you pay for.

Most Ravazzolo suits start around the $3,500 price range. Remember that some suit makers can easily charge $5,000 plus per suit – realize that getting one of the finest suits in the world for less than $4,000 is actually a pretty good deal, relatively speaking.

The men who buy Ravazzolo suits seem to think they’re worth every penny, and many followers fill their wardrobes with the brand. Don’t think about a Ravazzolo suit as something you have to spend money on – think of it as an investment in your wardrobe.

After all, if you take care of your Ravazzolo suits, you could have them most of your life. They’re built to last and their classic styling will stand the test of time for any man. That’s what makes Ravazzolo suits so hard to beat, even in a crowded marketplace with hundreds of suit makers fighting for your hard-earned dollar.

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