New Jersey custom tailorHaving custom clothes made isn’t something that most guys ever choose to do. After all, the average man is pretty happy buying his clothes from the department or menswear store and maybe, if they don’t fit well enough, having them tailored by a professional.

However, if you have discerning taste and want a truly spectacular wardrobe that will make you look better than the average guy, you know that you may need to have clothes made specifically for your body.

They’ll fit you better and they’ll have your own signature sense of style, which is something off the rack clothes from a department store just can’t offer you.

Getting custom clothing made for you isn’t always quite as simple as buying off the rack though. If you want truly wonderful clothes that are perfectly styled for you, you need to find the New Jersey custom tailor that you can partner with to help you create the perfect piece or entire wardrobe.

Use this guide to help you find that New Jersey custom tailor so you can start having your ideal wardrobe prepared as soon as possible. No more shopping at the department store for you!

Take Note of the Atmosphere

Finding the New Jersey custom tailor that you want to help you work on your individual pieces and wardrobe isn’t just about the clothing that you’re going end up with. In fact, a variety of different tailors may be able to help you get a decent wardrobe that makes you look pretty good.

When you’re doing your research, make sure you visit the shop where you’ll have your fittings and where your clothes will actually be made. Think about what you’re looking for when you’re having custom clothing made for you.

  • Is the staff friendly and courteous?
  • Is the shop a place where you can be comfortable and relax?
  • Is the decor clean and modern?

The answer to those questions should be yes. Otherwise you won’t enjoy the experience of buying high-end custom clothing as much as you should.

New Jersey custom tailor

What Brands Are Carried?

Brands aren’t always important when you’re having custom clothes made for you. In many cases, you won’t be buying clothes that are really branded at all since they’re going to be exclusive pieces that no one else will have.

However, checking to see what brands the tailor you might be working with carries is an essential part of understanding their style and the shop’s overall mentality toward fashion. You can’t find the New Jersey custom tailor that’s right for you without understanding something about the brands they carry in the shop.

There may also be some cases when a pre-made piece really is exactly what you want – with some alterations. If the shop doesn’t carry anything that you like, you’ll be out of luck when it comes to quick pre-made pieces that fit you like a glove.

Ideally, you want to find a New Jersey custom tailor that works with a variety of different brands, from the fashion conscious high-end brands that you see on the runways, to the more classically-styled brands that are perfect for a corporate work environment.

Examine Fabric Choices

When you’re trying to find a New Jersey custom tailor you need to take their selection of fabrics and materials into account. Custom clothing is all about choices and getting the exact piece you want, so you need to make sure there are a variety of fabrics and materials for every individual item that you might want to order.

Take the time to ask about different samples and examine where these samples are kept. It’s very likely the custom tailor you’re working with will have so many different samples that it might actually be difficult to look at all of them. In the custom world, that’s actually a good thing.

Remember, when you’re having custom clothing made for you, you get the choice about everything from the main material of a suit or jacket to the inside of a pair of pants or the lining on a coat. That’s the real benefit of having custom clothes made for you – other than the fact that you’ll get a perfect fit each and every time you place an order.

Sweat the Small Stuff

Custom clothing gives you the chance to finally have the exact piece you want – one you can’t get at a department or menswear store. However, before you can get exactly what you want in an article of clothing, you need to make sure the tailor that you work with has everything you want when it comes down to the small details.

For most men, that means everything from shirt and jacket buttons, to enclosures, zippers and even different types of lining for jackets. When you’re having custom clothing made, you don’t want to have your choices limited by a tailor who doesn’t have exceptional offerings.

Take the time to look over their selection of small items. Most of the time you’ll find that there are more choices than you can look at, but if not, you may want to move on to another tailor.

Having the choice and ability to find what you need and want is an integral part of the custom clothing process.

New Jersey custom tailor

Get to Know Your Tailor

One of the most important steps to finding a New Jersey custom tailor that you can work with on a regular basis is simply getting to know your tailor and their personal sense of style. Unfortunately it’s one of the steps that many men simply forget about when trying to find the right New Jersey custom tailor for their wardrobe.

While the tailor you choose to work with doesn’t have to wear everything you wear or dress exactly the way you do, you should have a good understanding of where they are coming from in terms of fashion. That means understanding what brands they like, if they follow the different trends in the fashion world and if they understand a classical sense of style that’s right for pretty much every guy in the world.

Take the time to sit down and get to know your tailor a little bit. Talk about your sense of style and just make sure you mesh well. You should know if you’ve found the right New Jersey custom tailor for you after just a few minutes of conversation.

New Jersey custom tailor

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