Fall weather is perfect for wearing men’s flannel shirts, and when you’re wearing them in New Jersey, there’s a certain way to bring the look alive. The great news is you can achieve a sleek yet casual look that’s appropriate for NJ weather and that looks fashion forward when you pair your flannel shirt with a few simple pieces and apply some effective styling tips.

Here are six ways to pull off men’s flannel shirts this fall season in New Jersey.

Try A Fall-Season Color

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One of the best ways to wear men’s flannel shirts NJ-style is in the season’s trending colors. This fall you have tons of bold options to choose from, including tomato red, taxi cab yellows and construction worker reflective oranges. You can even opt for muted hues and color combinations, such as a deep brown and light yellow, for a retro look. If you want a more subtle look, try a cooler color scheme, such as grays and even flannel shirts with a white background.

If you buy your flannel off the rack, remember to have your tailor fit it to your body shape. Your tailor can adjust the shoulders of your flannel shirt to enhance the overall look. Opt for casual shirts made from premium brands, such as Circle of Gentlemen, Bugatchi and Emanuel Berg.

Pair Them With Slim-Fitting Jeans

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Slim skinny jeans are back for the fall, and a flannel goes perfectly with a great pair of denim. You can wear it for a date night or just for hanging out with your friends after a long day at work. When styling this look, it’s always best to go with jeans that are made with high-quality cotton and that use sturdy stitching and techniques for long-lasting wear. Consider premium brands that look great with a flannel shirt, such as Joe’s Jeans and AG Jeans, to experience comfort and style.

Just button your flannel shirt all the way to the top to achieve that off-duty look. Also, consider getting your denim fit to match your shape and silhouette with the help of your tailor.

Play With Patterns


Not all flannel shirts are created the same. That’s because your flannel shirt comes in different patterns. You can definitely change your look by playing with the size and design of the pattern. If you want to add bulk to your chest area, consider flannel shirts in large plaids. You can also play with the look of your silhouette to slim down your look by opting for plaids or checks that are thin lines. Even the positioning of the plaid on your shirt can add character. Consider flannel shirts with pockets that display checks diagonally across your chest for a more interesting look.

Layer with a Trench Coat

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Whether you go for broad-shouldered trench coats or patent leather looks, you can pull it off with trendy men’s flannel shirts. NJ weather gets cooler the further you get into the fall. So, a long trench coat can provide the extra warmth you need even into the weeks leading up to winter. One of the best ways to pull off the trench coat with a flannel shirt is to opt for a solid color. Remember that flannel shirts have patterns that can be bold. Your shirt will be the star of your ensemble, so opt for outerwear that complements it instead of overtaking the look you’re going for. Go for a solid color base to enhance your complete look. Your trench can also fall at the mid-way point of your knees for a classic look.

Complete the Look With an Accessory

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There are tons of options to complete your men’s flannel shirt look that works well in NJ weather when you use the perfect accessory. For a more laid-back but casual look, consider a round, wide brim hat. A flat cap also provides a contemporary but casual look for days you’re off duty. You can even pair your flannel shirt with a necktie or pocket square in a fall weather appropriate fabric, such as a cotton herringbone fabric, to add texture to your look. Just remember to opt for solid-colored accessories or ones that have details or patterns that don’t distract from your flannel shirt. You can get a ton of great accessories from premium brands, such as Psycho Bunny, Eton and Canali.

Pair It With a Leather Boot

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Leather is perfect to wear in NJ autumn weather, and a leather boot is a great way to add the perfect finishing touch to a flannel shirt. You can go for the classic Chelsea boot in a matte leather for a day look or jazz it up with for the evening with a shinier option, such as patent leather. You can opt for a ton of great options for pulling off a flannel shirt with well-made leather boots from premium brands, such as Donald Pliner and Cole Haan.

Men’s Fall Flannel Shirts with Sal Lauretta

When the fall weather rolls in, there’s nothing like wearing warm men’s flannel shirts. NJ-approved shirts for fall weather are easily paired with the right pieces to complement your flannel shirt, and you can pull it off by applying these tips. Just ensure you make use of your tailor to achieve the best fit and to enhance your look, and you’ll be ready for the cooler weather while looking fashion-forward.

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