Nowadays, your social media attention may be focused on giants like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. Meanwhile, it’s possible that you somewhat neglect Tumblr. If so, one of your New Year’s resolutions could be to show this fun microblogging site a little more love.

Tumblr is especially useful for keeping track of emerging style trends. Given its mix of compelling text descriptions and vibrant photos, even a quick Tumblr browsing session may whet your shopping appetite. In particular, these blogs are fine for fueling flights of fashion fancy.

1. Broke and Bespoke

The name of this men’s fashion Tumblr sounds like an oxymoron, but the style suggestions on Broke and Bespoke are hard to resist. The photos and descriptions let you follow blogger Jason Chang on what he calls his “thrifting adventures.” By doing so, you’ll learn how to find outstanding deals on elegant clothes. Broke and Bespoke’s specialty is upscale clothing that provides maximum comfort.

2. One Dapper Street

One Dapper Street is the online address to remember when you want to see debonair fashions. Its founder is Marcel Floruss, a widely admired German model and photographer who now lives in New York. The One Dapper Street website and Tumblr page are places where Marcel can share pictures of clothes, travel spots and other joys of life.

Following this blog makes for a spirited journey, and looking at it first thing in the morning might energize you for the start of your day.

3. Stay Classic

If you’re a fan of old-fashioned clothing that still resonates today, or if you’re just starting to learn about the chic fashions of yesterday, Stay Classic is the Tumblr site for you. Its creator is Tim Melideo, a San Diego-based photographer and one-time punk rocker.

Over the years, Tim’s style preferences have evolved, to put it mildly, but he remains enthusiastic about clothing that’s affordable, full of personality and as comfortable as could be.

4. Style Illustrated

Andrew Mashanov is an illustrator who resides in the town of Roshal, Russia. His fascinating Tumblr account presents his crisp, colorful and playful drawings of people sporting fancy attire. These pieces of art are so detailed that they may give you ideas for new pocket square colors, shirt and eyewear combinations, jacket patches, sweater patterns or something else entirely.

5. Articles of Style

Articles of Style is an online company that creates clothing according to shoppers’ measurements. It ships those clothes to its customers, and people can send them back for alterations. The Articles of Style Tumblr page, meanwhile, provides an abundance of magnificent photos.

Some of those images show complete outfits; others focus on specific items or accessories. Either way, this picture collection could, just by itself, strengthen a man’s fashion game. There are also links to useful articles here, pieces with titles like “New Fall Essentials” or “3 Jeans to Upgrade Your Wardrobe.”

6. Permanent Style

The award-winning Permanent Style website, which British author Simon Crompton launched in 2007, is a sartorial juggernaut. It gets about 480,000 page views per month, and approximately half of them come from the United States. The site focuses on custom-made men’s apparel, and it supplies information about tailors from across the globe.

Permanent Style’s Tumblr page is a festival of shoes and sweaters, knitwear and trench coats, and all kinds of other wearables. Better yet, when you see something you like — which is likely to happen quite often — you can click on the link below it for more photos and descriptions.

7. Men of Habit

Men of Habit showcases clothes by themselves, clothes on mannequins and sometimes clothes on dudes. True to its name, this page is habit-forming.

This men’s fashion Tumblr blog introduces visitors to looks and brands they may not have seen before. And, at times, it offers tips for making the most of certain items. For instance, it recently endorsed a denim shirt from a company called Proper Cloth. In the process, it described how to wear and wash this type of shirt.

8. Menswear Dog

If you love clothes and you love canines, you should go crazy for the “most stylish dog in the world.” The premise is simple. Since 2013, Menswear Dog has been displaying photos of a Shiba Inu named Bodhi in snug sweaters, winter jackets, sunglasses and all kinds of other apparel.

The cuteness factor here is off the charts. Pictures of a dog in human clothes might help you see that clothing in a new light. It sounds strange, but Bodhi’s fur really brings out the beauty in the colors and designs.

After you’ve given these men’s fashion Tumblr blogs a glance, you might explore this social site further and discover other pages that appeal to you. Once you’ve found some favorites, you can return to them again and again. When you come home from a long day at work or when you’re facing a dull, rainy afternoon, swiping through vivid Tumblr styles can put you in mind of windswept beach parties and soirees where you dance the night away.

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