men's fashion gift ideasPicking out Christmas gifts can be a pretty difficult chore, especially if you’re buying for a stylish guy who seems to have everything. After all, the pack of crew socks that his aunt sends him each year isn’t a good gift, so you need to do a little better if you want to really make him happy at Christmas time.

While choosing what you should get for a fashion-forward guy might sound particularly complicated, especially if you don’t follow the world of men’s fashion, it doesn’t have to be the most complicated thing that you’ll do all year. In fact, buying a gift for a man with good taste who follows trends and dresses with a sense of style can actually be a lot easier.

Still, you’ll need to do a little bit of research and reading when it comes to finding men’s fashion gift ideas for someone who dresses well. Use this basic guide of the top 30 men’s fashion gift ideas for Christmas 2014 and you’ll really impress him.

1. Cashmere Sweater

A good-quality cashmere sweater never goes out of style. A nice one is also expensive enough that most guys may only have one or two hanging in their closet. Opt for a V-neck cashmere sweater when buying – they’re more stylish and easier to pair with a jacket, shirt and tie.

Cashmere sweaters can be purchased from any menswear or department store for about $50 and up.

2. Cuff Links

A nice set of cuff links is one of those men’s fashion gift ideas that will never go out of style. After all, a guy who wears French cuffs can put them on each day. If you’re buying for a guy that doesn’t have too many already, choose plain silver, gold or onyx.

Buy cuff links from a menswear store, department store or online starting around $25 for a basic style.

3. Tie Clip

A tie clip is one of the best men’s fashion gift ideas for 2014 because it’s practical, but chances are the average guy doesn’t even have a single one. If you really want to splurge, go for a set that includes both silver and gold tie clips so he can wear one whenever he wears a tie.

You can get basic tie clips online or through a department store for about $25 and up.

4. Merino Sweater

Not quite as fancy as cashmere, but a lot easier to pair with a pair of jeans, a Merino wool sweater in a crew or V-neck is perfect for those fall and winter days that aren’t too chilly. Opt for basic navy or charcoal.

Merino sweaters vary in price and are widely available, but expect to pay about $50 for a quality one.

5. Wool Socks

Wool socks might sound boring, but they don’t have to be. Choose wool socks in fun colors like black and pink stripe or neon green and navy. You can wear them with anything, including a suit if the guy you’re buying for is a little adventurous.

Choose high-end retailers like Paul Smith for quality, stylish wool socks and expect to pay about $20 per pair.

6. Reversible Leather Belt

A reversible leather belt that has both a brown and a black side is a stylish man’s best friend when it comes to keeping it simple. Buy him this and he’ll think of you each time he wears it – which will be pretty much every single day.

A good reversible leather belt can be purchased almost anywhere decent menswear is sold. Prices vary.

7.  Custom Suit

Unless you’re a tailor, you can’t get the guy in your life a custom suit. However, you can take the guy in your life to a tailor who can help him get fitted for a custom suit that will be perfect for his wardrobe.

It’s an expensive gift, but it’s one that he’ll never forget.

8. Dark Zip-Up Jacket

A dark zip-up jacket can be part of pretty much any man’s wardrobe, so think black or navy blue for maximum versatility. Choose one with a warm lining and a weather resistant shell.

Department stores are often your best bet for things like zip-up basics. They can cost anywhere between $75 and $200, depending on the brand, quality and style.

9. Cologne

Cologne may not be thought of as one of the most original men’s fashion gift ideas, but a well-dressed man always needs to smell good too. If you know his scent, go ahead and buy that for him. If you don’t, consider getting him something classic by a well-known maker like Yves Saint Laurent or Armani.

You can buy cologne at any department store or fragrance shop and prices vary from inexpensive to more than $100 per ounce. Most are somewhere in-between.

10. Classic Tote Bag

Most guys don’t carry a bag – but that’s only because getting a stylish one for a man is next to impossible. That’s where unique bags like the Filson tote, available at for $90, can really shine as one of the best men’s fashion gift ideas for 2014.

11. Laptop Bag

Does the man in your life travel a lot with a laptop and tablet? If so, why not get him a bag that’s as stylish as his wardrobe?

If you really want to splurge, try Hermes. If not, Michael Kors and J. Crew both have great bags for under $125 that any guy would love.

12. Watches

Watches can be pricey, but you don’t have to get your guy a Rolex. Fashion watches from companies like Fossil and Skagen Denmark can sell for under $200 at department or proprietary stores and function well for years and years. Have it engraved for a personal touch.

13. Designer Ties

Most guys aren’t going to splurge on a designer tie unless money is no object. However, a designer tie isn’t that expensive as a gift, and offerings from start at around $80. Other popular menswear stores, like Brooks Brothers, are also an ideal place to start your shopping.

14. Sunglasses

A good pair of sunglasses can’t be beat, but most guys don’t splurge on a designer pair. As a gift, why not get him a classic and stylish pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers or aviators? He’ll wear them often throughout the year. Try to find a store near you or buy direct and expect to pay a bit over $125 for a good pair.

15. Scarves

Another fashion accessory most guys don’t have or splurge on is a good scarf. That’s why it’s one of the best men’s fashion gift ideas for 2014. If the guy you’re buying for doesn’t have a lot of scarves, go for black, gray or brown. He’ll get the most out of those colors.

Scarves are available anywhere, but department stores usually have good deals around fall.

16. Gloves

A good pair of gloves is something any guy could use, unless he lives somewhere that doesn’t experience the bitter cold of winter. Choose quality leather or cashmere with leather pads from a menswear store for around $100.

17. Decent Sneakers

Unless the man you are buying for is all about street fashion, chances are he only has his gym shoes. That’s why a pair of shoes like the Superga sneakers from can help complete his casual wardrobe in style for just $69.95.

18. Quilted Vest

The quilted vest is a winter staple, but it’s not one that every single guy has. It’s also a stylish piece of clothing that’s never gone out of style, at least on casual days when the temperature drops below 60.

Look for a good quilted vest from well-known companies like J. Crew for around $100.

19. Fine Umbrellas

An umbrella keeps a man dry, but it also finishes off his wardrobe. Instead of having the man in your life use that one he bought at the drug store last year, try getting him a classic in plaid or a solid color, like black or navy, from Barbour for just $45.

20. Perfect White Shirts

A good white shirt is a necessity for any well-dressed man, but this year it’s all about the slim fit. Choose between J. Crew’s $88 classic or opt for a variety of shirts from Brooks Brothers starting around $75.

He’ll wear them often and look his best each time, making one or two perfect white shirts one of the best men’s fashion gift ideas of 2014.

21. Trench Coat

The classic trench coat is one of the best men’s fashion gifts for 2014 and pretty much every year before and after. Whether you choose tan that reminds us of Bogart or more modern black, a decent trench coat is something every guy should have.

Go to the department store and buy one for under $300, or splurge at Brooks Brothers for the authentic Bogie-coat for around $599.

22.  Leather Slippers

The kind of slippers you don’t leave the house in aren’t what we’re talking about here. If you want a great gift, choose leather slippers with a real sole, perfect for the end of the season when the weather starts to warm up.

Opt for brown or black and buy them at any department store for about $75.

23. Pea Coat

The pea coat is a men’s fashion staple, so it’s no doubt one of the best men’s fashion gift ideas of 2014. Keep it classic in navy blue or black, but modernize the cut by buying one just a touch longer.

Department stores like Macy’s have great prices on pea coats around the Christmas season.

24. Flannel Shirt

Flannel is still hot in 2014, so no wonder it makes this list of the best men’s fashion gift ideas for 2014. You can get flannel in everything from crisp white and blue to buffalo check, so just buy what you think your man will like.

Flannel shirts are available in pretty much every store under the sun from $25 to $250.

25. Smythson Pocket-Sized Notebooks

Yes, it’s a pocket-sized notebook, but it’s a fashion accessory too. Smythson notebooks are among the finest in the world, and pulling one out of a jacket pocket pretty much says you’re one of the most stylish men on the planet.

Pocket-sized Smythson notebooks sell through Net-A-Porter for $75.

26. Wallet

A new wallet makes a great gift, especially if you splurge on something nice. Try the Mark Cross leather wallet or card holder, available from for $275.

It comes in all sorts of unique colors, too.

27. Fjallraven Fur Hat

A unique fashion-forward take on the furry hat, the Fjallraven Fur Hat is going to be one of the best men’s fashion gift ideas in 2014 for a lot of magazines. Get ahead of the curve and get one for your man through Amazon for $90.

28. Chunky Cardigan

Call it an old man sweater if you will, but the heavy or chunky cardigan is making a real comeback. Get one for a guy in your life and he’ll be dressing up those old jeans that he loves to wear around the house in no time.

For the real fashion-forward guy, try the Folk textured knit Merino cardigan from for $335. Otherwise, a department store or trendy store like Zara is your best bet.

29. Cords

Corduroy pants are perfect for fall and winter, and luckily they’re pretty fashionable in 2014. Pick up a pair in a fall color like burnt orange or a leafy brown from J. Crew or Levi’s for around $75.

Just make sure you know his size before you hit the stores.

30. Bowtie

Bowties are so hot in 2014 that it shouldn’t surprise you to see the humble bowtie included in a list of the best men’s fashion gift ideas for 2014. If the guy in your life isn’t already sporting one once in a while, here’s your chance to help him move forward in a fashionable way.

For something really unique and trendy, try the Four Point Bon Bowtie in plaid from for $165. Otherwise, pick up a bowtie from a department store or menswear store in a basic color.

men's fashion gift ideas

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