When the weather starts changing and cools down into the fall, it’s only right that you dress accordingly. (The fashion-forward way of course.) This is especially the case if you plan on attending a wedding in New Jersey. Everyone knows wedding season is the time to put together the trendy pieces that have been collecting in your wardrobe. Finding men’s fall suits NJ-style for weddings isn’t too hard if you have some style inspiration in mind. Here are three men’s suits you need in your closet for wedding season this fall.

The Gray Flannel Suit

A gray flannel suit is an ideal option if you’re building a wardrobe of eye-catching suits. At the same time, it’s a versatile staple thanks to its neutral color scheme. Gray is appropriate for both daytime and evening weddings, and for this reason, it’s a useful color to have in your closet. For weddings later in the season, you can opt for a dark gray blazer style suit made with warm flannel. With this look, you’ll stay warm amidst the cool fall temperatures. What’s better than staying warm and looking stylish at the same time? That’s a win-win!

For weddings that call for a cocktail attire, consider dressing your look up with a necktie. For outdoor wedding ceremonies, you can keep it casual by leaving the tie at home. The gray flannel suit is a man’s best friend for its adaptability; it can be played up or down to match any look you’re hoping to achieve. You can add an extra layer of warmth by including a vest over top or by putting a turtleneck underneath. These options will keep you warm while helping you look sophisticated during any fall wedding.

Dark gray or charcoal suits can also be dressed up with cufflinks, a tie bar or a watch to compliment your overall color scheme. Make sure to pair your gray suit with a button-down shirt or a vest that works with complements the overall hue for the look. For instance, if you pick an electric blue button-down, you may want a light gray suit to make a statement. The final step should be ensuring that the suit is fitted properly, especially in the shoulder region. A well put together outfit is nothing without the proper fit.

The Single-Breasted Suit

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The single-breasted suit is a signature wedding ensemble that transcends time. This classic style suit can be worn in several seasons thanks to its simple, straight silhouette. It’s a common formal wear look so you’ll have no trouble finding a handful to try on when you’re shopping for an upcoming fall wedding. You can choose between jacket styles that have one, two or three buttons. These suits look great with oxford shirts, pocket squares and ties. To make sure you pick a suit with the best fit, let your body type be your guide. You’ll know you’ve found the right single-breasted suit when it fits like a glove.

There are tons of options for single-breasted suits that you can sport at a fall wedding. Choose fitted jacket from brands such as Ted Baker or merge a classic cut with contemporary textiles from a brand like Jack Victor. You can even style your suit the way Canali styled its men’s fall runway show, mixing textures and using elongated proportions. If you want to try out these looks on your own, pair your suit with a long overcoat. This will not only extend your figure but it will also keep you warm for weddings later in the season when you have to travel from the ceremony to the reception hall. Wool is a preferred textile wedding that guests tend to choose. It’s a great option for men’s fall suits NJ wedding style since you’ll have just the right amount of texture and warmth.

The Tuxedo

Every professional man needs a tuxedo in his wardrobe. It’s an investment piece and an undeniable staple. If you’re frequenting fancy restaurants for date night, the tuxedo makes for a great dinner suit, too. Although this is true, the days of sticking to the traditional black color scheme are over. You can opt for a navy or midnight blue tuxedo from designers like Ted Baker and Castangia. By doing this, you are taking a trusted formal wear piece and making it your own. If you want to keep this classic wedding wear option more formal, consider dressing it up with patent leather shoes for a sleeker look.

If you find it difficult to decide whether or not you should wear a tuxedo, consider the suggested wedding attire and what time of day the event ends. While tuxedos may be optional for wedding invitations that note “formal attire” as the wedding dress code, tuxedos are a must for Black Tie affairs. They are also a given for late afternoon-evening weddings where the reception is typically held in the evening.

If you’re looking for the right touch to accentuate your men’s fall suits NJ wedding style, pick up its designated accessory, the bow tie. For this style of men’s fall suits, NJ tailors should be on speed dial. The fit of your tuxedo can make or break your look. If you choose to get a tuxedo off the rack, you’ll have to keep in mind that it’s less likely to fit your body since it was designed for standard measurements. A tailor can make alterations to your tuxedo so that it fits your body and is flattering for your shape, whether you’re sitting down in a church pew or showing off your dance moves at the reception.

It’s All About Making a Statement with the Right Fall Fit

Having a suit you feel confident in is an important part of making it to a wedding on time and on trend. Make sure your suit is customized to fit your body and to show off your personal sense of style. It’s important to give off the right impression with a suit that proves you have some serious fashion IQ. With these looks, you’re sure to find your fair share of men’s fall suits NJ style by incorporating the changing weather and upcoming trends.

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