The effortlessly cool Mark Ronson is a major figure in today’s music and style scenes. You may know him as a featured performer in hit songs such as “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars and “Valerie” by the late Amy Winehouse.

Mark’s fashion sense is every bit as strong as his musical abilities. In essence, he takes elegant, time-honored clothing and adds creative modern touches. The Mark Ronson style is all about finding the happy medium between the dull and the shocking, the predictable and the garish. Well, okay, his clothes are a little garish now and then.

The Chic Life Mark Ronson Leads

Over the years, Mark’s red carpet flair has been second to none, partly because he takes fashion seriously. He scours trends old and new, and he derives satisfaction from this research. He doesn’t just let a stylist tell him what to do.

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Mark has a special method for coming up with new outfits. First, he looks at the popular fashions of a period that appeals to him. He might delve into what hip-hop stars of the 1990s or soul singers of the 1960s liked to wear. Soon enough, inspiration strikes him.

When it’s time to assemble an ensemble, Mark doesn’t sweat the details. He’ll grab the clothes and accessories that speak to him and head off to an exciting entertainment event.

Like the crooners of old, Mark revels in dressing up and he adores tailored suits, the single-breasted and double-breasted varieties alike. He’s worn all kinds of suits to public events. They’ve ranged from traditional tweed to suits that glimmer all over like a mermaid’s fin.

While he’s been photographed in practically every known color, Mark seems to favor blues and grays. For an occasion that’s slightly less than formal, he might put on a vivid, multi-hued dinner jacket. Whatever he’s sporting for the evening, you can be sure it’s made of deluxe fabrics such as premium blends of wool and silk.

Mark has a soft spot for high-quality casual apparel, too. His favorites include, in no particular order, white sneakers, white pants, patterned shirts, Cuban shirts, chinos and black jeans.

Can’t Sing Like Mark Ronson? You Can Still Dress Like Him

Maybe you’re not planning on bleaching your hair to resemble a 1980s punk rocker. Perhaps psychedelic shirts aren’t your thing. You can still get plenty of ideas if you examine some Mark Ronson style choices.

For one thing, try not to limit yourself to what’s currently popular. After all, Mark believes that music and fashion can both be improved by incorporating influences from the past. With that in mind, look on the Internet or in family photo albums for classic pieces that would still look attractive today.

A sharp old-school article of clothing, one that Mark himself has worn, is a 1950s-style Brioni polo shirt. Another fine example would be a vintage denim jacket from Joe’s Jeans.

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Let’s now turn your attention to suits. You should own at least several of them and you shouldn’t shy away from wearing them. It’s especially important to dress up when you’re in a position of authority. Mark recalls one time working in a studio with a British rock band. When he wore a suit and tie, those musicians paid close attention to him. When he didn’t, they barely took his directions. The old saying is that clothes make the person, but they really make the boss.

Try to go for bespoke. When you can, spring for a suit that will be created just for you, crafted according to your most detailed measurements. You’ll look your absolute best in it. Hickey Freeman and Jack Victor are two brands that offer exceptional bespoke products. Mark gets his bespoke suits from the most exclusive of Japanese fashion houses.

Above all, the Mark Ronson style requires a certain state of mind. It embraces the past and imagines the future. It’s adventuresome and it calls for experimentation. Naturally, this approach occasionally leads Mark a little too far astray. He says that one of his regrets is wearing this particular suit.

If you enjoy trying on new types of clothing, if you know which periods of fashion history you want to evoke and if you have clothes that were constructed specifically for your body, you’re bound to hit many sartorial home runs over time.

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