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jack victor suits

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Every man out there knows that when it comes to style, the suit is still the king of the closet. Whether you put a suit on every morning for work or you just have a few in your rotation for formal events and those special nights out, a well-made suit is something every single man should have.

However, when a lot of men start shopping for suits they just don’t know what to look for, especially if they don’t have a lot of experience. That’s where picking a great suit brand with a trusted name like Jack Victor suits can really come in handy.

One brand with a legacy and tradition of building fine suits is Jack Victor. Jack Victor suits are known to pretty much every in-the-know guy who has tried on more than one suit, and their name is synonymous with quality at a price that won’t force you to sell your car or miss a rent payment.

Keep reading to learn more about Jack Victor suits and why you should add one to your wardrobe whether you’re buying your first suit or your 10th.

The History of Jack Victor Suits

Jack Victor is a name that a lot of people in the fashion industry are aware of, but they’re also a brand that consumers have come to know and love for over 100 years. Started in 1913 by Jack Victor and eventually taken over by his son Herschel, the company has a long and storied tradition of making high-quality suits with a fervent and loyal following.

Founded in Montreal, Canada, Jack Victor suits continue to be a mainstay of the area since all of their suits are still made in the city. However, Jack Victor suits are widely available around the world including the United States, Mexico, Central America, United Kingdom and Puerto Rico.

While Jack Victor might be a Montreal fixture, the suits that bear his have become popular all over the world.

jack victor suits

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Quality is Key

Jack Victor certainly has a long history as a company, but that doesn’t mean they are resting on their laurels. In fact, Jack Victor still makes the same quality suits they have always made and continue to take steps to improve their process.

This continued interest in quality has led the Jack Victor company to seek out the finest materials anywhere and use them for their very special suits. They even work with world renowned weavers like Loro Piana, Barberis and Lessona to make sure they have raw materials that are second to none before they begin the suit making process.

Once the perfect materials have been chosen, the Jack Victor suit makers don’t just put everything through a machine, though. They use a process that contains over 300 steps to make sure each Jack Victor suit comes out without any flaws, no matter who is going to be wearing it.

Jack Victor suits don’t have much of a comparison when it comes to quality, especially when you realize that their suits are really quite affordable. If you want uncompromising quality without refinancing your home, Jack Victor suits are an excellent choice.

jack victor suits

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Style Galore

When you buy a Jack Victor suit, you’re not just buying the quality, though that is a big part of the experience. You’re also buying into the classic Jack Victor style, something that’s getting harder and harder to find unless you’re willing to have bespoke suits made just for you.

From the incredible solid-colored fabrics to the detailed and brilliant plaids, you’ll be able to find something for every single day you need to wear a suit. Best of all, you can buy Jack Victor suits in materials like heavyweight wool or flannel for those cold winter months, as well as lighter weight materials like linen if you need to wear a suit in the summer and you don’t want to sweat through your clothes.

Jack Victor suits also come in a variety of tropical wools and blended materials that are perfect for year-round wear. When you put on a Jack Victor suit you should know that you’re getting timeless style in a package that’s perfect for today.

jack victor suits

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How Do Jack Victor Suits Fit?

Jack Victor suits are designed with a semi-traditional cut, meaning they aren’t the ultra-slim suits you see on some guys these days. Instead, they blend that traditional full-in-the-seat and body cut with a more modern slim fit, making their suits appropriate for any age group, from young men in their 20s to those in their 60s.

The Jack Victor suit is ideal for anyone that wants a refined, classic looking suit that isn’t a slave to trends, but also knows what is fashionable right now. That’s exactly what the suit makers at Jack Victor look to achieve when they make suits.

From the board room to a fine restaurant, Jack Victor suits won’t steer you wrong.


When you hear about suits with uncompromising build quality and the best materials in the world, you would think you’re going to have to spend a fortune to get one. When you buy suits by Jack Victor, you don’t have to spend the balance of your entire savings account to get yourself a single garment.

In fact, most suits by Jack Victor can be yours for around the $1,000 mark. When it comes to the quality and style you’ll be getting with Jack Victor suits, it’s pretty amazing you can pick one up for that little money.

If you’re in the market for a fine suit but can’t or won’t spend $5,000, Jack Victor suits are an ideal choice.

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