Any man who has ever put on a decent suit knows that one that’s well-built and cut just for him, can make all the difference. That’s the power of a suit that’s made well and made to fit your body.

When it comes to suits, there are to-quality, well-tailored suits, and then there are suits that reach another pinnacle altogether. These suits, like many of the best suits that are made to order, are among the most special in the world.

Off the rack suits don’t generally fit into this category. However, there are brands trying to create incredible choices for discerning men without custom orders.

Isaia is one of those companies. While some guys have been raving about the Italian brand for some time now, some are just now discovering this amazing brand.

If you’re in the market for a suit that will last you a lifetime, Isaia suits should definitely be among the top of your list. Guys that are devoted Brioni followers should also take note since similar build quality and attention to detail is employed.

After understanding the amount of attention and detail that goes into making an Isaia suit, you’ll understand that they’re worth every penny. Don’t just take our word for it though.

Use this guide to learn a little more about what people in the fashion world are saying about Isaia suits every day.

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History Matters

Suit makers with no real history can craft decent quality suits. They can’t however, craft Isaia quality suits. Those can only be made when you’ve got many of years of experience behind you.

Started in 1920 in Naples by Enrico Isaia, what was once a small tailor’s shop, turned into one of the best suit brands in the world. Eventually, the company would move and expand, finding space in Casalnuovo, an area that had 15,000 tailors as residents in the 1920s.

By the 1930s and 1940s, Isaia quality suits had become a known factor in the area and the brand began exporting Neapolitan-style suits to the world with great success.

World’s Best Materials

All the tailoring in the world can’t make a suit look special if you don’t start with some of the finest materials. That’s exactly what Isaia does, and no matter what you’re looking for, they’ve got a top option for you.

From summer suits made of virgin linen, to winter suits prepared with the highest quality heavyweight wool you’ll find on the market, Isaia quality starts with the materials that they source for their suits.

Just run your hand over one for the first time and you’ll see exactly why well-dressed men are raving about Isaia suits and Isaia quality materials.

Made By Master Tailors

Men looking to spend money on suits that will stand the test of time don’t want garments made entirely by machines. Instead, they’re looking for suits built by master tailors who truly understand how a suit is supposed to fit a man’s body.

The Isaia brand has a long history of making well-crafted garments for men, and that hasn’t changed much since that tailor’s shop opened up in 1920. Isaia quality is still of exceptional quality.

The brand still uses master tailors with years of experience to make sure every suit with their name on the label is unrivaled. Why settle for a suit made by a machine when you can have a real tailor working on your garments?

When you buy an Isaia quality suit, you don’t have to. Many men who own an Isaia suit continuously rave about the incredible craftsmanship that’s involved.

Unique Style

Isaia suits are designed in a variety of different styles today, but most fit firmly into the Neapolitan tradition. For the most part, that’s all about attention to detail and a few accents you may not even notice at first glance.

For example, the red thread used to accent your boutonniere loop. Neapolitan-style suits also have a few traditional touches like narrow sleeves, a high chest, soft shoulders and slanted lapel pockets.

These are traditional Neapolitan touches, but because they’re harder to make and even more difficult to perfect, few people still specialize in the style.

Isaia incorporates this into their suits and therefore makes some of the best Neapolitan-style suits in the world. Many men have emphasized the sophistication of the Isaia suits they’ve purchased.

Perfect Patterns

Almost all aspects of Isaia suits are done by hand, and when it comes to matching patterns and cutting material, there’s no other option for the brand. That’s why every single patterned suit the company makes, from fine stripes to bold plaids, match perfectly throughout the suit like very few other brands on the market do.

Matching the grain of your material and making perfect seams is also important to Isaia. Even if you don’t choose a patterned suit, you won’t believe the build quality and how truly seamless your suit feels.

Double Breasted Dream

Trying to find a double breasted suit 10 years ago was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Today, the style has come alive in a big way thanks to the high fashion world.

However, getting a quality double breasted suit still isn’t easy. Men that have purchased double breasted suits from Isaia are absolutely wild about them.

From perfect pattern matching to a look that’s both slim and classic, as is the Neapolitan-style, guys that want to wear a stylish, modern double breasted suit shouldn’t look any further than the Isaia brand.

If you’re going to wear something that’s still not totally mainstream, choosing a suit of excellent quality is important.

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Attention to Detail

Isaia pays a great deal of attention to every suit that leaves their hands. From adding extra material in the neck and allowing suit pants to be let out more than an inch, few companies take such great pains to ensure you’ll have a quality garment for years to come.

Isaia suits are even ironed by a master tailor so they look perfect the first time you try yours on.

Worth the Cost of Admission

A suit of this quality may not be that cheap. However, when thinking back to all of the details and care that go into the suits, they are well worth the investment.

Made almost entirely by hand by skilled tailors with years of experience, this is one case where you really do pay for what you get. Many men who have bought Isaia suits still rave about them and truly emphasis their love for the brand.

Like a lot of the truly great things in life, you get what you pay for. When you buy an Isaia quality suit, you’re paying for garments that will look great and last a lifetime.
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