Buying gifts for a man in your life isn’t always the easiest thing to do, especially if the guy you’re buying for seems to pretty much have everything he needs. If you’re buying for a guy with sophisticated tastes that you think is quite stylish, then finding the right gifts for him can be even more difficult.

However, finding the right gifts for him doesn’t have to drive you up the wall or send you on a two week search through every store in town.

Use these ideas for gifts for him that he’s always wanted, but probably just hasn’t managed to get himself.

1. Swiss Army Knife

Sure, a lot of guys already have one, but many men don’t have a good one on their keychain. Focus on a Swiss Army knife that has real-world tools like a bottle opener, corkscrew and a pair of scissors – not just a big blade.

You can get a good Swiss Army knife like the Victorinox on Amazon for about $40.

2. Quality Shaving Supplies

Most guys buy their shaving cream at the drugstore. However, he’s probably had a good shave at a barber shop and dreamed of getting that at home.

Buy him a quality kit from a company like Art of Shaving for under $75 and he’ll never forget about it.

3. A Film Camera

An iPhone takes fine photos, but a real camera is one of those gifts for him that can really get his creative side going. While there are plenty of unique cameras on the market, this pinhole camera from Shiply & Halmos will make a pretty unique gift for $100.

It’s also an excellent display piece if he decides he isn’t the next Ansel Adams.

4. Wolf Designs Chess & Backgammon Set

An ultra-stylish chess and backgammon set that’s available through Amazon, the Wolf Designs set is one that every guy will love, whether he plays chess now or just wants to take up the game. He can even take up backgammon if old-time games are more his style.

You can buy the Wolf Designs Chess & Backgammon Set for $75.

5. Faber-Castell Fountain Pen

A good pen is just something most men aren’t going to buy themselves. After all, a good pen costs money and it isn’t really a necessity for most guys who may rather spend that money on a good meal or just keep it in the bank.

With the Faber-Castell fountain pen, available through Amazon for $45, the guy in your life will finally have a quality pen to match his quality wardrobe.

6. Full Length Leather Jacket

A full length leather jacket is something most guys have always wanted – even if they don’t know it. If he lives in a cold climate, it’s a gift that he’ll keep for a lifetime.

Unlike some of these gifts, there’s no designated place to get something like this and the price can vary from $150 to over $1,500. However, if you’re looking for gifts for him that he’ll treasure forever and will truly make an impact, a full length leather jacket is a sure thing.

7.  Custom Suit

Unless you’re a tailor, you can’t get the guy in your life a custom suit. However, you can take the guy in your life to a tailor who can help him get fitted for a custom suit that will be perfect for his wardrobe.

It’s an expensive gift, but it’s one of the gifts for him that he’ll get a lot of use out of.

8. Crosley USB Turntable

Got a guy in your life with a big collection of vinyl? With the Crosley USB turntable, he can convert all of his favorite records to mp3 so he can preserve the real ones or just listen to his music on the go.

You can buy the Crosley USB Turntable from a variety of retailers like Target and Best Buy or through Amazon.

9. Whiskey Rocks

Whiskey rocks, generally made of soapstone, are one of the ideal gifts for him if the man you’re buying for tends to prefer his scotch aged or his whiskey neat. Whiskey rocks work by cooling a drink without diluting it like ice would, allowing the drinker to experience the full flavor of a good scotch or whiskey.

While they might work well, most guys just don’t ever bother to get themselves a set. Whiskey rocks range in price, but you can pick up a good set at any high-end liquor store or online retailer like Amazon for under $40.

10. Savoy Ice Bucket

The Savoy ice bucket is a classic piece of cool bar wear that any guy who loves a good drink or just a stylish home will love. It’s perfect for ice, but it can also double as a cooler for wine and champagne bottles when it’s time to get fancy.

You can buy the Savoy ice bucket from Crate & Barrel for just $24.95.

11. Solar Crank Radio

Whether he wants to catch a ballgame in the sunshine or just listen to some tunes while camping on the beach, a solar crank radio is one of the gifts for him that pretty much every guy will find a use for. In fact, most guys won’t even know what they’ve been missing.

You can purchase a solar crank radio from Amazon for about $20.

12. Mr. Bar-B-Q 30 Piece Stainless Steel BBQ Tool Set

The Mr. Bar-B-Q 30 Piece Stainless Steel BBQ Tool Set is one of the gifts for him that you know he’ll love if he likes to grill outside when the weather is nice. It’s the ultimate set for any guy and even if he already has some decent grilling tools, he’ll love this neat all-in-one ready-to-use tool set.

You can buy the Mr. Bar-B-Q 30 Piece Stainless Steel BBQ Tool Set from Home Depot for $69 and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

13. Leather Travel Valet

If the guy in your life travels all the time, he knows how annoying it is to keep everything neat and organized. The personalized leather travel valet, which you can get from Brookstone, will help him keep his passport, watch, headphones, cufflinks and any other small item that’s easy to lose in one simple place.

The fact that you can personalize it with up to three initials for free in the included $45 price makes it an even better gift.

14. A Bicycle

This one doesn’t just apply to the guy that cycles every day, but most men have memories of riding a bike and just don’t do it anymore because they don’t have one. While you don’t have to go crazy and spend $1,200 on a bike, a decent fixed-gear or mountain model can be yours for under $350 if you look hard enough.

It’s one of those gifts for him that he doesn’t even know he really wants until he’s riding his bike around the neighborhood or to the market on weekends.

15. Cashmere Gloves

Cashmere gloves are a decadent choice for fashionable gifts for him. However, they’re quite warm and pretty useful, especially for guys that live in cold weather areas.

Choose cashmere gloves with leather pads to make them more durable. You can buy cashmere gloves at pretty much any high-end department store or online from for about $50.

16. GQ Subscription

For the stylish man in your life, one of the best things you can do is give him a gift that will add to his wardrobe. That’s why getting him a GQ subscription is a wonderful gift idea that will keep on giving all year round.

GQ is pretty much the premier men’s magazine for style, and you get a yearly subscription for under $40.

17. Collar Stays

Another one of the gifts for him that will keep the guy in your life looking good, a set of high-quality collar stays will keep his dress shirts looking their best. You can buy a set of collar stays for about $30 from most department stores or menswear stores like Brooks Brothers.

18. Laser Putter

A specialty gift from Restoration Hardware, the laser putter is a practice putter with a laser beam that will help the man in your life improve his golf game. It’s also a great thing to have around the office or house when you’ve got a few minutes of downtime, a rug or carpet and a coffee mug.

The laser putter from Restoration Hardware sells for $25.

19. Handkerchief Set

Most guys don’t keep handkerchiefs in their pockets anymore, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t thought about it. It just means that it’s one of the gifts for him that he won’t buy himself.

Get a good set at any menswear store or department store that sells suits and high-end accessories for under $50. You can even have them monogrammed if you want to go the extra mile.

20. Opena Case

Does the man in your life love a good cold beer and have a tendency to keep his smartphone glued to his hand for work? If so, the Opena Case, available from for $40, is the only iPhone case for him.

Why? It’s got a built-in bottle opener and is built to protect a valuable gadget.

21. Salt Set

A man that loves to cook may have a few salts in his cupboard, but most just don’t splurge on unique salts like pink Himalayan from around the world. For a gift he can use and appreciate, put together your own salt set and package it in a reusable box.

Just make sure you get your salts from somewhere good, like a restaurant supply shop.

22. Decanter Set

Labeled decanters make a great gift for the guy who loves to mix a good drink for his guests when people come over. They’ll help class up his bar and make it easier to identify what’s what.

You can buy decanter sets at pretty much any high-end home store and online, starting at about $15 per decanter.

23. Monogrammed Golf Balls

For the guy that has everything and loves to spend his time on the golf course, monogrammed golf balls are one of the most perfect gifts for him. Just check his golf bag to find out what balls he’s using, pick up a case and then have them monogrammed.

24. Salami of the Month Club Membership

While this gift might not be perfect for the vegetarian man in your life, a Salami of the Month Club membership is the gift that keeps on giving all year. You can pick one up from the Salami of the Month Club website for just $11 per month.

That’s hard to beat for the meat-loving man.

25. Craft Beer Club Membership

Need something to pair with all of that salami? Why not try the Craft Beer Club membership. You can pick one up for $38 per month at

If you don’t want to spend too much you don’t have to buy the whole year, either. You can even pay by the month.

26. Ticket Stub Diary

Whether your guy loves to travel or he just goes to lot of concerts or sporting events, the ticket stub diary is a great way to help him collect those memories. You can buy one on Amazon for about $12, making it an affordable option to pair with something more costly.

27. Quality Dominoes

Dominoes is one of those gifts for him that every guy wants – but doesn’t know that he wants. However, dominoes is one of the best games a man can play with a buddy, especially when a cold beer is involved.

Buy a set of high-quality dominoes in a collector’s case and watch your guy’s face light up the same way it did as a young boy on Christmas morning.

28. Slingshot Cold-Brewed Coffee

For the coffee loving man, Slingshot cold-brewed coffee is a treat that’s like fine wine. On their website, you can buy a gift set for $28 that comes with one ready to drink bottle and one concentrate bottle that can be diluted for consumption later.

29. First Edition Books

Books are one of the best gifts for him if he loves reading, but a first edition of a favorite classic can make any book lover giddy. For this gift, you may have to shell out some cash and get a specialty bookseller to help you find the right copy.

30. Blu-ray Player

One of the best gifts for him if he loves movies is a Blu-ray player since it’s the latest technology. They’ve come down considerably in price, so splurge and get him a good one with quality features.

31. His Favorite Film

On its own or with that Blu-ray player, an updated copy of his favorite film with special features or bonus footage will be a real hit. If you’re going to buy a movie for him, just make sure you leave enough time. Some films are harder to find than others and you may have to order online.

32. Vintage Movie Posters

To pair with that favorite movie, a vintage film poster can make an excellent gift for him if you know his favorite classic. It’s also a great way to help spruce up a guy’s space without intruding on his sense of masculine style.

33. A Classic Trench Coat

Every man knows the look of the classic trench coat and has likely dreamed of owning one. If you want to fulfill that dream, head on down to Brooks Brothers and get him the original that everyone knows for $599.

Otherwise, try a department or menswear store and pay closer to $300. It’s still one of the gifts for him that will be treasured forever.

34. Camping Supplies

A guy that loves to spend time in the great outdoors will love pretty much any camping supplies you give him, but if you really want to impress him, opt for something trendy and stylish from REI. Start with a rechargeable flashlight that runs on solar power or go for the pup tent that won’t blow away in the wind for just a few hundred dollars.

35. Sports Memorabilia

No matter what kind of sport your guy loves, you can’t go wrong buying him something from a defining piece of the game. You don’t have to spend a million bucks, but the more unique the gift and the more important it was to the game, the more it will cost.

However, signed pictures in frames are usually pretty affordable, even when it comes to big name athletes.

36. Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses

If you’re looking to really impress your man or your man is one who loves to impress others, then Himalayan salt tequila glasses are one of the best gifts for him you can buy. They will subtly flavor the tequila with high quality salt and they make a great conversation piece for parties and get-togethers.

You can buy Himalayan salt tequila glasses online through Amazon for $30 per set.

37. Man Crates

Man Crates are specially curated gift boxes that can be sent one at a time or each month. These unique man-friendly gift boxes feature everything from tools to food, so they’re pretty perfect for every guy out there. You can even customize the boxes a little bit by choosing categories you think the guy you’re buying for will like the most.

Man Crates vary in price and they’re only available through their proprietary website.

38. Family Photobook

A family photobook is pretty much the ultimate gift for any guy that cares about his family. While it isn’t exactly as ‘manly’ as a bottle of scotch, whiskey rocks or a BBQ tool set, a family photobook will be sure to touch his heart.

You don’t have to just get family photobooks, either. You can easily compile pictures from events or get extra from friends and family and have them turned into a hardcover book.

Family photobooks are available through online sites like Shutterfly, Mixbook and Blurb. Prices vary based on the size of the book and other styling options.

39. Poker Chip Set

For the average guy who likes a good card game with friends on a Friday night, a high-quality poker chip set is one of the best gifts that you can possibly buy.

When you’re buying poker chips as a gift make sure you buy chips that are heavyweight ceramic. Ideally, you’re looking for 11.5-gram or higher in weight. You also want a set that contains at least 500 chips. Anything else could limit a large poker game from happening how it should.

You can buy a variety of chip sets, but your best bet might be the Trademark Poker 500 11.5-gram poker chip set available from Amazon for only $39.99.

40. Scotch

How could a list of the best gifts for him not include a bottle of high-quality scotch? After all, it’s pretty much the manliest gift that you could ever give a guy, even if he doesn’t swig the stuff straight for breakfast.

When you’re buying scotch, try to think of what you see him drink or what he orders when you go out to a bar. Does he like blended scotch like Johnnie Walker or does he prefer single malts with a lot of smoky peat flavor like Laphroaig?

If you aren’t sure what the guy you’re buying for really likes, this is one of those times when simply spending a decent amount of money should get you off the hook. Any bottle over $100 is going to be pretty good and widely available at any liquor store.

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