Wedding season is almost here. If you have a friend or family member tying the knot soon, now is the time to prepare what you’re going to wear. Here’s a look at what’s acceptable for weddings in Bergen County, NJ.

Wedding Suit Must Haves

When you RSVP to a wedding, the first thing you need to do is learn the dress code (white tie, black tie, cocktail attire, etc.) and plan your outfit accordingly. Usually, you should expect to wear a button up dress shirt, suit jacket and pants, necktie and dress shoes.

For weddings in Bergen County, we strongly recommend being fitted for custom suits. A properly tailored suit helps you look your best while remaining comfortable.

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Wedding Accessories for Men

While custom suits are a great start, the key to nailing your look is in the details. Consider adding at least one of these classy accessories to your wedding guest attire:

  • Bowtie: Unless the wedding is a white tie event, most men will choose to wear a regular necktie. Step outside the box and wear a classy bowtie instead. A bold pop of color could be perfect for a daytime, outdoor wedding.
  • Dress socks: You’re always safe with a pair of black dress socks, but why not make a statement with boldly colored or patterned dress socks? This accessory is only noticeable when you sit down, so don’t be afraid to go bold. Take it a step further and match your socks with the wedding colors!
  • Tie clip: Keep your unruly tie from flapping in the breeze with a tie clip. This accessory is functional as well as stylish, and the right design can earn you compliments on your fashion sense.
  • Pocket square: A pocket square is almost a staple in wedding suits nowadays. A splash of color and go a long way.
  • Belt: A dress shirt and slacks simply looks incomplete without a belt. Leather is the most appropriate material. Choose a color that matches your shoes.
  • Elbow patches: Both plain and patterned elbow patches are available to help you reinvent your favorite outerwear. These are not only a fashion statement, but they help your jacket last longer as well. Not every wedding warrants elbow patches though. When in doubt, ask the bride or wedding party if you can!
  • Vest: A satin or silk tuxedo vest is an excellent accessory for a particularly formal wedding. A neutral black, gray or brown vest gives off a more subdued feeling while a bright color makes you stand out.
  • Watch: Even if you don’t sport a watch on everyday occasions, it can serve as an excellent accessory at a wedding. A leather watch strap may be the most comfortable for you, but a stainless steel band is also a good bet.

custom suits

Think Colors and Patterns to Make a Statement

Odds are, every male guest at the wedding will be wearing a suit and tie. The standard plain white dress shirt, striped tie and black suit are just fine, but you won’t turn any heads. This is where custom suits come into play. Custom suits are in a different class than off-the-rack suits, and you’ll see the proof when you see yourself in custom suits tailored specifically to you. Take custom suits a step further by adding accessories in these colors and patterns to help you make a statement:

  • Paisley: Floral patterns on men aren’t common in this day and age, but paisley is in its own category. Try wearing a paisley tie or a dress shirt with a subtle paisley pattern.
  • Houndstooth: This vintage pattern is a great way to stand out. Available almost exclusively in black and white, this pattern is very classy and sure to garner some attention. Try implementing the houndstooth pattern in your tie, pocket square or even your custom suits.
  • Plaid: In the right fabric, color and style, plaid can be a very formal pattern. It’s executed best on vests, ties or Jackets.
  • Chevron: Stripes are great, but the chevron pattern is a little more unique. Don’t go crazy with it or anyone looking at you could start to feel dizzy. Accent your look with a chevron tie or pocket square.
  • Wedding colors: If you can find out what the wedding colors are, that’s a great way to narrow down what colors to wear. However, just make sure the vest you choose doesn’t too closely match what the wedding party is wearing.
  • Lights and brights: You can also simply choose colors based on the season, time of day and location of the wedding. For example, light, bright colors – goldenrod, turquoise, lime green and salmon – are all appropriate for spring and summer weddings.
  • Pastels: This fashionable color palette is also popular right now, especially for beach weddings. Think soft teal, mint green, lavender and peach.
  • Darker tones: Burgundy, eggplant, navy and forest green are all darker tones appropriate for fall and winter weddings or ceremonies held in the evening.

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What to Avoid Wearing to a Wedding

It’s a big day and you’re pleased to be part of the festivities. You want to make a statement, but unless you’re the groom, you shouldn’t be the center of attention! Even then, the bride is really the main focal point on her big day. Here’s what to avoid to prevent you from stealing the spotlight.

  • Don’t wear a white suit: In our culture, this color is reserved for the bride’s dress on her wedding day and sometimes the groom’s tuxedo.
  • Don’t wear shorts: It doesn’t matter how hot it is outside; unless the bride and groom have specifically instructed guests otherwise, shorts are never appropriate for a wedding, even if it’s on the beach.
  • Don’t wear dated attire: Yes, it’s ok to wear “vintage” colors and patterns, but keep the bell bottoms and popped collars at home.
  • Don’t wear anything too loud or garish: Bold colors and unique patterns are acceptable of course, but keep your accessories under control so you don’t take attention away from the newlyweds.

Looking your best for weddings in Bergen County is about more than just designs and silhouettes. It’s also about combining the perfect fabrics, textures and colors. You want to dress with intent so you look your best on the big day as well as in the photos that immortalize the event forever.

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