Custom Suit PricesMany men dream of owning a custom suit but simply think that one is out of reach for them financially. That’s why most tend to shop in big-name menswear stores and department stores where they feel comfortable and are aware of the pricing.

However, custom suit prices in Bergen County may not be as high as you think, and in some cases, you may be pretty surprised at how affordable a custom suit can really be.

While a custom suit can’t compare with a bargain basement suit in terms of price, there’s also no comparison when it comes to quality, style, fit and a variety of other important factors. If you take how you look seriously, whether you do it for professional reasons, personal reasons or both, a custom suit should be part of your wardrobe. You’ll likely find that custom suit prices in Bergen County are reasonable when you consider the quality of what you’ll wind up with. In fact, many men who choose to purchase custom suits simply stop buying off the rack. For many, it’s a life-changing experience, at least when it comes to fashion.

Use this guide to help you understand how custom suit prices in Bergen County are determined and why a custom suit is worth every penny you pay.

Custom Suit Prices

Quality Comes First

When most men think of custom suits they think of flashy pieces that stand out and make a bold impression – sometimes not a good one. However, a custom suit is really all about quality and the desires of the customer, even before a price is put on the piece.

While custom suits can be flashy if that’s what you want, the truth is that a custom suit doesn’t have to be a conversation piece – it can just look like an incredibly well-made suit. It may not be obvious to many people that a suit was custom made, but everybody who sees somebody in a good custom suit will be able to appreciate the craftsmanship involved.

That’s because custom suits are made by skilled hands that care about quality, using old world processes that big suit companies simply can’t. It’s hard to put a price on the kind of quality that a custom suit provides, especially when you consider the fact that a custom suit is one that you can keep for a lifetime if you take care of it. You can’t say that about most suits that come from a big menswear store or a department store, even if you have them expertly tailored.

Pick Your Style

An important factor in determining what a suit will cost depends on the actual style that you choose. While it’s hard to determine custom suit prices in Bergen County based solely on the cut of the suit you want, some suits tend to cost a bit more to make because they require more exacting details and alterations.

It’s also essential to consider the fact that some suit styles like double-breasted suits are simply going to cost a little more money because of the need for extra material and labor. A suit that comes with a vest is also going to cost a bit extra, but again, you’ll have a suit that you can wear for life in all sorts of different occasions.

In many cases, custom suit prices in Bergen County really depend on all of the options that you choose.

Custom Suit Prices

Fabric Choices

Buying a custom suit allows you to pick out the perfect material for your clothing. Perhaps you want a suit that’s made in a material not commonly seen, or maybe you simply want an incredibly high-quality material that you can’t find at a department store. When you choose to buy a custom suit, you’ll have access to hundreds of different fabric choices.

Best of all, you can actually tailor your fabric choices to your needs. If you’re buying a suit for winter, you can choose a heavy material to keep you warmer – one like high-quality wool. The same goes for summer suits in fine linen that can actually allow your skin to breathe in the hot sun and humid air.

The fabric you pick will play a large role in the price of custom suits in Bergen County. When you choose a custom suit material, your tailor will be able to show you different materials and make recommendations based on your needs and desired price point.

Pick Your Lining

One of the best things about choosing a custom suit is being able to pick a comfortable and stylish lining. That’s something you simply can’t do when it comes to buying a department store suit – at least not unless you want to spend hundreds of dollars to have the lining removed and replaced.

The style of your lining really depends on your desires, and while some men want a very basic lining like a thin stripe, others may want a bold diamond pattern. Custom suit makers offer a variety of different linings to suit your personal tastes.

The lining of the suit can also change your cost. Quality silks tend to cost more than cotton but hold up better over time. Your tailor can work with you to find a lining that fits your overall needs.

custom suit prices

The Details Make the Suit

The major difference between a custom suit and one that you pull off the rack is very simple: it’s the details that make the suit special. When you choose a custom suit, you’ll be able to pick everything from your fabric and lining down to the smaller details like the visibility of the stitching and the buttons. Believe it or not the buttons on a suit can make a huge difference, and most department store and menswear suits play it safe, opting for cheap, nondescript plastic buttons. A custom suit allows you pick higher quality buttons that fit your sense of style. Even materials like onyx can be used for suit buttons.

Custom suits also allow you to tailor the inside of your jacket to your specifications based on lifestyle. Jackets can be made with everything from ticket pockets to a special place for that favorite cigar case.

The Perfect Fit Every Time

When considering custom suit prices in Bergen County it’s important to remember that when you buy custom you’ll be getting the perfect fit right from the start. That’s very different than buying off the rack, which will generally require at least one trip to the tailor at an added expense. Quality tailoring will add at least a few hundred dollars to the cost of a pre-made suit, so that’s an important factor to consider when choosing to buy a custom suit or one that’s hanging on the department store rack.

A custom suit requires a first fitting, but because they’re made by highly skilled professionals, you won’t need endless revisions to make your suit perfect. The desire of the customer always comes first and everything you want in a custom suit will be noted by the skilled craftsmen you work with. That’s going to save you time and money in the long run since your suit won’t need multiple alterations.

custom suit prices

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