custom suits nycA lot of men have never dreamed about owning a custom suit, or at least assumed that custom suits were out of their grasp in their younger years.

However, if your career is developing and you’re looking to step up your wardrobe, chances are you’ve considered having some custom clothing made just for you.

For men in the area, custom suits in NYC that manufacturers and tailors make seem to be the be-all-end-all in the fashion world.

While custom suits that tailors in New York City make for their clients can be wonderful, the truth is that there’s a whole lot of custom suiting outside of Manhattan, SoHo and Brooklyn.

If you want custom suit work done for you, you don’t have to solely rely on tailors in New York. There are a whole host of reasons to skip the busy, high-priced custom suits these tailors are trying to push on their customers.

Keep reading to learn more about a whole new world of custom suits outside of NYC.

Look Outside the Box

When it comes to custom suits, NYC tailors seem to have all the advantages for customers. They’re in the heart of the hustle and they’re well-known for their work. However, what you may not realize is that you’re going to wait for a very long time on your custom suit, and most tailors who work on custom suits in NYC specialize in only one style.

In fact, a lot of tailors that make custom suits in NYC tend to make suits almost like a production line following current trends. Sure, you’ll get your measurements taken and your suit will fit, but if the hottest look isn’t what’s right for you, you could end up with a suit that really doesn’t fit your needs or even look particularly good on you.

Those reasons are why more and more men are looking outside of New York to get their custom suits made. In fact, local tailors right over the line in New Jersey offer more individual service and attention. In many cases, this even includes a faster turnaround time.

The prices can also be a lot better since you’re not paying the same premium simply to have one guy who was in a magazine last week build your suit. Sometimes working with a skilled artisan who stays a little bit under the radar will get your more individual service, a better product and more money in your pocket when you’re done.

custom suits nyc

Find the Right Tailor

There’s nothing wrong with wearing the suit that meets all of the latest trends, if you want to look like you just stepped off the runway. Of course, not every guy wants to look like a fashion model, and for many men it simply wouldn’t be an appropriate look anyway.

However, when you go with one of the popular tailors that offer custom suits in NYC, it’s likely that’s what you’ll get most of the time since that is their bread and butter.

What’s more important than a tailor who is getting lots of write-ups in magazines is a tailor who can listen to you and understand your needs. Perhaps you’re looking for a suit that is a little fuller in the body because you work in the financial sector and that’s what others tend to wear. Maybe you prefer an English cut or a suit that doesn’t follow all of the most popular fashion trends because that is what you like.

When you find the right tailor they will work with you to craft the suit that you want. They’ll ask questions and listen to your answers, not just give you the suit they think you should have because they know what’s in style right now.

For many men, skipping the tailors who make custom suits in NYC and going to knowledgeable tailors in northern New Jersey is a much better option.

custom suits nyc

The Benefits of Custom Suits

Most men have never had a custom suit made before and because of that they don’t really know the benefits of what a wonderful custom suit can provide. The first and most important thing you’ll get when you purchase a custom suit is the ability to choose all of the appointments, materials and styling of the suit. Unlike buying off the rack you’ll be able to get exactly what you want without any compromises.

You’ll also be guaranteed the right fit when you have a custom suit made for you. Suits that come off the rack are designed to be altered for guys about your size, not you specifically. When you go custom, you don’t have that problem anymore and the suit you get will be one of a kind and built just for your body type.

That means that you can hide those love handles, get that perfect pocket for your favorite cigar or just have the perfect summer or winter material you’ve always dreamed of. You also get lots of color options and choices when it comes to small things like buttons and the lining inside your jacket as well.

custom suits nyc

The Process of Buying Custom Suits

Many men are confused about what buying a custom suit must be like. When you go to have a tailor make custom suits in NYC, chances are you’ll have to make an appointment months or at least a few weeks in advance just to get a consultation. When you choose a skilled tailor outside of NYC, you can probably get an appointment to talk about your custom suit needs the same week.

That’s the first part of buying a custom suit when you do it with a skilled tailor – simply sitting down and talking about your desires, needs and demands for a custom suit. From there, you’ll have exacting measurements taken to make sure the suit fits your body perfectly. You’ll probably also be called back for a second fitting just to make sure every detail is right before the suit is finished by the tailor.

Your tailor will also be able to help you with styling and show you examples based on your needs. A lot of the big tailors in NYC work only with a few brands and styles, but when you go to a quality tailor just over the bridge in northern NJ, you’ll see a whole new world open up.

When you’re ready to order a suit, skip the custom suits NYC tailors are offering and take a trip out to northern New Jersey. You’ll get more attention, a high-quality suit and a relationship with a tailor who really cares about what you want in a suit.

That should be the beginning of a lifelong relationship with a tailor who can help you build an expansive and stylish wardrobe.


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