custom suit jacketWhen it comes to suit jackets, plenty of men just buy off-the-rack.

It’s definitely easier than any of the other options, and hey, you might as well buy your suit jackets from the same place where you get your socks and underwear, right?

The answer for stylish men should be a resounding no.

Even more than the pants you wear, people are going to notice your jacket since every bit of it is going to be showing.

Jackets also tend to have more styling details and visual interest than pants, which tend to serve a more utilitarian purpose, even if they are very well tailored and look tremendous as well.

That’s why you should consider having a custom suit jacket made specifically for you. When you have a custom suit jacket made, you’ll get to pick your style, your fit and everything that goes along it. You’ll even get to pick all the small details that you may not have otherwise thought about.

Use our guide to help you learn more about what you should look for in a custom suit jacket and why you should be adding at least one to your closet this year.


A custom suit jacket can be made in a wide variety of different materials, and a lot of what you choose depends on where you are wearing the jacket and what the climate is like.

For example, one jacket may work in the boardroom while another is perfect for a night out on a boat. Some jackets work well for spring, others are best in the dead of winter when you need some extra warmth.

In 2015, some of the heavier materials are really making a comeback because texture is very important in the fashion world right now. Hounds tooth and thick wool are very popular, especially in their rougher, less finished varieties. These jackets are perfect for the cooler months.

In the spring and summer, though, you should likely opt for a cool rough cotton jacket or something in classic linen. Natural linen is going to be very big this year, and likely will be in 2016 too, so adding some to your wardrobe is a smart decision.

Whatever material you choose, make sure you pick something of high-quality. If you need all-around suit jackets, considering choosing a tropical wool that will breathe a bit even on those warmer days. Quality blends can work very well too.

Just don’t spend too much time outside in your tropical wool suit jacket!

custom suit jacket


When you’re buying a custom suit jacket you simply can’t go wrong with classic colors. That means black, charcoal and navy blue. If you’re going for linen, you really can’t beat that natural look that has been around for so long.

If you’re going to buy a custom suit jacket in a color that is a little less basic because you’ve got the basics covered, you need to consider what is fashionable right now. This year, if you want something bright and bold, you need to choose high blue.

High blue is simple – it means any blue that isn’t adulterated or mixed with lots of other tones and hues. Indigo or brighter is a good rule of thumb, though you don’t want to venture into pastel territory.

Guys that want jackets in darker colors should think about rich reds. Wine, dark brick and rusty reds are all very popular, especially in richly textured wools.

Bright red is very popular too, but you have to feel comfortable in it to pull it off. Remember – it isn’t for everybody, and you will definitely be getting some attention in a bold red blazer.


Jackets in 2015 are definitely on the slimmer side, though not quite as tight as they were in years past. This year, you can leave a little bit of room in your jacket, but they should still be pretty close to the waist, even for guys buying jackets for business.

One thing we are seeing a little bit more of in 2015 is slightly longer jackets that have a bit more of an English flair. While it’s hard to call this a trend, we are seeing more and more designers move back toward this more formal look.

If it’s one that is interesting to you go ahead and give it a try with an off-the-rack jacket to see how you like it. Taller men may find it more flattering than shorter men since a longer jacket is less likely to disrupt the length of the leg.

custom suit jacket


When it comes to men’s suit jackets, styling doesn’t change all that often. You already know that at least a relatively slim cut is essential if you want to look fashionable, so we don’t need to talk about that again.

This year, many designers are doing are moving back toward a double-breasted jacket. This is a big change since you weren’t likely to see even one on the runway in 2012 or 2013, when it seemed like double-breasted might have been dead forever.

Three-button jackets are also becoming much more popular and they’re all over stores right now. They tend to be best for men over six-feet tall, but they can work for anyone if the fit is right.

If you do go for a three-button jacket, just know that you still shouldn’t button the bottom button unless you want to look like a real square.

Why Go Custom?

Many men know others that have custom clothes, but don’t have any of their own. For some guys, the idea of buying custom clothes really doesn’t seem like something that they need to do at all.

The reason you should consider buying a custom suit jacket is because you can pick the exact right thing for your wardrobe. When you have perfect pieces, you need fewer items, and that can simplify getting dressed and looking your best.

When you buy a custom suit jacket you also get to decide all the details. Can’t find that perfect jacket with the right brass button? Maybe you just aren’t finding the plaid pattern you want?

When you choose a custom suit jacket you’ll have more choices than you’ve ever imagined. If you want to design the basic concept and let the tailor sweat the small stuff that works, too!

custom suit jacket

Popular Brands

Buying a custom suit jacket means spending a decent amount of money on an item that will be an integral part of your wardrobe. That’s why you want to make sure you buy a brand that’s known for quality and style.

When you’re shopping for a custom suit jacket look for brands like Brioni, Hickey Freeman, John Varvatos, Canali, Sand, Hugo Boss and Jack Victor. These special brands use some of the best materials in the world and make some of the most stylish clothes that you’ll find on any runway.

Picking one of these brands will guarantee you’re the best dressed guy in the room pretty much every single day.


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