A well-dressed man projects confidence and inspires the respect and admiration of those around him. While any man in Bergen County will look great in a well-made suit or shirt, nothing comes close to the look of a man in custom-made clothing. Custom-made clothing fits every body type, expresses the wearer’s taste, personality and makes him feel more assertive and confident. By working with an expert team of designers and tailors in Bergen County, you can achieve this look and feel like the man you want the world to see.

custom-made clothing

Measuring to Ensure the Perfect Fit for your Body Type

Custom-made clothing is all about you, your tastes and your needs. The first step in the process of meeting those needs is taking proper measurements. Depending on the type of clothing you want made, several different measurements need to be taken. Custom suits, jackets or shirts may require 40 different measurements.

While the measurement process may seem excessive, especially if this is your first piece of custom-made clothing, the results are more than worth the time and effort. Everybody’s body is different and there is not true one size fits all solution. If you’re paying for a custom-made suit or shirt, its worth it to ensure a proper fit. With the proper measurements, you can achieve a comfortable and stylish fit like never before.

Measurements are taken in various locations and in different postures. This diligent attention to detail provides pin point precision ensuring that your custom-made clothing feels like it was made for you alone. Nothing is worse than finding the perfect shirt or suit, only to be hampered by a less than ideal fit.

custom-made clothing

Choosing a Material for Custom-Made Clothing

In addition to getting a perfect fit, custom-made clothing can be tailored in the material of your choosing. You may have your own personal favorite in mind, or this might be your first time choosing your own material. It may seem overwhelming at first, however this is one of the most exciting aspects of getting your own tailored clothing. Materials can be chosen from a wide range of high-quality fabrics. Your choice of fabric should be determined by your personal tastes and needs.

When you’re deciding which material you want your clothes made from, a good idea is to take functionality into account as well as style. With the wide range of fabrics available, style is in no short supply. However, some materials fare better than others in different situations and settings.

Consider where and when you want to wear your new custom-clothes. With the right tailors and designers, you’re going to look great no matter what. However, remember that it is just as important that you feel comfortable and confident as well. Whether you want a tailored shirt made from your favorite material, or a sleek, yet comfortable suit for the office, custom clothing specialists can help you find the perfect choice for you.

custom-made clothing

Design and Final Customization

Once you have chosen your material and taken your precise measurements, its time to enter the design and construction phase. During this phase your look starts to finally come together. The material you’ve chosen is constructed to your exact specifications, as well as any additional touches you may desire.

This is a great chance to really personalize your look. Depending on the piece of clothing you’ve ordered, examples of additional personalization include suit jacket linings, monograms, and contrast fabric detailing. Additionally, lapel and pocket details, edge stitching and functional sleeve buttons are all popular enhancements.

You may also want to consider customizing some accessories to complete your look. Shoes and belts can be designed to compliment and enhance the look of your clothing. These accessories can be designed with a variety of leather choices and options such as custom stitching or buckles.

The design process itself is performed by a team of expert designers and tailors. Using proven techniques, the best quality materials, and years of experience, these experts in Bergen County are able to make clothing far superior than anything you would ever find off the rack.

custom-made clothing

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